Polish Summer Ball: Old Warsaw Castle Thread

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    Welcome to the Old Warsaw Castle! Zapraszamy do Starego Zamku Warszawskim!

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    The staff at the Old Warsaw Castle are waiting for you.

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    George and Theodora's car pulled up before the Angleteric Embassy in Warsaw to pick up Ambassador Dawkins. They didn't want to. Dawkins was probably the most irritating man in Angleter, and the joke was that he was given ambassadorial posts purely as a way of getting him out of the country. They let Dawkins in and spent the rest of the journey in an awkward silence as they headed towards the Old Warsaw Castle. Eventually they pulled up, and the moment they came to a stop, the royal couple sprung out of the car.

    "Hello! Are we the first?" Theodora asked a nearby member of staff.

  • 'Yes, dear sirs, you are the first to arrive,' said one of the servants. 'I am Wladyslaw, the head butler at the Old Warsaw Castle, and its keeper while the family resides somewhere else. Would you care for a spirit of your choice?'

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    "A pleasure to meet you, Wladyslaw," replied the Prince Regent. "I think we'd all enjoy some of the local spirit of choice here-"

    The Prince Regent turned to Theodora and Mervyn, who both nodded, and turned back

    "- what would that be?"

  • 'It would be vodka, sir,' said Wladyslaw. 'I recommend the brand Chopin, though Sobieski is another good choice for a Polish vodka spirit.'

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    "Can we have one of each, each?"

    Theodora rolled her eyes.

  • 'Of course,' Wladyslaw said to the Angleteric delegation. Excuse me asking, but I have never seen people like you before. You are from Angleter. What is it like? I haven't seen anything beyond Warsaw for years.

    He paused to pour each a small glass of the clear elixir.

  • The Os Corelian delegation was somewhat of a renaissance group form an old time of Os Corelia being lead by the former Viscount as the current one was in Davishire on important business. The Count had a well established record for international relations and was asked to go on this trip as an expert in international etiquette, he asked his wife the Kaiserin to join him as if it was a ball he needed to dance with someone he knew could take having their feet stood on. The Prime Minister had come as a representative of the current government she was not familiar with these kind of international events but knew she was a stunner in a ball gown so simply had to attend, she had dragged along her husband a medical doctor who felt more at home slicing up people than having to dance with them but who was he to deny his wife's orders. The couples got on very well and were overjoyed at the building when they arrived. The car arrived and they i pairs walked up the stairs.

    'Hello I'm Katrushka Milios here with the Os Corelian delegation for the summer ball'

  • Wladyslaw looked excited; even though it wasn't the Polish Royals that he was taking care of, he did enjoy having someone to look after.

    'Ah, you must be the Corelian delegation. I am the head butler and caretaker of the Old Warsaw Palace, Wladyslaw,' said the head butler with great aplomb. He was an older man, and had a world of experience to share with the guests. He decided he would rather let them sleep. 'It has been a long journey, and we must get you fed and rested before you are due to start a whirlwind of activity.'

    He led the party into the dining hall of the Old Warsaw Castle, giant by any stretch of the imagination.

    _'You're lucky. The Summer Ball always takes place in the Old Warsaw Castle, and has since the 14th Century. As the seat of Polish authority, Warsaw has experienced great triumphs and declines throughout the years. With our first year in the European Union, however, this will be a fantastic triumph.'

    'The castle as it looks now was completed in the 16th Century. The previous castle was destroyed in a great fire that took much of the Old Town of Warsaw with it. The Kligenberg Royal Family, however, prefer the lodgings of Wilanow and Lazienki. Staying in the city does present its challenges. This castle is, however, used for the opening and dissolution of the Sejm.'

    'Dinner will be ready soon. We've taken the liberty to prepare many vegetarian options for our Corelian guests, and saved the traditional Polish foods for the Ball tomorrow. Would you care to have anything made available to you while you dine, my Lords and Ladies?'_

  • A convoy of three limousines screeched to a halt in front of the Old Warsaw Castle, all bearing the national flag of Weselton. A group of well-dressed bodyguards jumped out of their car and quickly flung the door open for the Duke. The Duke took one look outside and then pulled himself out of the car. He graciously extended his hand to his wife who nimbly followed him. The Duke was wearing a trimmed red black suit with a red sash across his chest and a few medals gracing his breast. His hair was a dark brown and his mustache was shaped into a elegant handle-shape. His wife meanwhile wore a large pink gown with a yellow sash across it.

    As they approached the castle entrance, Sir Wilfried scanned the Polish architecture. It was not as splendid, he thought, as their own Germanic architecture but he was aware that he was on a commission from the Grand Duke himself. As they arrived, the Duke bowed gracefully to the staff while his chief bodyguard, Franz Guberman said "Presenting, his Grace the Duke of Westphalia, Sir Wilfried and Madam Anne, Duches of Westphalia, in representation of Grand Duke George II of the Federal Union of Weselton."

  • As dinner began the Corelian delegation felt somewhat uncomfortable surrounded by official nobility not that of a republic was to be found in the walls of this castle. The delegation found it hard to relate to these gradiose people and waited to see if they would be approached

  • The groot Belgain emperor wanted to impress this time and came with military transport to transport his ceremonial escort (they're police officers but look like military) with horses and men (heres a vid of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAnIxFD--TA ). They rode in the streats they arrived at the old warsaw palace. The commander of the Royal escorte got of his horse and opened the door of the emperors car went to the door of the palace and yelled


    as the emperor saluted his escorte he made his way to the door

  • 'BOOO WHO CARES' shouted Dr Milios merry on brandy

    'Shh darling please! although my word talk about an ego' remarked Prime Minister Milios to the Count, as she sipped at her glass of wine.

    'My darling Katrushka its these royals, they live ad thrive on inflations of their egos, from touring the world circuit you learn that the royals prefer their arses to be kissed in all circumstances then actually doing any sensible business. I'm so glad that its Miltok and not I on the scene at the moment. I wonder how he'll find the King of Davishire. Its the Prime Ministers and President you want ot do business with trust me' replied the Count with a glint of cheek and that one too many glass of port swinnig around his glass.

    'This is exactly why I stuck to medicene, if someone annoys you just stick a needle in. I don't know how you do it both being politicans Malleka' remarked Dr Milios to the Kaiserin whilst sipping at a glass of brandy.

    'Well as Kalistus and I often say we did it to change the world but then once we got democracy things got all about pushing paperwork. I think that's why Kalistus got out of the game, They get a easy life in the county hall compared to the state office. I like to think I'm making a difference but hey who knows, here's ot shallow democracy' said the Kaiserin as she self toasted than swigged at her glass of Pinot Noir

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    Mervyn Dawkins booed loudly upon hearing of the arrival of the Emperor of the Empire.

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    Theodora and George took the opportunity to get away from Mervyn while he was busy irritating the arriving Belgians. They headed towards the Os Corelian delegation.

    "Count Kalistus!" exclaimed Theodora. "Nav Khatkar has told me so much about you!"

  • 'Your Royal Highness the pleasure is all mine' The Count said as he kissed the Princess' hand 'Yes I count Nav as a dear friend form the secret club us political and former-political leaders have. May I present my wife The Kaiserin, Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier the Secretary of State for the Os Corelian government' The Kaiserin curtsied at the princess with a nodding smile 'It is indeed Maleeka who has the power in the family today and I couldn't be anymore proud of the work she is doing in governance'

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    "Ah, yes, madame Kaiserin! Say, you wouldn't happen to have had to deal with the Belgians that much, would you?"

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