Viscount of Os Corelia State Visit to Davishire


    It was the day before the Kings Official birthday and he was due to hold another official state visit.
    The King was waiting at the airport for the viscount to arrive. He was going to briefly welcome the Viscount before he has dinner with the Prime Minister. Then the next day the Viscount would present at the Kings official birthday parade on the Horseguards parade followed by a state dinner at Sandford Castle in the evening.

    The King was nervouse. This was the first state visit by the Head of State of an established European nation.

    The plane was approaching and was cleared to land.

  • The Viscount's plane landed and taxied to where the delegation was waiting he had asked his wife to accompany him as she did always like to visit unfamiliar countries her own work wouldn't take her to. For both of them this state visit to Davishire was a new frontier and the Viscount felt honoured to be visiting the state around the celebration of the king's birthday. He emerged from the plane as the fresh wind hit his face felt a breathe of change upon him.

  • King Hubert was waiting at the bottom of the steps. The Band of the Royal Battalion of Footguards played the national anthems of Davishire and Os Corelia.

    The King moved toward the viscount and spoke

    "Welcome to Davishire, sir. Please call me Hubert."

    The King looked up,

    " It is not as nice weather today with the slight wind and cloud but should improve tomorrow. Now you are due to have your evening meal with the Prime Minister before coming to the palace later on this evening. Protocol means I am sadly unable to come with you but do hope you have an enjoyable time"

    At that point the Viscount was led to the royal car and taken to the residence of the Prime Minister. The car had a light visible police escort through the city of Sandford. They went past all of the magnificent buildings of the city before eventually arriving at the Prime Ministers residence.

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  • In the car the Viscount turned to the King 'Hubert this country is more beautiful than I could have imagined I am honoured to have been invited here and I look forward to tasting your culture'. Then the Viscount continued to look upon this new nation with fresh eyes looking up every high rise building and absorbing the green space into his mind. As the car drew to Prime Minister's residence the viscount mentally prepared his diplomatic brain to ensure he was ready to talk friendship and opportunity.

  • The King looked back "thank you , I feel too that it is beautiful, and we are only in the city. You haven't seen the central mountains or the lovely coastal city of Portland."

    The car stopped

    "It is at this point Viscount that I must leave you with the Prime Minister. Ancient history means that I am not permitted in the Prime Ministers residence."

    The Prime Minister was waiting as the Viscount stepped out of the car.

    "Welcome to Sandford, sir. Please do come inside. We are having a lovely meal tonight. Please come in"

    The PM pointed to the door, gesturing for the Viscount to go in.

  • The Viscount went into the dinning room where he was joined by his wife whom he kissed affectionately on the cheek upon their reuniting before taking their seats at the formal dining table. The Viscount turned to the Prime Minister:

    'Mr Prime Minister it is wonderful to be invited to such an occasion with intent to seek the spirit of cooperation and friendship but how could we made these ideals solidified?'

  • "Before I start can I just say welcome to Davishire, I am sure you will have a good time. I feel that over the last few months the region has been on a rocky road and agreed I would like to see that change. I would like to be able to work with other countries including Os Corelia to make the region a better place"

    Mr Mannion took a sip of his drink of Orange Juice, although it did have the smell which hinted that alcohol was within the drink.

    "See what we need to seek is cooperation with all countries in the region, whether this be on issues of security, policing, agriculture, resources and immigration among others in order to create a more peaceful region. But yes the question is how can we cement ties between our two countries?"

  • 'Well Mr Manion perhaps we can start with the elephant in the room, the issue that has brought us to the brink of oblivion so to speak and that being your nations nuclear ambitions. Forgive my bluntness but I do believe that we need to discuss this issue before we move on. What is the ambition and place of nuclear capability to your nation form your perspective?'

  • "Personally I would love to have a country which nuclear weapons are not around, however when nations such as the Duxburian Union possess tens of thousands of weapons I feel that it is a necessity for Davishire to do so.

    However as can be seen I have not personally allowed for an application to be ut forward since coming to power, and when an application was issues without my consent it was removed quickly.

    But if of course Davishire was ever to possess nuclear weapons the government would only ever use them for defensive purposes, not as a bargaining tool."

  • 'I am glad to hear that you are only seeing nuclear weapons as a deterrent but I am curious as to what threat you feel form the Duxburian Union. The Duxburian Union are a peaceful nation and yes they have nuclear weapons but surely they aren't a threat. If anything their arsenal would only be deployed to protect the region as they are one of the binding nations as to why the union works.

    It is clear you have made an outstanding effort in terms of nuclear development. I think myself and other leaders would be keen to see a gesture of assurance in some enshrinement of your ethos in regards to nuclear weapons'

  • "It would be difficult to pass a law where the development of nuclear weapons is illegal because any government could repeal those laws. No matter how much we would like to do so.

    We do not feel threatened directly by the Duxburian Union, but more by the whole nature of countries owning nuclear weapons. Whilst countries have them other countries must have them although I suspect it is unlikely those countries will be responsible and abolish nuclear weapons across the region."

    Having finished the main course it is now time for a dessert. Today the dessert consists of cookie layered with ice cream, chocolate and red berries,

    "So Viscount, how do you feel that we can as two countries work together to improve the region?"

  • 'Well Mr Prime Minister I believe we need our cooperation to be a peaceful significance to show the region that peace and structure of resources is the way forward. With the unnecessary conflict occurring the past months one ought to wonder how our region can remain stable and we have the unique opportunity to show our neighbours how this works'

  • SO in what way do you feel that our two nations can set this good example? Trade agreements or maybe a customs agreement. What do you think?

  • With our bilateral agreements we like to discuss trade, ease on restrictions of movement of people and goods and also joint development projects. Is there anything in particular Davishire finds itself excelling in? We are also keen to widen our transport links.

  • Davishire does not have any agreements for the free movement of people from Davishire but does have legislation allowing anybody from the EU to come and live and work in Davishire visa-free. Davshire and Os Corelia already have a twice weekly ferry service going to Davishire or Chilterns and a once daily air service between Chilterns-OS Corelia and Davishire return.

    I feel that it would be most beneficial to focus on the free movement of people and goods in order to encourage trade between both our nations.

  • ok then from your perspective would would davishire like to bring to the table?

  • I would like to see our two countries working together to increase the attractiveness in investment between Davishire and Os Corelia. I personally feel that we should work toward having joint import and export tariffs when trading between Davishire and Os Corelia so that business can easily do business"

    An aide then knocked on the door,

    "sorry to disturb you Prime Minister.

    Viscount your car is ready to take you to the Palace."

    The Prime Minister looked disappointed

    "it is such as shame just as we were getting somewhere. However we will have one more meeting before the end of your visit here to Davishire."

    The aide stood with the door open and the Prime Minister stood,

    "That you very much for visiting Viscount.

  • 'To the palace?' The Viscount looked surprised 'Well to see the King I must depart' he stood up and shook the Prime Minister's hand following the guard.

  • The Prime Ministerial Aide guided the Viscount to the car in which the King was waiting.

    "Hello Viscount it is nice to see you again. We will now head to the Palace where you will reside until your return home on Thursday."

    The king looked at his watch , the time was 21:00 and it was getting late.

    "It will be a short drive before we arrive at the palace. Is their anything that you wish to talk about or would you like me to brief you on what is happening tomorrow?"

  • ' i dont think so I suggest we mvoe on the the trade deals and agreements at the upmost importance'