A Welcome to Warsaw

  • Wilanow Palace
    Warsaw, Poland-Lithuania

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    The Royal Family waited in anticipation for the visit of Henry von Cavill, a very important leader in Red Croatia. King Janusz had been off into the Belorussian forests, hunting big game, so it was up to Prince Fryderyk and Princess Karolina to navigate the diplomatic territory. Aiding them was a Rehcroatian specialist from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which the monarch controlled as the steward of the people and top official of international affairs. The Commonwealth wanted to expand its influence from its multi-ethnic empire, and bring in some European influence.

  • Quite stunned by the invitation he recieved from Poland after his visit to Os Corelia, Henry took a aspirin before getting himself on the first plane to Warsaw. Knowing that this is going to be interesting, he did some internet research on the country while on his way.

    "Well, this should be fun. I just hope that these people are as nice as they sound, otherwise I don't think that this visit be all too pleasant. This is how the Archbishop of Inquista must've felt during the Sahara meetings... I can no longer blame him." he then took a refreshing glass of water right before landing in Warsaw and being driven to the Wialnow Palace, where he begun waiting at the gates, expecting for someone to grant him the right of passage - or whatever royal families do these days.

  • Prince Fryderyk looked on in anticipation; he and Princess Karolina had never been involved in what usually was King Janusz's job, which was diplomacy. But, as both were over the age of 18 and were officially in line to the throne, the Polish heirs were ecstatic to get their feet wet in politics.

    _'Karolina, what is the normal procedure for this kind of thing?' asked the Prince

    'Fryderyk, it's like going out there and performing a difficult concert. Breathe and just do it,' said the more level headed Princess in response._

    Princess Karolina sat in one of the more modern holding rooms of the Wilanow Palace, lounging after playing through a few of Paganini's more devilish caprices before this.

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    Henry's Current Appearance
    After several moments spent discussing with the palace's guards, Henry has been guided to Prince Fryderyk and his sister Princess Karolina. Having read about them being among the younger family members, he was unsure of how to take this invitation. Was the King considered too important to talk to him, do the poles even take the invitation do they send out seriously, and how will the discussion go on? Nevertheless, he still didn't back down from the goal set up for him, so he made his way to the room in which the prince and the princess were, but not before he had one of the palace's many servants give him a glass of polish scotch so that he can loosen up a bit.

    Upon making it to his destination after going through the palace which was even bigger than Red Croatia's royal castle, he looked around, admiring the way it was built for a few moments - right before putting a smile on his face and approaching the two heirs, shaking both of their hands and taking a seat next to them. Being a rechroat, he immediately noticed their fashion choices and the violin which was found in the princesses hands, this widening his smile and intriguing him.

    "Now, I hope that you don't mind - but I would like to get down to business immediately, seeing as I'm more than certain that we already know all that's needed about each other to have a proper discussion. I assume that Poland-Lithuania is interested in making an agreement with Red Croatia which can have both of our countries get the most use out of the recent events. Am I correct in my assumption?"

  • _'Welcome to Warsaw, and we are indeed interested in forming an agreement, but I do hope you will stay for dinner overnight with traditional Polish foods and entertainment by my brother and I. We are both professionally trained musicians, having received degrees from the Chopin School of Music and the University of Aerodimus.

    'First, we should take you on a tour of the palace. Wilanow Palace was constructed in 1754, commissioned by the Duke of Warsaw. This palace was then acquired by the Royal Family in 1799, and has since been the official residence of the monarchy.

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    'This is the Red Room where we will have our meeting later. This is one of the official meeting rooms for the Royal Family. This is where the treaty that combined the crowns of Poland and Lithuania was signed. It is perhaps the most important meeting room in the entire country.

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    'This is the throne room where the opening of the Sejm, our parliament, takes places. This throne was remade after a fire in the old Warsaw Palace destroyed, and placed here in 1812.'

