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    Government Announces Stern Position over Groot Belgian Crisis

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    Chancellor J?rgen Portner giving a very heated speech

    The Imperial Government under the advisement of the Kaiser and a variety of think-tank groups has announced its position over the Groot Belgian Crisis, which began when the Belgian Emperor Jules arrested the entirety of the civilian government and took absolute power of the state. Many European powers have taken hostile to passive aggressive stances against the Emperor, many have announced trade embargoes of some time. Some have not even ruled out military intervention, with the Duxburian Union stating if the Emperor didn't return civilian government and abdicate in 48 hours it would consider military invention as a very serious option.

    The Chancellor speaking for the government with support from the National Socialist Worker's Party and the UCD has announced trade sanctions against the landlocked country of Groot Belgie, which will most likely affect it more heavily then most other sanctions due to the small border that runs between Prussia and Groot Belgie. Chancellor Portner also announced the closing of the border, and the deportation of non-residential beglians, as well as Belgian diplomats.

    "We will be complete support of our fellow European allies in this deadly crisis. We want this to end as peacefully as humanly possible. But we will not sit around as the people of Groot Belgie have their political freedoms take away. This happened to Prussia long ago, and we will not allow it to happen to any other nation. If it comes down to it Prussia will join in a military intervention with the Empire of Groot Belgie and will allow foreign militaries a staging ground. This is a last resort option mind you, only a last resort. In the mean time we hope the Emperor of Groot Belgie will listen to the words of Europe and follow the course of peace, not hollow promises and possibly rigged committee" was the Chancellor's main statement followed by detailed answers to press questions,such as, the fact Belgian Business would be closed down, and business would be fined if dealing with Groot Belgie.

    The military has decided to declare alert readiness or AR, level 6. The most prepared readiness for conflict in many years. This has caused the Leftist People's Alliance to back out of the joint declaration against Groot Belgie but instead has called for the end to imperialistic moves by the European Powers. More information soon on this troubling event.

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    "It is still not over"

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    Imperial Land Forces patrolling the freshly created DMZ

    Emperor Jules of the "Empire" of Groot Belgie is now dead, but is this a good thing? Politicians and analysts alike have been debating the recent events, that reached an anticlimax which avoided war. Though it has created a power vacuum in Groot Belgie, virtually with no one in the government rumors have it that it is basic anarchy there. Only person that could be in power is the Emperor's nephew, Geert, who we know little to nothing about. In fact rumors have it that he is only a child at most. A possible child leading an unstable nation is likely to lead to more trouble.

    This all started when the Belgian Emperor committed suicide in order to avoid "shaming" his nation by signing an most certainly surrender document. The Emperor thought he would be fixing the mess which he started by assuming absolute power to fight "corruption" and then killing off his whole government. Instead analysts suggest he may have worsened the situation, by showing the instability in the Belgian nation it has lost even more of its credibility. Something which may not help with the still numerous embargoes still in place across the union.

    The Chancellor had this to say, "In an rather unusual string of events, the Emperor Jules is dead. This is something we should't rejoice at, the region apparently drove him to this decision. But we shouldn't dwell on this, we should focus on the victims of this crisis, the Belgian people. They now have a nation with no credibility, no government, corruption run a muck, and with instability that makes the old URE look tame. This is why after consultation with the Kaiser, we are refusing the recognize the new Emperor in Groot Belgie, we call for international organizations to conduct and monitor the vote, provide true fair trials for the supposed corruption, a referendum on the continuation on a monarchy which failed the people, and finally we are imposing a DMZ which runs among the border and is 3 kilometers in width. This area was already part of a national park, so no one will be displaced in the matter. We will also be allowing inimican troops to stay along the border to help us if the Belgian threat reemerges in a quick and decisive fashion. For the time being, the sanctions and travel bans will remain in place, "

    The new DMZ which will be coordinated with other coalition members, is to protect Prussian citizens against the Belgian instability. Many analysts worry about a possible civil war which may emerge in the state if the instability continues. Imperial Land Forces will be setting up the initial defenses later today, with new drafting to begin soon to make up for the new expenses.

