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    Military finally decided on

    Milandia, 12-7-2014- After debating for over ten hours in the Milandian Parliament, the government finally came with a solution for the total absence of military units in Milandia. Government officials stated that a compromise had to be made, because even in the coalition there were disputes about the army's size. Eventually the coalition decided to not deploy every able man into service, but at least have an army relative to our empire's size and influence (so not very large).
    This is considered by many to be a victory over the pacifists, who are one of the smaller parties in the opposition but one of the most irascible, ironically, when the debate shifts to something to do with war.

    The debate is now shifting to something more important, but maybe a bit less exciting, the coucillor for the European Union. Officials however are keeping their mouthes rather tightly shut on the matter. We hope we can tell more about it in our next issue.

  • The Milandian Town Crier
    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    cabinet falls, elections are coming!

    Milandia, 17-7-2014- Grave news from the parliament, or very pleasant news if you wanted new elections, nevertheless, the cabinet is no more. This is because the two parties that were in the coalition couldn't reach an agreement as to wich party would send a councillor for the European Union. The PFM (Party for a Free Milandia) stated that they should be the ones to send a councillor, because the Prime Minister was leader of the MCP (Milandian Conservative Party). The MCP reasoned the just because of this, the councillor should be one of theirs, as it would be very confusing to have a prime minister from one party and a councillor from an other. Of course it didn't help that both parties are almost exactly equally big, MCP won the last elections with only a few votes.

    How optimistic are the former coalition parties and the former opposition parties about the upcoming elections? Well it is reasonable that both the PFM and the MCP will lose a few voters, altough probably (and for them hopefully) not to many. As for the opposition, the CCD (Catholic and Christian Democrats) believe that the people will turn to faith instead of reason, though it's unlikely, the SDU (Social-Democratic Union) also has high hopes eventhough they only got a relative few number of votes last election. The PPL (Party for Pacifist Liberals) may gain a few votes because of the unrest caused by the recent military debate, but they are expected to remain relatively small. Now for the big opposition parties, the PD (Progressive Democrates) will most likely grow, though how much is not to say, conversely, the MF (Milandian Federalists) will likely decreas in number, because it was the European Union wich caused the cabinet to fall.

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