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    'This is the ballroom, where the food and entertainment will be made in your honor, dear sir. Now, let's return to the Red Room. Poland has been isolationist for very long, and we want to get started with trade. As you can understand, with a very large country, we have lots of resources. We pride ourselves on having some oil reserves, some mining, but we especially produce natural gas. We also are a great tourist destination, with our biodiversity and have an enormous information technology sector. I hope these are one way we can build a long term relationship.

    'We also propose increased military cooperation between Red Croatia and Poland. Rechroats and Poles should stand together. I thought that you would rather lead the military discussion, as you are more qualified than I, Mr. Von Cavill? We take both sides of what we are discussing seriously.'_

  • Henry simply nodded as the princess has brought him through the entire palace, admiring the pieces of art found in it. However - as soon as food and entertainment were brought up, Henry's face expression changed entirely. He was not planning on staying here for too long. However, finding a way to tell the Princess to cancel the celebration without sounding rude was something that he was apparently incapable of, so he decided to leave discussing that for later, and instead begun focusing on what he came here for.

    "Concerning our economic relations, I must say that I shall have to bring this up to the Queen. Seeing as Red Croatia and Poland-Lithuania are turning out to be countries with many similarities - I'm sure that we could co-operate in upgrading what we have now and taking it to the next level in terms of technology and work ethics. However, military co-operation is something that I can discuss more openly. I can't say that I'm in any position to deny your request, as long as it remains reasonable. Red Croatia would be more then happy to co-operate with Poland-Lithuania when it comes to training both of our troops, military technology and other things, but we're not searching for a long term ally. I hope that you understand that."

  • _'We understand the shrewd nature of the Rechroatian monarchy. We also are not seeking a permanent alliance, but rather an assurance of security and some cooperation. We understand that the Monarchy would rather see how Poland-Lithuania deals with the international community more, and we agree. It does not surprise me or cause me any harm

    'If there will be a moment when the Queen would like to discuss with my father any sort of greater economic relations between Red Croatia and the Commonwealth, please by all means let us know.

    'We do hope you will stay, if not for dinner, at least for a private concert. We Poles believe good drink and good entertainment are a must for any visitor, and it is customary to offer both, and is considered a dishonor to deny the entertainment.

    'Again, we do understand you are busy, so if you ask to leave, we could certainly make different arrangements.'_

  • Henry smiled at the words that were just spoken, quite impressed by the way the two young heirs were handling the situation, "Well. I must say that there is a lot on my mind right now, and you understanding that makes me feel a lot better about it, something that I'm grateful for. Therefore, yes, I will be making my way back to Athemas in a few hours of so, but still - that leaves us with enough time to continue the discussion. Now, I believe that we should get back to that."

    Henry nods at the two heirs after taking a few moments to look around: "Now, the Queen should be more then capable of giving Poland-Lithuania a visit, and I'll make sure to put in a few good words for her. She tends to spend most of her time catching up with the latest scandals, so she's always willing to abandon her castle whenever it's possible. It's a hard rechroatian life." Henry chuckles for a moment there, right before continuing to speak: "Now. if I remember correctly - you wanted to show me your musical abilities?"

  • 'Yes. The violin that I will be playing this on is an original Stradivarius, made in 1715. One of our national treasures, as the maker was Anton Stravirarius, a Krakovian.I would like to play for you this Bach sonata, one of my personal favorite encore pieces. It's the largo from the Sonata No. 3.'

    The Princess picked up her violin. After the Bach movement, Prince Fryderyk was next. He sat down at a Bosendorfer grand piano.

    'I will be presenting one of our national treasures, the music of Chopin. This particular piece is a national dance, the Polonaise-Fantaisie, Op. 61'

  • Henry appeared to be a little uncomfortable while the two were playing for him, as he was not used to being the target of these things, but he couldn't help but smile and appreciate the art behind it, this leading to a clap filled with genuine appreciation at the end of their performances, "That was quite the show. You must've had a lot of time on your hands to achieve something like this... It's only a shame that not many people will be able to hear your melodes." After that, Henry takes a deep breath, deciding to do some small talk before they guide him back to the Red Room, where he assumed - most of the discussion will take place, "Now, I believe that you've mentioned that you were professionally trained in Aerodimus? Well, that's quite a coincidence, seeing as I was at a meeting with Os Corelia's Viscount earlier today.."