    The Chancellor will also be traveling to Telum soon to negotiate with the Inimican Prime Minister over a variety of subjects, including trade and the new DMZ. More information to follow soon on the subject.

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    The Party Just Started

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    Party politics have been shaken up in the state, as the Leftest People's Alliance, and the Green Alternative after an apparent year long back door talks have formed the People's Union of Greens and Communists or PUCG. The apparent electoral coalition of the two parties is to take the best qualities which have attracted voters into one main party, that seems less anti-establishment or a single issue party. The party meanwhile also removed entirely ugly features of the parties, such as the Greens sole focus in many cases on the environment or gay rights, and the LPA's anti-monarchist stances which caused much frustration with the populace.

    The question everyone had when the news was announced earlier this evening by the two party leaders both new, and promised reforms(Though no one expect reforms this big), was if the Traffic Light Coalition was still alive and going? The answer was apparently no, since with this party merger, the PUCG will have in total 79 seats, enough for it and the USD to force a new coalition which would be much more left wing to govern the nation. Many analysts and politicians find the timing of the formation to be convenient for the USD, who while maintaining record highs in the opinion polls have been lagging behind due to the Freedom and Democracy Party's libertarian tendencies to stop new projects due to "monetary cost", that plus the fact the FDP has been plagued by scandals recently, such as embezzling from state funds, anti-imperial comments, sex scandals, and many more which have caused it to lose much of its base.

    In fact, many analysts expect that this will be the death of the FDP in the realm of it being relevant, with the election at the end of next year most analysts expect the FDP's base to head to the UCD or even the NWP. So a creation of a left wing party coalition, may just cause a far-right party to become even bigger. Though with a few court cases being brought against the NWP as to some of its platform only time will tell.

    Speaking of platforms, the new coalition being formed by the PUGC and the USD will be putting in many new social policies. Such as the general phase out of the death penalty, lowering the age of adulthood to 16, and starting the path towards free higher education across the Imperial Prussian State. Though, the coalition will first have to call votes to motion to remove the FDP ministers in place from their places and install the incoming PUGC and USD ministers. Though these may be blocked till Friday and if the worst happens, Monday. Though the vote on the Secretary of State for the European Union who also acts as the European Councillor were already set by the speaker for early tomorrow morning. Meaning the coalition has begun to set itself up.

    It is also expected that the PUGC will be in support of the recent DMZ and Groot Belgian decisions made by the government. While usually the PUGC base would be in a complete nay for any violent or interventionist option, the lack of civilized actions and the fact the Belgian State borders Prussia has caused it to make an exception. Though it will be weary about having more troops come in.

    In other news, Emperor Sebastian has congratulated the Polish Commonwealth on becoming a federal republic, and says it was their right to do so. He has invited the Polish Empress now to be President to Berlin for talks about relations.

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    Historic Vote On New European Union Councillor

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    New European Councillor Manfred Schnoor

    Today the Volksrat has voted on the new Prussian Councillor for the European Union, this was caused by the sudden coalition change due to the creation of the PUGC. Even though many analysts expect the new Councillor to be from the USD, they were wrong. In a historic vote for that of the whole union, the vote was 424 to 375, with the whole opposition voting against the nominee.

    So we would like to introduce, Manfred Schnoor of the PUGC, the first communist in the European Council in years. And if all goes well in the GDR, he will not be alone. Schnoor plans to bring a new series of fresh ideas to the council, and help make the Union more prosperous. Some rumors suggest in the next commission elections he will be running to be the first Prussian Commissioner. Though we will know that when the time comes.

    Schnoor is not a new face to politics, he actually was the Minister for Welfare when he was part of the USD ten years ago, but after he switched parties he was removed. After that he spent time in the Berlin City Council as leader of the LPA's majority. He later returned to the Volksrat four years ago in the latest election representing the Central Berlin District, he was an advocate of a united left for the Prussian State and campaigned for the LPA to renounce its anti-monarchist stance. Although he was seen at the PUGC formation conference, he didn't answer questions. Many believe it was because he had been not granted a high rank in the new party, although now it is due to the fact he was ill yesterday.

