Friedsman for EU Economic Commission


    About Anthony
    Anthony is a well-educated graduated of one of the top universities in his state and a resident of the constituent State of Westphalia in the Federal Union of Weselton. After graduated from college with a Masters in Business and Economics, Friendsman worked for various national corporations and was even hired abroad to work as an economic consultant. Recently, he has been serving as the chief Finance Minister for Weselton.

    Why Choose Anthony
    Anthony is a strong choice for EU Economic Commissioner because

    1. Weselton itself is very trade-economy driven state and since the medival times, Weselton has been more known for trade and industry than anything else. Being a strong trade nation, it seems only fitting that Weselton should provide the EU Economic Commissioner

    2. Friedsman has the political and economic experience to be able to handle the rigor of working for the EU. He has already attended multiple summits and has training in international relations and can speak multiple languages

    3. Friedsman is independent and dedicated to working for a BETTER EU. Finances are key to a nation and region's success and this is why Friedsman feels he can best serve the EU in his position. He does not have a political party membership and is open to working with both sides of the political spectrum to make the EU a Economic Giant for all the world to admire.

    So vote Friedsman today and you will not regret Together, we can build a better Economic Future for Europe

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