Regional Wanted Criminals Database

  • I am curious as to the regional view on the establishment of a Regional Wanted Criminals database. This would be a database accessible to all nations within the union detailing information about wanted criminals around the region so that criminals who cross borders are no longer safe.

    It would not in my view need to provide family details such as address or bank details or the like. Just a database listing name, date of birth, description and an image.

    How does your government view this? What do else do you think needs to be considered? Is this a good idea?

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    The Os Corelian government will not support such a project as it is open to abuse and crosses sovereign definitions of criminality. We fear this will be used in part towards a federalist policing of Europe based on the prominent government agendas and as we have a vast right wing influence this could only be dangerous for sanity.

  • thank you for your comments. Does the element that it is only a database of those criminals which are wanted for serious crimes ease your mind a little? There would be not personal details as such and their would be safeguards as to the types of crime and also who can use the information.

  • Groot belgie would be for ome kind of interpol on the condition that the criminal is moved to the country of the crime .

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