    He has already departed for Europolis just a few hours ago, and has already landed. His district will be having a byelection later next month to coincide with the Berlin City Council elections, with many watching to see how the PUGC as a group will before. More information to follow soon!

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    Big Votes!

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    Imperial Minister for Internal Affairs Oswald Baumhauer announcing the referendums

    The Imperial Government has announced a series of referendums scheduled for this Friday that will all of which contain heavy reforms. Many of these have been pressured for months by various political forces, left and right. Though due to the Imperial Basic Laws which require Imperial Signatures for any law to be put to ballot. This resulted in months before Emperor Sebastian finally signed them due to an apparent bureaucratic overlaps. Though most citizens assume it is due to the general political apathy of the new Emperor who is only 24. This is a complete opposite of his father and grandfather who took great strides to control the political climate of the nation in order to avoid conflict.

    The assumed Emperor's political apathy has caused a rise in anti-monarchists, with a new high of 23% that rose 6 percent from this time last year. It has also caused a dangerous small amount of time for campaigning, due to the nature of attempting to cost electoral funds the Ministry had to schedule the referendums to coincide with local elections for townships and rural districts. Minister Baumhauer was quoted as saying, "Had the necessary steps been completed months ago by the political mess that forms the Imperial Offices of the Emperor, there could have been proper time for campaigning. But no, we have to campaign in 6 days in order to save our citizens millions in new electoral dates in order to help them in other aspects of their lives. Truly the bureaucracy has failed the people."

    Minister Baumhauer announced referendums on the introduction of a system of direct democracy, membership to the European Economic Area, Same-Sex Marriage, the formation of a federal state with the dissolution of the Imperial House of Lords as a plus, working towards the adoption of the Euro as a currency, and finally the direct election of the European Councillor. In total these are six different referendums, who all together will force various groups to vote for or against and as such influence the outcome of the other referendums in the end. Let us take a look at the various referendums.

    The first of the referendums, originally proposed by the Leftest People's Alliance, but now initiated by the PUGC is to put in place a system of direct democracy. The system work in a basic function that if.5% of the population in a three month signature sign a petition, the petition will be brought to a ballot and then voted on by the general populace. If the federal system is also passed, then the various states will also have to approve the petitions during the electoral period. The direct democracy system bypasses the Imperial Signature needed by all laws passed by the Reichstag, and thus making law making more in the peoples hand. Currently polling puts it at passing 67 yes, 23% no, 10% N/A.

    The second referendum, is membership to the European Economic Area or the EEA. The EEA is a free trade area among other things. Whose trade is worth trillions potentially towards Prussia. Politicians on all side of the spectrum have been calling for membership, but Imperial resentment towards the loss of sovereignty has caused the issue to be constantly pushed off. Currently polling stands at 76% Yes, 24% No.

    The third referendum is on the introduction of same-sex marriage, most surprisingly the referendum was brought to vote by mainly conservative and religious political groups such as the NWP and the UCD who wish to use the general upbeat question as a way to defeat the prospects for same-sex marriage. Which is considered immoral by these groups, but they will have competition. With civil and LGBT rights groups as taking up arms in this fight. This will most likely be the most fought over one, but there is a third option. The introduction of civil unions not marriage, which is favored by most of the populace. Currently polling is, 47%-Civil Unions, 34% Same- Sex Marriage, 19% No to both.

    The formation of an empire with devolved administrations in places such as Austria, Bavaria, Bremen etc. is the fourth referendum, with the recent republicanization of the Polish Commonwealth many see this as one of the pro- democracy reforms trying to limit the Emperor's power and drive the nation towards democracy.

    The fifth is the adoption of the Euro as the sole or joint Currency of Prussia, many just like the EEA support the measure and have been for years. But cultural and Imperial ties have stopped the options. Currently no polling has been done yet on the issue due to little public interest as of it.

    The last referendum is the direct election of the EuroCouncillor. Many see this as the best way for the people specifically to be represented, not the government or the Emperor specifically. Many on the right oppose the measure saying it will marginalize the rural areas from having the EuroCouncillor they believe should be in place, while the left calls it the democratic move. Currently it is a slamdunk for the elites for democracy, with 65% for Direct Election, 27% for No election, 8% for N/A.

