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    ~News from the United Althan Republics~

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    Fall of the tyrants! The rise of the truth!

    By Arkanos Luerious, June 14th of the 2014th year of our Lord

    _New Eden- The tyranny of the past 1400 years has ended, the so called Althanian Dominion has fallen. The barbaric religion of Althanism and their so called humble and all knowing gods is officially once again dead. After years of running and lurking in the shadows, the United Christian Liberation force finally struck against the Dominion Defense Forces, or to those who lived under their oppressive fists for years the 'Prison guards". After sparking protests in King's Town and then later Serencia the UCLF took to the streets capturing various government buildings and arresting various government officials in the work they commited to oppressive the majority Christian population. After taking these two city states, the UCLF sprung from hiding and started a popular revolt in the former city of Aecae which has been returned to its name of New Eden.

    Once taking control of the majority of the city the UCLF forced the Dominion forces into their fortress of the Anitaxian Temple of the Gods which the dictator rubber stamps of the Council of Elders, and the oppressive authoritarian Anitax lived and worked. After hours of work, a special team managed to enter the building and fight its way through to the main temple chamber. Unfortunately the anitax and the council of elders have committed ritual suicide. Which involves the cleansing of ones body using a poisonous soap, and then smelling the poison gas released from said soap. Then as the poisons work on your body you cut your neck and bled out as a group. The specific poisons used are being withheld from the public for not using to feed possible remaining cults to the barbaric althanism. General Augustus Larious was the official from the UCLF who gave the press conference which let the world finally know what had transpired in the newly named United Athan Republics. He also announced elections set for tomorrow, and various investigations to be handled.

    Time to explain the sudden uprising. After Christianity was born, it spread to Altha by 145 AD, althanism died over night in some peoples eyes. As such the cult before the polytheistic religion fled into the shadows and waited until roughly 1345 AD. By this point three christian kingdom's existed. Each of different religions(Though at the time two were very much the same until the East-west split of the 1100s) they existed peacefully together, and were allied against outside influences. Unknown to them the Althanian Dominion had survived in secret and attacked and took control of the government, it reestablished itself and forced everyone back into Althanism. Luckily the people remained steadfast and remained true to Christianity. Over time the government grew more oppressive to hide its horrors such as genocide of many Catholics. It even managed to make a ruse during the EU ascension process and fool the commissioners.

    Now that the UCLF has taken over, their shadow government that was always in the shadows will be holding elections tomorrow due to most infrastructure already set due to the althanian false elections already planned to be held tomorrow. Parties which are expected to be on the ballots which are currently being printed as we speak at the Althan National Party, Christian Conversatives, Liberal Democratic League, Democratic Socialists, the Green Party, along with various other minors parties. Ballots will contain a detailed section on each candidate and each party. Candidates are vying for the position of the Archpresident, People's Councillors, and State Councillors. Along with commune delegates and Commune councillors. Archbishops for the catholic, eastern orthodox, and the Lutheran republics have been announced. More on the government structure will be let out tomorrow.

    Long live the republic!_

  • <>Vox Novae Voluptatis<>

    ~News from the United Althan Republics~

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    Election Night; Congratulations Mr. Archpresident!

    By Julia Minerva, June 16th of the 2014th year of our Lord

    _New Eden- With polls across the three states of New Eden, Serencia, and King's Town now closed we can look the results of the Archpresidential race, the victor needs a simple majority to win the office. No runoffs are required by the Articles of Coexsistence as how they were released yesterday. Three major candidates stood for election, they were Dr.Gaius Baltar of the Althan National Party, Galen Tyrol of the Democratic Socialists, and Jack Daniels of the Conservative Christians Party. All of them ran short campaigns across each state yesterday and during polling today trying to convince shocked voters on how little time they had. Of the country's 166,234,234 population, 129,234,657 voted. That is 77.7% voter turnout! Republic by republic the votes are being released, first stop is King's Town. In King's Town Gauis Baltar won 46.7% of the vote, Jack Daniels won 28.3%, and Galen Tyrol received last place with 25%. In Serencia, Dr.Gauis Baltar won 56.7%, Jack Daniels won 30.8%, and Galen Tyrol with 12.5%. In New Eden the biggest city-state Gauis Baltar won 49.8 percent, Galen Tyrol won 28.9%, and Jack Daniels won 21.3%. The total votes show at 51.2% Gauis Baltar won the Archpresidential race! He will be sworn later in the week.

    Onto the People's Council race, out of 435 seats, the Althan National Party won control with 239 seats, Democratic Socialits won 86 seats, Conservative Christians won 69 seats, 21 by the Liberal Democratic League, 9 seats by the Green Party, and various regional parities taking the last 11 seats. In the State Council results were very much the same with the Althan National Party taking 61 seats, Democratic Socialists taking 19 seats, Conservative Christians took 15 seats, the Green Party took 3 seats, while the Liberal Democratic League took 2. This means the Althan National Party is officially in power in both the executive branch and the legislative.

    The party gave a press conference along with the Archpresident-elect who talked about keeping national unity, and protecting the rights they fought so hard for all these years. Dr. Baltar was a chief civilian leader in the resistance against the old dominion, he decided to run to follow his Do No Harm oath he took when he began practicing medience. He talked about respecting the three religions and how he would often ask the advice of the Archcouncil, which is made up of the three archbishops which lead each of the national religions of Roman Catholicism(Baltar's own religion), Orthodoxy, and of course Lutheranism.

    They stated they will give a better idea of the government in the coming days, due to privacy concerns raised by potential candidates. The current Eu Councillor was allowed to stay at his post after being revealed as an informant for the UCLF. He has stated he will join the Althan National Party, and along with caucus with the UEC.

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    Electoral map based upon communes and their respected majority, purple= Baltar, red= Tyrol, blue= Daniels

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