Commission XVII Nominations

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    Commission XVII Nominations

    Commission XVI is coming to a close and thus, we shall start the nomination process for the next commission. All those that are interested in running should please fill out the form below, and are welcome to add a short CV if they wish. As is traditional, I shall quote the words of our Returning Officer back in January 2011, who opened these nominations thus:

    "These elections are supposed to give our member-states fair representation in this region - if candidates cannot take it upon themselves to be active, then I in particular, question their ability and willingness to take part in a body who must be active, accountable and able. I do not wish to threaten nor scare, but I want, for once, our European Commission to consist of Commissioners who are active and who play a part in the region both on and off this forum.?


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    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Political Party Affiliation:

    Nominations begin now and end July 16th at this time (22:19 GMT).

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    Candidate Name: Eloise Murray
    Home Nation: Miraco
    Political Party Affiliation: ECL

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    Candidate Name: Susan Callaghan
    Home Nation: Halsberg
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

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    Candidate Name: Alenka, Duchess of Lithuania
    Home Nation: The Imperial Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: Independent

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    Candidate Name: Kaegan Hezterblatz
    Home Nation: Os Corelia
    Political Party Affiliation: ALDGE

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    Candidate Name: Eric Pickles
    Home Nation: The Commonwealth of Davishire
    Incumbent?: Yes
    Political Party Affiliation: Independant

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