The Imperial Prussian State

  • **The Imperial Prussian State
    Das Imperial Preu?ischen Staats

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    Prussia Flag

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    Imperial Coat of Arms

  • Basic Facts

    Official Name: The Imperial Prussian State; Das Imperial Preu?ischen Staats
    Short or Conventional Names: Prussia, the Prussian Empire, IPS
    Demonym: Prussians

    Capital: Berlin
    Largest City: Berlin

    Population: Under Census
    Ethnic Groups: Prussian/German(85%), Polish(8%), Slovaks(3%), Jewish(1%), Others(3%)
    Official Languages: German, English
    Recognized Minority Languages: Polish, Slovak, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish
    Religions: Roman Catholicism(Official)(42%), Lutheran(Official)(44%), Inquistan Orthodox(8%), Eastern Orthodox(2%), Jewish(1%), Other(3%)

    Government: Unitary Semi Absolute Constitutional Monarchy
    Legislature: Reichstag
    Highest Court of Appeal: Reichskammergericht
    Emperor: Sebastian I
    Imperial Household: Falkenrath
    Chancellor: J?rgen Portner

    **Calling Code:**66
    Drives on: The right
    Internet Domain: .pr, .ips, .imp

    GDP: Under Evaluation
    GDPpc: Under Evaluation
    Currency: Prussian Krone, Euro

    Important Dates:

    • Coronation of Frederick: 18 January 1701
    • Imperial Prussian State Proclaimed: 18 January 1871
    • Democratization: August 14th, 1945
    • EU Ascension Date: July 4th, 2014

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