European Draft Budget

  • European Councillors, I bring to you a drafted budget with the knowledge that I have assembled.


    Income from National Contributions (as mandated by the European Budget Act): 724.624 billion
    Income from the sale of patents: 184.016 billion
    Income from the Free Duchy of Europolis: 1.8 billion

    Total Income: 910.44 billion


    Defence Commission Total Budget: 41.703 billion

    ENAA: 0.8 billion
    EBCWA: 2.32 billion
    ERF: 32.5 billion
    Europolis Security (Council, Commission, ECoJ, etc.): 2.367 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 3.716 billion

    Internal Affairs Commission Total Budget: 59.188 billion

    EACF: 2.17 billion
    Highway Numbering Act: 7.89 billion
    EHIC: 12.32 billion
    Mass Media Committee: 8.47 billion
    Heritage Site Act: 0.115 billion
    EHAC: 23.8 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 4.433 billion

    Foreign Affairs Commission Total Budget: 2.911 billion

    Maintenance of Embassies (Including Security): .295 billion
    Foreign Outreach (Communication, Recruitment, etc.): 0.052 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 2.564 billion

    Economics Commission Total Budget: 1.073 billion

    European Patent Office: 0.587 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: 0.486 billion

    Premier Commission Total Budget: .0016 billion

    Visits to Member States: .0015 billion
    Operating Costs and Salaries: .001 million

    ECoJ Total Budget: 1.01 billion

    Operating Costs and Salaries: 1.01 billion

    European Council Total Budget: 1.613 billion

    Operating Costs and Salaries: 1.613 billion

    Future Initiative Allotment (From Legislation, etc): 38 billion

    Total Expenditure: 145.4996 billion

    Surplus Total: 764.9404 billion

  • Davishire feels that if the regional budget has a surplus countries should as a result contribute less to the regional budget so as to assist in reducing that large surplus.

    As a result I feel that national contributions should fall by at least 300 billion.

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    After reviewing the document provided by Commissioner Reed the government of Os Corelia pledges support to passing this budget. We also would be up for a review of surplus use it would make sense to return the surplus funds to our national chancelleries. Perhaps an amendment to the budget act could be explored to ensure there is no waste working off the yearly budget figures.

  • Admin

    The grossdeutscher government would like to clarify in which currency unit the budget proposal is based on. Additionally, we think it would be good for clarity's sake to attach a brief glossary with the meaning of the acronyms mentioned in the document.

  • May I point out to the Councillors that, the surplus is automatically returned to member states from which it originates, or is kept in the EU's coffers for emergency budget problems. Meaning there is no need to worry about the surplus in any form.

    As for the Councillor from the Grossdeutsches Reich, here is a list of the document acronyms mentioned on the document;

    • ENAA- European Nuclear Applications Authority
    • EBCWA- European Biological and Chemical Weapons Authority
    • ERF- European Relief Force
    • EACF- European Art Collaboration Fund
    • EHIC- European Health Insurance Cards(((OOC: This one may or may not be wrong)
    • EHAC- European Healthcare Accreditation Committee
    • ECoJ- European Court of JusticeAfter looking over the budget as a whole, I see no problem with it and gladly will support it when it comes to vote. It's time Europe have a proper budget after a four month budget crisis.

  • The Empire of Inimicus is happy a budget has been proposed, and will fully support this budget.

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    "I am in favour of this budget. However, I do believe that we should look towards dramatically reducing the price of a patent in time for the next budget. I am happy that surplus money is returned to governments - perhaps for simplicity's sake, we may one day reduce national contributions so the surplus never gets to Europolis in the first place, but that's a trivial concern - but no surplus money goes back to the innovators who make use of our patent system. The current, unnecessarily high price of a patent has a tangible economic effect and restricts access to patents to big business."

  • "After looking over this budget carefully, our Government supports this budget for the European Union."

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    Following careful examination, the government of Miraco extends it's support for the proposed budget.

  • Northern Caesarea basically agrees with this project

    Gabriela Espinosa
    European Council Delegate

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    Does anyone move to bring the Budget to a vote?

  • I do Mr Speaker. I propose we move to voting.

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    Does anyone want to second the motion?

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    I second the motion.

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    Voting on the budget is now open! Voting closes on July 20th at 22:32 GMT. Note that it requires a super majority in order to pass.

  • I Cuxi Anyas, on behalf of Nouvelle Picardie, vote FOR the budget.

  • Admin

    I, Eloise Murray, on behalf of Miraco, vote FOR the budget.

  • I, Gabriela Espinosa, on behalf of the Federal Republic of Northern Caesarea, vote FOR the budget.

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    I, Peter Montfort, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR this budget.

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    The Os Corelian People have had a referendum on the budget and in majority voted FOR it.

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