    Imperial Government to announce new DMZ notices, as well as a statement on the No Fly Zone, Belgian election, among other topics. More information soon.

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    "We did no wrong,"

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    Chancellor J?rgen Portner responding to Polish economic threats

    The Imperial Government has announced that the No Fly Zone will no longer be seeing Prussian support starting tomorrow. Many see this as backing down to polish demands, others say it is only logical considering the situation is nearly resolved. The main force behind the polish threats though are the face Prussia and Poland are major trading partners and tourist destinations for each other, any sanction would hurt the economy of Prussia in a great way. Though the government still maintains its innocence in the matter, saying there was miscommunication as to the entire nature of the NFZ.

    The Imperial Government also announced the general withdrawal from the DMZ will be completed by the end of the month, with only partial forces remaining at the border to safe guard against potential instability in the Belgian State. "The DMZ did its job at safeguarding our people, we thank Marshall Konig for his service he will be given a medal or two for this I assure you. We may still keep the no travel restriction on our citizens but the trade embargoes will be removed a little bit over time." stated the Chancellor at a Press Conference.

    Lastly the Imperial Government expresses hope for the Belgian Elections today, though they have stated if the results seem to be rigged in any one way they were call for nullification. The Imperial government though still refuses to recognize Prince Geert as the heir until proper information has been given to governments around Europe, and will not be attending the coronation.

    More information as it develops.

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    Support for Marriage Equality Dwindles

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    Protesters at a "No to Both" Rally

    New polls are now showing the "No to Both" campaign gaining ground among potential voters, this is starting to cause worry among Pro-Marriage or the Pro-Union camps who are struggling to break into the much needed Islamic and Catholic bases. Political analysts suggest that the voter could be decided by less then a percentage at this rate. All this worry stems from the poll which says the Yes down from 47% to 42%, the Civil Union option to 30% from 34%, with the No campaign gaining over 9% to becoming 28%. It is believed either an under-sampling of more hard line religious citizens or oversampling in this poll caused the change.

    Though political analysts Eren Jager had this to say, "Oversampling or now, this will show how the hard line religious groups continue to be a force to be feared. They will be the deciding factor I believe, they have the most to loss if the Yes option gets put forward, so its no doubt these groups will see a very very large turnout to the polls Friday. This could derail the other campaigns, whose voters unless directly affected by the referendum will care less over the results, and as such not even show up to the polls or skip over the answer. But only time will tell how the situation will change."

    The news has caused different reactions among the campaigns, with excitement and joy from the UCD and NWP campaigns and sadness among the others. This demoralization might cause either a loss of faith in the campaign, or cause them to fight even harder, and while the Yes Campaign says they will fight harder, whether their volunteers do is another thing.And with only five days and 14% points to keep, they will need to stay concentrated, or work on a last resort option.

    This option, is the campaigning from both camps for the Civil Union option, which is the option the Imperial Government has officially sponsored for the time being. The problem with a duel campaign for this option is that those who want full equality will not bother to vote for it, and those who still dislike the idea of marriage or any partnership will still be wary of supporting it. Civil Union For Prussia spokesperson Laura Meser had this to say, "We believe we have the most realistic option for Prussia, this option will allow us to work towards full equality in the future while attempting to quiet down the religious right who are against it. It is the best compromise for the time being, and hopefully at least it is the one chosen."

    Meaning while, the Institution for Traditional Ideals and Values spokesperson Thomas Boxtel responded with the opposite, "Marriage is never meant to be a compromise, it is a right our to make sure our children are raised by both a Father and a Mother, this way they learn the world from two points of view and grow up as normally as possible. Religions around the world have long espoused the evil behind homosexuality, we should not and will not let this evil take one of the most holiest and priceless parts of our culture and society be changed and ripped apart any longer!"

