Queen of Icholasen State Visit to Davishire

  • It was a sunny day in Portland, the Queen of Icholasen was making her first state visit to the Commonwealth of Davishire. The Queen of Icholasen was arriving by ship as the island country was not far away. user posted image
    stock image of Portland
    His Majesty King Hubert was waiting for them to arrive at the civilian dockyard. Considering the current military situation worldwide having a queen arrive surrounded by warships was not a good idea.

    The local police were providing the initial security. But Davishire is a peaceful and stable country so they were little needed. The whole event was being hosted in Portland so it was definantly going to be good weather. THe band was ready to play the anthem and the soldiers of the 1st Batallion of His Majesties foot guards providing the guard of honour. As the ship approached everyone was ready and waiting.

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    Her Majesty Stepped off of the Ship. She greeted King Hubert and thanked him for inviting her to his Country. The Queen hoped they and Davishire could get along despite the actions of the Government. She also hoped to gain insight of what Davishire was like. In the first 10 Days of her Reign she was attending a State Visit. The Queen wondered what sort of accommodation would be available. She also wondered what sort of food there would be hopefully not cheese she shuddered.

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    King Hubert was most pleased to have the Queen visit Davishire. He was keen to put accross the message that the actions of his government do not necessarily represent his own views and opinions of how things should work in the world.

    "Welcome your majesty, I do hope you enjoy your next few days in Davishire. The weather is forecast to be nice over the coming days. What we shall do now is have a car take you to the nicest hotel here in Portland where you will be staying. We will then be holding a parade through the centre of the town and we will then inspect a guard of honour."

    The Aide gestured the queen toward the black armoured Jaguar with police escort. The queen is then taken to the Riviera Hotel. The hotel is of a high quality with lovely rooms. Their is a light police presence in this queite yet lovely area of the city on the coast.

    The King had ensured that all meals in the hotel were void of cheese and had imported soap especially from the country of Inimicus and wine from the Davishire territories of The Chilterns. The chocolate had come from Davishire as had the tea.

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    Stock Image of the Riviera Hotel

  • The Queen exited the Black Jaguar and walked into the Hotel Lobby. "You surely know how to build a hotel!" The Queen giggled. The Queen then went up to her room to put her clothes away with the staff. She would then come down for her meal.

  • Before the queen could have her meal however the motercade returned to escort her majesty to the parade which had been organised in her honour. A march past of soldiers from the 1st Assault Brigade was organised. There was a full band playing popular songs.

    When the Queen stepped into the car en-route to the parade she was with King Hubert and it was their first time properly alone with no security officals. King Hubert was nervous about what she was about to talk about.

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  • The Queen sat in the car awkwardly. She was looking elegant and beautiful - what is expected of a Queen - she couldn't help but catch King Hubert's eyes. "Oh it will never work" the Queen though to herself. "I mean... His name is Hubert but a name couldn't detract from the attraction felt. The Queen blushed.

  • King Hubert Could see that the queen felt very awkward so he briefed her about the next phase of her visit.

    "OK, when we arrive in the town centre the national anthems of both our countries will be played by the band. We will then observe a march past by the military followed by a flypast. Once that is over I will make a speech and you will then say a few words to the crowd etcetera."

    The King took a sip of the freshly squeezed Davishire Orange Juice that was the refreshments for the 5 minute journey. The king was in his military uniform and was hot and ref faced.

    "Once that is all over we shall be heading to Portland Palace which is half an hour away by road. Once there we will have a banquet I shall make a speech so will you and we can then start to discuss some proper business. DO you have any problems with todays programme?"

  • The Queen listened very carefully.

    "I look forward to rocking out to United Icholasen I'm sure the Parade will be most marvellous."

    The Queen drank mature whisky. This was the first time an Icholasen Monarch had stepped foot on mainland Europe. The Queen waited for them to arrive.

  • The King was very pleased that Her Majesty understood what was happening. In the past official visitors had fluffed up at this point.

    As the car pulled up the Royal Trumpeters played a fanfare. The Queen and the king Stepped out and stood on the saluting dais with the Queen.

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    Once the King and the Queen were on the dais the band started to play music. The Soldiers of the army and navy began to march past. Everyman was fully in time with eachother in clean scarlet ceremonial uniform which was as clean as a whistle.

    The King stood at the salute position as the men marched past with the band still playing the regimental march. When the eyes right was called everyman turned his head with the true Davishire military precision. It took 2 minutes for the parade to march past. The column then about turned and halted in front of His Majesty.

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    user posted image

    Once the band had finished the flypast flew over. The Davishrie Air Force Hawk T1s flew over bellowing out red white and blue smoke.

    "Welcome everyone to the town of Portland and what a great day it is to hold this parade. Both I and the queen of our ally Icholasen are most grateful to be here for the state visit. It is a nice change to be away from the Capital and I am sure more visits will be held here in the future.

    Soldiers I am very impressed by your drill and turnout this fine afternoon. I can see that you will serve the country well.

    As King of Davishire I have the pleasure of meeting many nice people from different places and today I introduce to you the Queen of Icholasen. She will say a few words"

    King Hubert handed over the the Queen and the crowd was silent awaiting what she was about to say.

  • As Queen of the United Kingdom of Icholasen on a State Visit to Davishire I am already intrigued about this country. It is so fascinating. Your Military is obviously one to marvel at. I also inspire the Young women in this country to be born into the right family and gaining power from there. I also want to say that Eurovoice is in MY honour. Not yours, yours, yours OR yours. Mine. So you all should vote for Icholasen. Also I'd like to take a moment to think about my brother, he came out as gay. To all the gay people in Davishire I wish you all the luck you could need and I hope that you don't get bullied! Ha ha. Also viva la entente between our two nations. May our unity live on into the ages. When it gets warm remember to apply lots of sunscreen and drink water so you don't get burnt and you keep hydrated throughout the day.

  • The king made a brief smile and was rather bemused by the speech. It was less formal than expected.

    His Majesty gestured to the car and the Queen of Icholasen got on board. They drove off in order to head to the Portland Palace to have the banquet meal. They had half an hour in the car so Princes Hubert asked the Queen a question.

    He knew that what he asked in the car would not leak out of the car which was sound proof, even the driver could not hear them.

    "My Prime Minister has been a bit stupid lately hasn't he?"

  • Well... I wouldn't want to "Slag him off" as my mother used to say but I feel that our country's governments need to work together! It is unfortunate that my Government decided to axe the treaty, but Democracy took its course. Also give us a 12 in Eurovoice!

  • "Davishire does not currently partake in the Eurovoice competition. Alas we will be unable to give you any points.

    In other topics, what is your current opinion of Davishire?"

  • "It's okay... I guess..." The Queen said, stepping on eggshells trying to please the Davishire King. "I guess it's got a strong military but could use to give some patrols zones around Icholasen to Icholasen..."

  • Hubert smiled,

    "I am glad you are enjoying yourself"

    Portland Palace was within view,

    "Okie dokie, smiley face back on."

    There were large crows streaming the roads through the small village where the palace is located. The King wound down the window and gave a few waves to the cheering masses.

    The car drove into the palace, it was more of a castle. The King & his guest were staying at hotels because the castle was undergoing restoration.

    The two Heads of State exited the car and went into the great hall where a banquet would be served.
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    The two heads of state sat at the same table and once the starter had been served and enjoyed it was time for the Queen to say a few words to the gathered dignitaries.

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