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    Dear comrades and fellow members of the Socialist Workers' Party, my name is Aurora D?hler and I come from Left Alternative, the coalition of the left in the Grossdeutsches Reich. I have come here today before you to propose my candidacy for the General Secretariat of the Socialist Workers' Party.

    For a long time has this party been inactive. We need to push for a renewed voice, for renewed forces to fight for a leftist Europe. Since the demise of the Soviet Union we've had no members in the European Council and that's got to change. We must open ourselves a path towards high european institutions like the Council and the Commission. If you elect me as the general secretary of the SWP I'll do my best to achieve those objectives. The achievement of socialism in Europe depends on the survival of this party, and for that we must launch an assault on the institutional framework and assist in establishing socialist and communist parties around the Union.

  • As representative of the People's Union of Greens and Communists, I announce my parties and personal support for Comrade Aurora D?hler. She is right in the fact that this party has long be inactive in this great region of ours, we must work together towards the establishment of Communist and Socialist parties across the Union which has now been long dominated by the right-wing.

    She will also lead us towards the success in this goal, we will soon be able to return to the Council chambers from which we are so long absent, even the fascist European National Party has a council member, its time we do as well. As such I second and state announce again the support for Aurora D?hler's candidacy.

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    I'd like to thank the Prussian comrade for its suport. With the help from the Polish and Prussian council members which are members of this eurparty we can reach never before expected success. If any other fellow member of the politburo would like to say any words for or against my bid...

  • As representative of Nouvelle Picardie's State Socialist Party to the Socialist Workers' Party I would like to add my voice to that of my Prussian comrade in supporting Aurora D?hler for the General Secretariat. With D?hler's leadership I am sure that the revitalization of the PEL/SWP will continue and that the Left's influence will grow across the EU. Personally, and on behalf of my home party, I wish you the best of luck and offer such assistance as may advance our collective goals.

    Tupa Mujica

  • The Communist Party of Inimicus, small but determined, supports Aurora D?hler in her leadership bid.

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    Thanks a lot for your support comrades. I hope that we can work together in this politburo to lead our organisation forward for the progress of all of Europe and humanity.

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