Official Events Thread: Royal Summer Ball

  • 6 July 2014

    ((OOC: I'm going to extend the ball until it is actually complete, but will have taken "3 days" to complete. This will be the thread in which all official activities take place.))

    11:00 a.m. - Dissolution of the Sejm

    12:00 p.m. - Guests Prepare for Informal Lunch - Old Warsaw Castle

    1:00 p.m. - Informal Lunch - Old Warsaw Castle

    4:00 p.m. - Preparation for Formal Dinner

    7:00 p.m. - Formal Dinner - Old Warsaw Castle

    **9:00 p.m. - Informal Entertainment - Old Warsaw Castle **

    7 July 2014

    10:30 a.m. - Mass and Coronation of Karolina, Empress of Poland

    5:00 p.m. - Formal Dinner and Official Summer Ball

  • Summer Ball Guest List

    Red Croatia

    HRH The Absolutist Queen, Aleksandra III, Van Lorraine by Birth, Van Aries by Rulership, Ruler of Red Croatia and the belonging Provinces
    HRH The Royal Prince, Adam Van Lorraine, Overseer of Internal Relations
    Cpt. Gen. Henry Von Cavill, Leader of the WSA Committee


    The Rt. Hon. Arch President Gauis Baltar of Altha
    First Lady Minerva Baltar of Altha
    Archbishop Maximus Deunios of Altha


    HRH Prince Regent George
    HRH Princess Theodora
    The Rt. Hon. Ambassador Alwyn Mervyn Dawkins


    HRH The Queen, Anastasia I
    HRH Prince Tommy of St. Regina

    Terra Mortem

    HRH Emperor Phillip IV Thora
    The Rt. Hon. Elphias Cain
    Lord Thomas Wright
    Lord Julius Borden


    Archbishop Paul Craticus


    The High President Michael Solomon
    Mrs. Marie Solomon

    Iunio Duxburiane

    Jade Lamington
    Renly Lamington
    Tristan Larsen (Tristan Lir Devoy)
    Adrian Nyquist
    Kyle Nyquist
    Kendra Torvald

    Greater Belgian Empire

    HRH Emperor Jules

    Imperial Prussian State

    HRH Emperor Sebastian
    HRH Princess Victoria
    HRH Prince Charles

    Os Corelia

    Count Kalistus Xavier
    Kaiserin Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier
    The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Katrushka Milios
    Dr. Hanbeck Milios


    Sir Wilfried, Duke of Westphalia

  • 6 July 2014
    11:07 a.m.
    Preparations for the Informal Lunch

    The Queen held her husband closely as they walked into the Old Warsaw Castle, somewhere they hadn't seen for a long time.

    They wanted to make sure that everything was prepared for the informal lunch, including the guests themselves. First, they wanted to find out where Prince Fryderyk was. They knew Karolina called them to say that she was awake, but she sounded shaken by something. What, they could not pin down.

    'Have you heard from Fryderyk yet? Queen Marlena asked.

    King Janusz shook his head in a disappointed fashion.

    'I have no idea where he is at the moment. No doubt that Lazienki had a night of it. There are rumors that the Duxburians are littered around Warsaw; I heard them as I got out of the carriage at the Sejm today,' King Janusz said. He seemed to be in a much better mood today than the previous night. The two were also a lot closer and more romantic publicly than they ever were before.

    All Marlena could do was shake her head.

    'That boy...oh well, it's what boys do.'

    They both were shocked to find Fryderyk present at the Old Warsaw Castle much earlier than anyone else, but in complete shambles. Twigs, leaves, and burrs were all over his body, and he looked as if bathing happened on the same schedule it did in the 17th Century.

    'For God's sake, what are you doing?' exclaimed King Janusz.

    'The short version is that I woke up in a whorehouse, littered with every recreational drug under the sun. Apparently laid with three women at once, and tried to find my way here from where I was. The problem is that I ended up in the forest, and tumbled down a couple hills, still a little high, before I showed up here...' Prince Fryderyk said without even the slightest thought of embarrassment or hesitation. 'It was quite epic.'

    The King and Queen shook their heads, and (as though he were twelve years old) dragged him up the stairs.

  • Sir Wilfried sauntered into the dining room for the informal lunch. He looked around and the room seemed pretty deserted except for the King and Queen. He walked over to them and curtsied. "Your majesties, I am your humble servant, Sir Wilfried the Duke of Westphalia and a representative of his Majesty, George II, Grand Duke of Weselton."

