Operation Overlord

  • **14-6-2014, 1900hrs

    Inimician strength:**
    750,000 infantry
    4,000 planes
    125 ships (en route)

    The 1st Inimician Army Group deployed to Rimroth-City this morning, and mostly arrived late this afternoon. Most of the divisions landed east of the city, others landed westwards. Rimroth-City is supposed to form the beach head of the invasion, so His Majesty can be extracted from the country safely and the Rimrothian government can be punished for co-operating with these terrorists. Meanwhile, the Inimician 1st Fleet (consisting of 15 cruisers, 20 destroyers, 20 frigates, 15 tranport ships carrying more Inimician ground forces, 15 supercarriers, 30 nuclear attack submarines and 10 nuclear cruise missile submarines) will make its way through the Mediterranean to the so-called Ravnstrait, to break through the strait and provide the Inimician forces with a naval supply line.

    In the following hours, the north of Rimroth City was secured and the search for His Majesty Emperor Artabanos continued and intensified. Minor combats between Inimician and Rimrothian forces have occured, but only wounded have been reported. Brigadier-General Lethbridge-Stewart has been promoted to commander of the Inimician forces in Rimroth. He stated: "We are only here to extract Emperor Artabanos and to teach the Rimrothian government a lesson not to mess with the Inimicians when it comes to their Emperor. I expect our campaign will only last a few days, until we have had the opportunity to search every house in the original occupied zone carefully and thouroughly. We are not here to kill citizens or innocent people."

    user posted image

    Inimician Armoured Forces deploting outside Rimroth, with light tanks able to be transported by plane

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    ((OOC: Your movement of so many troops is almost entirely impossible. Planes come in sets of 30, an you only have 5 transports on your war list, which means 150 transport planes. Each plane can take a maximum of 300 according to the war list. Plus you only have 3 transport ships. Each ship can only bring 2,500 soldiers. You can only technically move 52,500 troops with that. Otherwise you'll have to keep sending your ships and airplanes back and forth for weeks on end.))

  • ((OOC: I don't think you've seen my updated warlist. I have 80 transport planes and 15 transport ships. And I have not stated all Inimician forces have yet arrived))

  • 15-6-2014, 1230hrs

    The search for His Majesty continues and is going well

    Despite Rimrothian news reports stating that Emperor Artabanos has been found, the Inimician Armed Forces have not stopped searching for him in the quarantine zone. The leader of the search team, Colonel John Frost, said: "We take no notice of the false news reports. We have searched all outer houses of the zone, and are starting to concentrate on a suspicous building, which has multiple sattelite dishes mounted upon the roof and people have been entering and leaving this house since we blocked off this zone. I can also assure you no one has entered or left the zone, we have even secured the sewers and drainage pipes. There is NO WAY Rimrothian forces, even Special ones, could have entered the district and extracted His Majesty."

    The Inimician forces have been reinforced continuously during the night and have pushed southwards through Rimroth City. The Rimrothian capital is now almost entirely in Inimician hands.

    user posted image

    Inimician Armour brigades rush towards Rimroth City

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