  • Prince Fryderyk chose to speak.

    _'Yes, well, Aerodimus is one of the absolute music capitals of the entire region, and we appreciated our stay there. Os Corelia has a grand tradition, particularly in folk music, which help us craft our melodies. Now, back to the Red Room.'

    'Our offer still stands, but I know you will want to interject, Mr. Cavill. What are you thinking along the lines of Polish-Rechroat cooperation?'_

  • "Well, seeing as one of the reasons Poland-Lithuania has joined the European Union is so that it's more open to the world's market, I'm sure that Red Croatia would be more then happy to get her hands on some of your main exports. However, I'm afraid that Red Croatia isn't very keen on exporting herself unless there's a risk of over-production, but we can still connect ourselves through our private markets. You see, the only industries besides the tourism one which continiously grow in Red Croatia are often related to fashion, information and other businesses which involve creativity. Basically, we keep what's ours to ourselves, and let our minds be our main way of making profit, not making us the ideal business partners."

    Henry then takes a drink before continuing, "Now, regarding the military co-operation: I can't promise you anything right now, seeing as I still have to deal with issues regarding it. However, know this: I will be more then willing to co-operate with your country when it comes to this subject."

  • _'Private market investments seem to be the best strategy at this time as well, and in the future, we can certainly increase our cooperation economically. We are also pleased to hear that cooperation is something that Red Croatia would be worth pursuing. We will send the proposal for increased investment in Red Croatia to the Sejm for approval.'

    'We would like to ask for your opinion on the development in the Western Sahara. It is one of the most important situations of our time, and Red Croatia has been heavily involved. Are there any new developments?'_

  • "Why, of course there's development in the Western Sahara, even though most of it is currently just planning. To be perfectly honest, it's the real reason I've been exhausted for these past few days, not the entire military scandal in Red Croatia. It's quite sad that the sahwari people were unable to hold on to their independence. However, as one of the heads of the WSA Committee, I've made it my duty to help Sahara achieve it's glory.. and I'm sure that it will. However, even though I am afraid I am not allowed to discuss with you the economic moves we're planning on making in the country - so that the sahwari people actually have a proper economy, of course -- I can assure you that the country is recieving proper aid."

  • _'That is great to hear, and we, of course, do not want a humanitarian crisis in the region. And I am glad that your nation is helping out. However, Poland will have the policy of abstention in the matters, but we are concerned about the relative lack of peace stemming from the situation.

    'We hope to, after the independence referendum, provide a monetary aid to the Western Sahara.'_

  • "Poland-Lithuania will be more then welcome to send her aid to Sahara, as I'm sure that it's for a good cause. I'm quite pleased that you're concerning yourself with this, and even took the time to properly inform yourself of it - unlike even certain commissioners and newspapers, such as those in Northern Caesarea. It's a shame that not many people see that we only want to help, but I do suppose that the concern of opposers is understandable to some extent, but still, some people need to learn how to look at the bigger picture."

  • _'Thank you for being so honest, and Poland is trying to make sure we have the whole picture before choosing a complete plan of action. It would be irresponsible of us to just act without thought, like those you have mentioned.

    'We wish you, Mr. Von Cavill, the very best in your endeavors as you make sense of the overreaction of the European community and the stress it has caused you.'_

    Princess Karolina smiled, while Prince Fryderyk reached for a bottle of vodka.

    'Before you go, we would like to gift you with vodka for your troubles of coming out here with us. We figured you would enjoy a drink before dealing with the next crisis.'

  • Henry smiled after they brought out the vodka. After tasting how polish scotch tasted like, he simply couldn't refuse such a generous gift. Therefore, he smiles right before proceeding to speak: "And I would like to thank you for being so willing to accomidate. I do hope that I have managed to make the most out of the little time we had to discuss." he then nods as he reaches out to take the vodka from the prince's hands, "Until next time," he looks over at Karolina "..princess.." and then at Fryderyk, "..prince."

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