  • Prince Tommy and Queen Anastasia entered the arm in arm (in a brotherly / sisterly way) and greeted Queen Marlena and King Janusz.
    "Hello, it is truly and honour to be here with you tonight, I, on the behalf of the United Kingdom of Icholasen give goodwill and happiness to all your peoples." Anastasia said.
    "Hello, what she said." Prince Tommy smirked.
    It was sure to be great and Anastasia and Tommy were ready for this, both with different agendas, Anastasia wished to be a diplomat, be professional and be beautiful whilst Tommy, on the other side wanted to find a "friend".

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    Henry Von Cavill, Prince Adam, Queen Aleksandra respectively
    Several hours after Henry has finished swimming at the lake, Adam took a shower and Aleksandra woke up the entire palace by jamming to Bootylicious in the room of Princess Karolina, the three representatives of Red Croatia have made their way for the informal lunch, taking this as an opportunity to relax from the far fetched world of royals and nobles, despite the fact that the representatives of other countries did not feel the same way about this. Therefore, while the others made their way to the head table and greeted the monarchs, the three immediately took their seats at the table with the two men eating their hearts out while the Queen refreshed herself with some orange juice and eggs.

  • Marlena looked around the room once she and the King returned and found the Icholasen guests had come in. She enjoyed the less formal atmosphere, something much more sincere about an informal lunch. And, the guests were ready to eat, so she did not delay. What was laid out this time was more of a brunch/lunch with some foods from each of the visiting nations, hoping to provide a bit of comfort in a completely foreign land.

    'Queen Anastasia, it is very nice to see you as well,' said the Queen after being addressed by Anastasia. Janusz and Marlena did not reply to Tommy, however, and merely nodded.

    'I hope you partake in some of the food we have laid out,' the King said to the Icholasen party. They were just about to make their way towards the Duke of Westphalia when Karolina sprinted in before slowing down to a graceful speedwalk.

    'I'm sorry I'm late, Mother...' Karolina said to the King and Queen, who scowled at her for arriving so late.

    'I'm really sorry...'

    'So how was YOUR sexcapade last night,' asked the Queen, her proper English self starting to glare rigidly through some of the Polish accent she acquired after leaving London. Princess Karolina looked stunned.

    'How did you know!?' Karolina asked in an angry whisper.

    'It's like you don't think the people who changed the flowers in your room and did all the things so you could get ready in the morning wouldn't call and let us know that you were running late, and that you were laid tit and minge with another woman...' Marlena murmured sharply. 'This is something Fryderyk would do! Do you want to be like that Icholasen queen? Drunk and a whore?!'

    Princess Karolina's hangover felt even worse after that scolding, and she lost all the color in her face when she saw Kyle Nyquist walk in.

  • After looking over at the head table for a moment and noticing the angered expressions of the Queen and the princess, Henry felt somewhat bad about the apparent argument they were having, so he decided that he should do something about it, despite the fact that he was not sure how to feel about the princess at the moment. Therefore, the man walked over to the Queen's seat, and shaked her hand firmly with a smile on his face, forming some distance between her and her daughter so that the two don't cause unneeded drama, even though Aleksandra would enjoy it. "Wasza Wysoko??, it is so lovely to finally have the opportunity to meet you. I've heard so many things about you since the very moment I stepped into Warsaw that I couldn't control myself from coming over to greet you." he then made a light gesture with his head towards Karolina, as if he was trying to tell her that now is her opportunity to walk away.

    In the meantime, Aleksandra and Adam who were sitting next to each other begun chatting about what should the Queen wear to the ball, and should she or should she not be humble. Being quite a beautiful woman and aware of that, she did not want to outshine Karolina on her big day.

  • Princess Karolina was glad to be out of the line of fire from her mother, and moved about the lunch. She awkwardly waved at Queen Aleksandra before moving away. Kyle Nyquist looked as if he were nursing a terrible hangover. She felt as though he wouldn't want to speak to her just yet. Suddenly, a tap on her shoulder prompted a quick look. Anazio was there, whistling away the nocturne of the previous night. He followed her out of Lazienki to the Old Warsaw Castle somehow.

    Prince Fryderyk finally came downstairs after his shower and decided to say hello to Queen Aleksandra.

    'Your Highness, how was your evening?' Fryderyk asked out of the desire to be at least a polite host.

    Queen Aleksandra did not return any words. Fryderyk simply began wandering again.

  • _the emperor tought a bit loudly _ It is a shame I came without my prime minister, I could have started a war already....