    Needless to say, to get support for the No Campaign, they have brought in political superstars from across Europe to help support them, something the Yes campaign is desperately trying to copy. Among the superstars, Wilfred Cocx President of the UEC, Alenka former Duchess of Lithuania from Poland, and many more others.

    The other referendums remain relatively unchanged, and are not being fought hard over, the closet one to the political storm is the proposed change to a federal empire, with a Mixed Member Proportional system for the Volksrat system of elections. More information about other events to come soon.

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    Euro Problems and More Loses for Yes to Marriage

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    Pro-Marriage protester at a rally in Munich

    The political right is not uniting against another common threat, the Euro. They say the lack of stabilization in the Eurozone, as well as general organization and high standards is not for Prussia. They say Prussia has had a continuously stable currency, which should not be tampered with. Even though it is unlikely the right will win the Euro battle with an absolute majority, the Emperor has stated in regards to the Euro referendum, 60% must be met at the least for it to be truly democratic. This caused outrage by may politicians on the left who see it as a gift to the right, as well as limiting democracy in total. Current polling has the Euro at 57% yes, 33% no, 10% N/A.

    Chancellor Portner had this to say, "Prussia needs the Euro to become more politically integrated with the EU. It will also open up our markets to even more political investment, with have a stable economy, we have the capability to make sure the Euro remains stable, I plead for voters to look past tradition and look into Prussia's future."

    Opposition leader Karina Moser responded to this statement, "Our traditions are our future, the reason we shouldn't switch to the highly unpredictable stability, or organizational mess that is the euro is because we have no control over it. We will have a say yes, but control? No, Prussia's voice will be put down, we must have control over our own economy, and let the market show how the Euro will fail.Our traditions and culture are important and must be kept so."

    Meanwhile the polls for gay marriage continue to show a rise in the no vote, but this go around a rise in the civil unions as well. As may political commentators expected the final battle will be between civil unions and the No vote, though who will be the victor is the ultimate question. As both sides are trying to pull out all the political superstars, even those who are not the most like by Prussians. A good example from the Yes campaign is Prince Tommy of Icholasen.

    He was at a Pride Rally in Berlin when he released the following statement to the crowd of thousands,""So like, all those homophobes out there are just idiots, like being gay is the best experience on here! I mean there is a reason gay also means love, right? So let the gays get married? I mean I bet hell is fabulous, as well as the fact if you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay person!", even though not the most liked foreigner by Prussians he received a good response from the ground, though a group of protesters threw balloons filled with melted cheese at the Prince, they hit the prince dead on and were arrested for disorderly conduct. The Prince was taken to a nearby private hospital and is being treated.

    Meanwhile, a much more different politician, Earle Dubose from the Confederacy of Halsberg, he is a spiritual adviser for the Commonwealth of Golgosa. He was invited by the No campaign for his very useful oral arguments. "I received the call from the no to both campaign, and I just couldn't sit idly by. Thank the good Lord that my country does not have gay marriage, and I'm here to make sure that Prussia continues down this good and just path. We have to make sure that the sanctity of marriage remains undefiled, and that's why I'm proud to be here supporting the No campaign. Marriage is a holy part of the world, and must be kept that way at all costs".

    Current polling has it at 35% for Yes, 33% for Civil Unions, and 32% for No to Both. It will be a very close one, with much of the nation watching to see which way it will sway, but one thing for sure is that it will be wild ride. Though we should watch out for a new player, the AfP.

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    Who are the Alternative for Prussia?

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    AfP leader Marcellus Brant

    The referendums for this Friday have caused a number of reletively small parties to gain some spotlight. Though not as many as perhaps the Alternative for Prussia(AfP) who have managed to sky rocked and break through into the mainstream political scene. The party started off five years ago when the first of ascension talks to the EU began, and at the time managed to make a grassroots campaign to stop the joining of the Euro immediately which it worked. Now the party stands to gain from an actually divided left, and a chance to break through into the crumbling center in politics.

