A meeting in Europolis

  • A Belgain plane landed in europolis with a diplomat on board to meet the Prime minister and a deputy of Icholasen. As he arrived he went directly to meet them.

    Hello exellincies, I'm Jan bruyninkx diplomat of Groot-Belgie. I am sorry his highness the emperor could not meet you in person, he is unwilling to abandon his people in Antwerpen with these treats of genocide coming in from all corners.

  • The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister sat down behind flags of Icholasen, the European Union and Groot Belgi?. The room was old and oak with a large table with a rustic map of the European Union. Occasional gold plating on corners covered the chairs and table. It was very extravagant and a perfect place for discussions. The Prime Minister opened the talks:

    The only thing Icholasen asks is that the Emperor denounces all his power gained by this coup and abdicates to make it easier. This would have to be within the deadline of 48 hours which has now elapsed to 24. Would that be something the Belgian Emperor would be willing to do, Mr. Bruyninkx?

  • **As Belgain law states, under clasule 70, the same clasule he used to gain absolute power, also states that under peace time he can only hold that position for 6 months that is why it is so important peace is kept otherwise it can be held for the duration of the war, or it ends when he dies and there is a power vacuum. Which is also bad for the entire region.

    Until now he did everything perfectly legal, I see no reason why he should start doing everything illigal. He will give the power away after the election. But abdication? Even I don't see the reason why he would do that.

    About the deadline, there is nothing legal and was entirely subjective. This is not going to make it easy on our side of the story. If the invasion happens it will be a genocide and we will not allow us to be trampled by invading forces.**

  • It might be Legal in Belgian Law but not in Law of any normal Nation. If the Queen took power... Well... She wouldn't. But if she did she'd be shot or given the choice to abdicate. I think the Emperor should abdicate before the deadline and then the election will happen when organised. It's the Emperor's fault there will be a power vacuum because he has caused this whole situation.

  • Poland denounces the Belgian emperor and will take appropriate, strong action against his absolutist rule through force. This coup will not be tolerated by the Imperial Commonwealth.

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    **I would advise pushing the deadline further forward.

    Apart from that, I assume in the european union every country can form their respective laws in the democratic proces. Groot belgain laws were formed because of the democratic proces. What is happening now you could see as a safety mechanism. I have seen evidence of the corrupt goverment in actionit was right to dismiss the goverment and bring them to justice.

    Also you claim to be the defenders of democracy while you are trying to alter the democratic mechanisms of another country. You claim my emperor is a dictator while he is doing his job to preserve the democracy, you have no evidence to claim otherwise. You are trying to punish a person who is trying his best to preserve the stability of his country and the region, but it seems that you want war to happen for your gains. You clearly have something against my emperor. not only you but the whole region!

    It seems as this is all just a conspiracy about to bring my country down.**

  • You literally killed or jailed your own democratically elected government and installed yourself, not voted in as supreme leader. If that is democracy I don't want to live it.

    At that, the Prime Minister and the Deputy left and boarded their plane back to Icholasen, fed up and annoyed.

  • ooc: you were not talking to the emperor but to a diplomat