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    The Prince Regent and the Crown Princess arrived at the informal lunch, with Ambassador Dawkins close behind. The royal couple headed over to their seats, while Mervyn decided to approach the Rechroatian delegation.

    "'Sup?" he said. George and Theodora looked on, concerned.

  • "No, and for the last time, I'm not going to wear the green dress. It makes my ass look fat." Aleksandra states, to which Adam responds, "Wait, wait. I thought making your ass look big was the point of wearing it?" And then, the two get interrupted while arguing as the man from Angleter approaches them, having the two turn around and put on their brightest smiles, "Oh, why hello there." the Queen states as she reaches out to shake the man's hand while Adam simply turns back around so that he may continue eating.

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    Kyle en Nyquist, Tristan en Larsen (Tristan Lir Devoy am Harrison), Renly Lamington am Vandel

    Kyle Nyquist's hangover was starting to fade. He was more dizzy from speeding through the streets of Warsaw in a Bugatti, of questionable origin. He joined his companions at lunch and exchanged hugs with his brother, Adrian, as well as Jade Lamington. He politely greeted Kendra Torvald, but was wary of her intentions. After breaking up with Jason Tolland and Viggo Lenner over money-related issues, it was clear that she was a gold digger. Kyle didn't want that kind of person in the Peoples' Palace, the family seat that any Nyquist had the right to reside at. He had to be really careful who he let into his life.

    Karolina looked unsure if she should come over, so Kyle got up and went to her.

    "Good morning, Princess Karolina! Fantasik morgen, Anazio."

    Kyle noticed Emperor Jules arrive. Lol, emperors. A pretty pretentious title when your entire country's economic output is smaller than the House of Nyquist alone. He'd also heard that the Groot-Belgian emperor was a pushover, a social status lower than garbage collector at home.

    Kyle pointed to Jules and called to Anazio, "Te'imperalir ez styrke. Glyd, Anazio! Aereoatte! Im fortel."

    Anazio flew over Jules and pooped on his head. Kyle tried hard to hide his laughter. Anazio then snatched a bottle of liquid hand soap off the table and slashed it open with his talons while making a 2nd pass over Jules' head. The liquid soap came pouring out of the bottle and all over the emperor's head.

    Kyle and Karolina burst out laughing, neither trying to hide it.

    "Let's sneak out," Kyle suggested. I have a Bugatti Veyron parked outside the palace, let's go for a joy ride."

  • No one at least outwardly noticed the Princess taking off with Kyle Nyquist.

    Queen Marlena was still talking to Henry Von Cavill, and he seemed to be much more familiar now with her English accent taking over as she spoke English, with a light dusting of Polish every now and then.

    '...Oh, I just wonder what the Princess will do and how she will do as Empress. Of course, her father and I will guide her, but she'll be actively involved in running the country. We are supposed to have, and will be returning to the Prussian system shortly. The President of the Sejm said before he left that it would have to go back. The current system was not working. She will not be a figurehead monarch, and so young as well...' said the Queen, with a slight look of sadness in her eye.

    The Queen, in her motherly sense of being a hostess suddenly had an idea pop into her head. She was glad that Prince Fryderyk looked presentable. She had an idea, racing towards him with grace and elegance.

    'Fryderyk...I'm going to entertain our guests, and sing in the background. I need you to play for me,' the Queen began. Fryderyk looked as if he wanted to protest, but the withering glare he got from his mother forced him to oblige.

    He quickly moved to the piano and she into its crook, and began to sing "Edelweiss", an old Halsbergian lullaby.

  • The Solomons arrived at the informal lunch a few minutes after 12 o'clock. Despite being still somewhat shaken by the earlier events at Wilanow Palace, the High President and his wife hid it well. Both looked as composed and natural as ever. At the High President's request, palace security had not informed the rest of the guests, nor anyone else who did not need to know. Best not to spoil the event, the High President had thought.

    Marie seemed, paradoxically, in a much better mood ever since the kerfuffle. She was actually talking to the High President in a way one would expect one's wife to, rather than someone who's car tire you've just slashed. He had hoped that this marked the return to the days when they didn't argue every other night, where they actually enjoyed each others company. It had certainly seemed that way earlier, when Marie was using some of her makeup to cover the small cuts and bruises around the High President's face. There was no anger or frustration in her voice, unlike just a few days ago.