    The Alternative for Prussia even though having very socially conservative members, is actually for a meritocracy and libertarian based society, much like that of the People's Center Party in GTA, or the Pan-Duxburian party in the Duxburian Union. Though it has made it self an anti-establishment party and as the name suggests attempt to provide an alternative to the current government and parties in general. While its main threat is to the UCD who is already losing more libertarian minded voters to the AfP, it also threatens to use the current divided voters in the left to pull out victories in first past the post town councils and in the Berlin City Assembly of which current polls give it a possible second place with two City Executives, only behind that of the UCD.

    And this is happening in a city who has constantly voted in left wing governments for over 28 years now, this will cause most likely more voters to flood towards the AfP who might be able to show off their stuff in the Berlin government. The party is also using its libertarian and meritocrat ways to pull in voters who believe the government has become too large even by center-left standards to remain stable soon. The Alternative for Prussia wants to cut heavily on welfare spending, put some more into defense, abolish income taxes and various fines, and to put in a sales tax which will over time be limited only to non-necessities. They base this off the enormous success the Duxburian has and hopes to copy their success but editing the system to fit Prussia.

    The party though is most famous for its hatred of the Euro which it stands firmly against, it says the Euro will be a threat to more integration for Europe and says Prussia is fine on building up its own currency. The party also opts in for more democratic institutions for the country, it doesn't even proclaim a stance on the monarchy hinting a secret disdain for the new monarch. The party though does support a federal system, direct democracy, the EEC, civil unions since it believes the country will need a phase into Gay Marriage and that it should be left up to the potential Lander, and is greatly in favor of direct elections of the Euro Councillor.

    With the current polling for support of the AfP its leader, Marcellus Brant had this to say, "The tide is changing in Prussia, the people do not wish for this dictatorship of the left, and the incompentce of the the right to keep going. The people want a society that remains to its traditions while attempting to encourage people to find success on their own without the government giving handouts, the people want a nation which is democratic and will be a benchmark for the world as a whole, the people want to keep their currency while still joining in the major trade agreements. What the people just really want is an alternative to what we have now."

    Current polling as gay marriage at 33% Yes, 37% Civil Unions, and 30% no. Current Euro polling is 45% yes, 45% no, 10% N/A. Rest of the polls have shown no dramatic change as of the their original positions. More information to follow.

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    Last Day For Campaigning

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    Protester at the Berlin Pride Rally

    Today is the last day for campaigning for the various referendums, which are all set for tomorrow as their election date. Some closer then others, but all important to the future of our great nation. Some like the joining to the EEC are expected to pass without fail, but does like the Euro and Gay Marriage votes will be extremely close. So these campaigns have tried their hardest today to sway in last minute voters, but will it pan out? Many voters didn't like the fact some campaigns relied on foreign stars to relay their message every other day. Though it is unlikely it will affect the outcome in the end too much, and with many voters now dead set on their choice its time we look at the memorable speeches today by Europe's superstars.

    First up Maleeka Liszckoszi - Former Premier Commissioner/Countessa of Os Corelia - 'Marriage equality is a fundamental right for European citizens that being a right to equality in all circumstances and sexuality is part of who someone is not how they are different to societal norms. A country with marriage equality is a symbol of purest civilization'‏, she was extremely well received at the Berlin Pride Rally. This was expected though, due to the large love for Os Corelians, with 96% of Prussians having a good opinion of them. Even the current Premier Commissioner has an approval rating of 69%.

    Next is Renata Kligenberg, Poland-Lithuania (fashion designer with the famous haute couture boutique Renata, Etc. in Warsaw, Thurston, St. Regina, St. Dominico, Berlin, Munich, and Bonn)"Marriage is not something that is mutually exclusive to religion, but is a government issue that has ties to key economic rights and privileges. Denying same-sex couples that right is apprehensible for any government that considers itself democratic in any way. That is why I am here for the Yes campaign, to show that denying the right of marriage is wrong for any government, and that civil unions do not afford the same social and economic benefit to those couples who marry.", this comes in great contrast to another pole current Foreign Affairs Commissioner Alenka of Poland who fought for the No2Both campaign early in the week. Though she was also well received, due to her designs being the number one in Prussia.

