The emperor commits the guard...

  • ooc: I presume that the polish summer ball is no longer going on so the emperor is back in his native country

    The emperor just arrived back from Poland he called the prime minister once he got from his plane He was very brief and did not exchange plesantries with the prime minister once the prime minister took the phone call

    Prime minister, the time has come, assemble the entire goverment in the senate now! said the emperor on a very sirious tone

    B-b-but my liege ** stuttered the prime minister
    Yelled the emperor

    Yes my liege replied the prime minister

    2 hours passed the entire goverment, local (execpt for city and provincial goverment) and national goverment were gathered in the senate awaiting the arrival of the emperor when he finally came troughhe went strait to the speaking place where everyone could see it, no ceremonial bullshit proceeded and he started his speech ofcourse aired live on all telivision and radio channels

    **Ministers, deputees, and other folk here today,

    I have gathered you all in here because I have a special message. You're incompetence almost strikes ME unconsience! This is unheard off! IT IS TRUELY A SCANDAL FOR OUR GLORIUS NATION!

    one side of you are always blabbering about war one side always about how to get more money into your pockets! YOU ALL NO LONGER REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! And thats why I am doing the following

    The one side that has been blabbering for war have given me the chance to do this. Under Groot Belgain law I am allowed to take command of the army under clasule 70 of that same law I'm ordering order 66 to imprison you all and get you to imperial court where you will face charges of High treason against my person and high treason against the will of the people! with risk of the deathpenalty!

    congratulations, you have made this country an absolute monarchy! **

    on the exact moment the emperor finished his speech the royal guard came in with a band playing the imperial tune ( ) to arrest the WHOLE goverment. some resisted arrest and got shot immidiatly and their corpses carried away to get throw upon a pile of dead ministers

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