    The Solomons made their way over to the table, greeting their fellow guests cordially as they went. Looking down at the seating plan for dinner later on Marie had managed to "acquire", he realised who they would be sitting next to, a fact made even worse when they saw him sitting by a table. Covered in bird poo and what looked like soap, the Emperor of Empires himself was sitting awkwardly by himself. The High President and his wife gave each other a look.

    "Brave heart, Marie. We've still got a few hours before we have to sit with him."

  • The Corelian delegation arrived at the dinning room feeling like today would be a chance for them to mingle with the republic folk. 'At last normality aomngst the republics' remarked the Prime Minister, 'Hold your horse dear' said Dr Milios 'have you seen the seating chart?'. The Prime Minister walked up to the easel and joined the Count and the Kaiserin who were aghast. 'Whats wrong' the Prime Minster asked?', 'Look for yourself' the Kaiserin replied. The Prime Minister squinted and saw her name, her husband's name screamed a little and then blurted out 'no!! not him! why that bloody arrogant emperor sodd's bloody law, it was your fault Hanbeck you had to boo' she said with rage in her eyes at her beloved husband. 'Don't blame me Katrushka it was porbably sorted ages ago your government porbably pissed off our royal hosts somehow' Hanbeck said with disregard. 'The sheer bloody cheek of your Hanbeck just cos your not here in a state capacity, I could do with support' she said whilst smacking him curtly with her clutch bag. 'I'm sorry darling' Hanbeck said as he kissed the Prime Minister on the cheek 'You know I support you really, in fact youll make a fine Empress of Empires for Os Corelia one day' laughed Hanbeck. The Pirme Minister continuously smacked her Husband for his cheek.

    The Count and Kaiserin ushered themselves away form the domestic and the Kaiserin approached High President Solomon who she had met on delegationary visits. 'High President what a wonderful pleasure to see you here...'

  • "Ah, Kaiserin. And of course the Count. Its nice to see familiar faces. I must say, its also nice to talk to someone who I don't have to call "your highness". I love all the royals here. Well", the High President glanced over at the Emperor of Empires, ...most of them anyway. But its a welcome change to speak to someone on a more equal footing, if you know what I mean."

    The High President plucked one of those cocktail sticks with the cheese and pickle that you only found at parties from a passing waiter's tray.

    "So what do you think about the seating plan for later?", the High President asked, not even bothering to conceal his disappointment with the arrangements. "Of all people, why do we have to be sat next to him! We must have done something to annoy the poles. Oh well, we can probably have a bit of fun with him." Solomon lowered his voice, "I sent my PA out into the town earlier on a special mission. I can confirm it was a success. Sitting in my room is an air horn, two cans of silly string and a taser. I'm quite looking forward to dinner, actually."

  • The Count let out a hearty laugh 'Well Mr High President it seems one is well prepared for the occasion. I plan on talking about issues I know that will annoy him as to how wonderful republics are and how monarchs have no relevance and the ilk. I'd watch otu for Dr Milios Katrushka's husband he probably has a whopee cussion and a back of jacks'

  • ((OOC: We are now going to be wrapping up the informal lunch. The next event will be the formal dinner.))

    After Queen Marlena performed her impromptu set with Prince Fryderyk, she allowed the Prince to continue about his own business, which he made to be the search for his sister. He hadn't seen Karolina around the lunch for a while...and neither did she see that Kyle Nyquist fellow. And he had yet to ask her what happened in her bedroom the night previous. He kept a mental list of things to question so that he would have plenty to "discuss" with the Princess.

    'Ladies and gentlemen,' said the Queen, glowing radiantly having felt that she, at the very least salvaged a good attempt by her children to ruin her lunch, _'I do believe it is time to allow everyone to get ready for the formal dinner later tonight. I do hope that my family get to see every one of you during the dinner. We tried to be accommodating to everyone's requests and subject matter of conversation...knowing that some would have been less than thrilled to be around most of the company here _(she said that last portion in the direction of the Corelians). We do, however, apologize if any awkward circumstances or predicaments arose. I would like to say that to those of you who I've had the pleasure of meeting, it has been an honour to meet such esteemed people. And, for those of you who I have not had the chance to meet yet, I hope that we will get to speak, even for a short moment in time. With that, I do believe that this lunch is over.'

  • Emperor Jules walked up to the empress of Poland, close enough to whisper in her ear.

    I would be very honored if our two esteemed countries could form an alliance, let me know something at the formal dinner. _whispered the emperor silently

    He now proceeded to back of, smile at the empress and walk away_