    Finally we have Enoch Shaw's (former European Commissioner) speech for the #No2Both campaign:

    "Same-sex ?marriage? is a small, fringe issue that has caught the attention of liberal elites across our region. Don?t be under the illusion that it?s a consensus idea, or inevitable, or solely an issue of individual freedoms. Those ideas have been promoted by powerful liberal activists and their allies, who between them dominate European news media, popular culture, and high politics. In truth, the popular support base for this absurdity, same-sex ?marriage?, is astroturfed, and as polls show, is far from being the settled will of the people. It is not inevitable, but its proponents will be persistent and will just wait for us to give up ? don?t. And there are further questions beyond individual rights ? the implication for our vision of the family, of the meanings of words themselves, for example ? that we can?t lose sight of. The liberal activists are clever, and have tried their hardest to frame this debate in a way that paints themselves as saints and ourselves as evil ? we can?t let them get away with it. In truth, they are fighting a war against the dictionary. A vote against same-sex marriage is a vote for the sanctity of our language, let alone anything else."

    "Moreover, civil unions are not a moderate, balanced, long-term option. Rather, they are a stepping stone ? the arguments for them, of individual rights and equality and suchlike, are exactly the same as for same-sex ?marriage?. Today civil unions are a happy compromise and a paragon of equality. The day after they?re passed, if they are, they?ll become the miserable compromise and be painted as an apartheid-like affront to freedom and equality. They?re a trap. Don?t fall in. Vote no to both. Thank you very much.", he found support in Munich, where many of the Catholics held a Faith for God rally. He later campaigned door to door trying to gain last minute voters.

    As is tradition, the various party leaders did not comment or give one last speech, so we will have to wait for tomorrow to see the reactions to the final votes. Not all will be happy, but hopefully they will accept it for the good of the nation. Final exit polls have gay marriage at 34% Yes, 30% Civil Unions, 34% no, 2% N/A. It will be extremely close, with some predicting barely half a percentage to separate it.The Euro stands at 43% Yes, 48% yes, 9% N/A, it is expected the Euro will not be passed. The rest of the referendums are expected to pass with great public support.

    As for local elections in the 1678 Town and County Councils, the UCD and AfP are expected to have a technical tie with huge gains for both parties, while the USD and PUGC will see great losses to a now split left. Berlin itself will see a libertarian government most likely, and will not half a left wing government with a 2/3 majority for the first time in 28 years. There will also be five by-elections across the nation, currently polls suggest a AfP or UCD win. More information to follow, remember to vote tomorrow everyone!

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    To the polls!

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    At 7:30 AM, the polling stations across the nation opened up for local elections, and the various referendums. Current reports show a possible 65-80% voter turnout, a new record in contrast to record lows in previous years. Polling from voters exiting the voting station show a slight lead for gay marriage, and a solid No for the Euro. But we will not know until the results are announced at 11 PM this evening about how it truly went.

    This year is also interesting in the fact, the government is experiencing in many polling stations with electronic voting to see how it affects the voter's experience as well as possible glitches in tallying the votes. The government has said the best computer programmers created a firewall in order to protect against possible wireless hacking. The government is to release a report on the electronic voting, as well as the possibility of creating an E-democracy system for the nation, which worked very well with Pax Aurea.

    More information to be released later tonight! Polling stations close at 7:30 PM sharp!

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    The Results

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    The Imperial Minister for Internal Affairs has announced the results from the various referendums for the nation. Many came expected, but two were closely fought over and resulted in political forces coming into play. National and European. We here at the Imperial Gazette are allowed exclusive rights to release the results to our readers across the European Union and here in Prussia. Please note, any of these results are liable to be recounted in the coming days, though political negotiations may go into them before that happens. Let us see how our 11,836,149 voters voted(Blank and Illegal Votes no counted among the voters and results)!

    First referendum, that of the joining of the European Economic Community:

    7,965,728 (67.3%) voters for Yes: 3,610,025 (30.5%) for No: 260,395 (2.2%) for None of the Above; Proposal is past.

    Second referendum, which was originally to be the first but then later switched, the institution of a direct democracy system which emphasizes voter turnouts and involvement:

    10,179,088 (86%) for Yes: 1,479,519 (12.5%) for No: 177,542 (1.5%) for None of the above: Proposal is past.

    Third referendum, and the closet one, the granting of marriages to same-sex couples:

    4,083,471 (34.5%) for Yes: 3,586,53 (30.3%) for Civil Unions: 4,083,471 (34.5%) for No: 828,530 (.7%) for None of the above; Tie in voting, Chancellor will gather various political leaders to discuss a compromise. If he fails a recount will be order. He has two days.

    Fourth referendum is the formation of a devolved system,

    6,805,786 (57.5%) for Yes: 4,769,968 (40.3) for No: 260,395 (2.2%) for None of the Above; Proposal passed, creation of devolved administrations will be completed over the next few months to year.

    Fifth referendum, the beginning to transition of making the Euro the official currency of the Imperial Prussian State:

    5,586,662 (47.2%) for Yes: 5,989,091 (50.6%) for No: 260,395 (2.2%) for None of the Above; Proposal failed, the Thaler will be kept on as the official currency as the Prussia.

    The final referendum over the direct election of the European Councillor, which while a lax campaign did take place with moderate resistance:

    7,681,661 (64.9%) for Yes: 3,574,517 (30.2%) for No: 579,971 (4.9%) for None of the Above: Proposal past, European Councillor will have its first election most likely in January or whenever called by the Reichstag as a whole.

    As for the local elections, results are 32.6% UCD, 23.3% AfP, 15.2% PUGC, 21.5 for the USD, 8.4% for regional or minor parties. As for control for the town and county councils, those will be released Monday when all councils announce they have been sworn in. Of the five by-elections across the nation, all of which were former FDP, or USD seats, three went to the UCD, with two being won by the AfP. Berlin electoral results will be released tomorrow as is tradition. More information, and official party response tomorrow!

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Imperial Government Announces Sanctions Against Davishire

    user posted image
    Prussian Airport Security Services officer checking a suspected Davishire Citizen's laptop

    Chancellor Portner today joined with the Polish Republic in announcing a travel ban and sanctions against the government of Davishire for the policing of Polish claimed waters, as well as international waters. These sanctions come minutes after the Polish government released theirs, prompting some analysts to speculate about the other areas of cooperation between the Polish and Prussian governments. Especially that into organized crime groups suspected between the two states. The Imperial Government allowed the Reichstag to vote on the measures, both houses approved with the 2/3 majority needed, but the PUGC, and the FDP both did not support it.

    The measures included are subject to change over time and events:

    • Travel ban placed on Davishirian citizens, with Prussian citizens needing special authorization to enter Davishire from the Prussian Government
    • Assets freeze of any money from Davishire in Prussian banks.
    • The banning of any purchasing of government bonds in Davishire from Prussia
    • The cessation of any trade over land and sea between Prussia and Davishire
    • The cessation of any information technology purchases from companies based in Davishire
    • The banning of any establishment of the Government of Prussia in the Commonwealth of Davishire (including embassies, ambassadors, etc.)
    • The passage through or over Prussia of any car, train, truck, or plane from Davishire.

    Both the FDP and PUGC unlikely of allies teamed up against the rest of the Reichstag, they said the government should stop intervening in other nations foreign affairs and that the policing zones are of no matter to Prussia. Meanwhile the other parties countered that Prussia is obligated to stand by its long term ally, and that any problem externally of Poland is one of Prussia. Many analysts site voter bases as a potential for the splitting, the USD, UCD, NWP, AfP voters poll to be hardcore Polish supporters, many willing to enter illegal wars with poland if it does. While the PUGC and FDP have more non-interventionist bases, as well as the fact due to the recent complete failure in local elections the FDP is becoming extremely anti-establishment to hope to counter act it.

    Speaking of elections, in Berlin, the UCD and the AfP, have a coalition to run the city. With three of the cities Executive Commissioners being from the UCD, and two being from the AfP. They also hold jointly 17 of the cities 23 Councillors, which allows them to control the executive, while the PUGC and USD both have three Councillors each. The reason for this push into left wing territories, is the fact the USD and PUGC are splitting the left vote so bad that the AfP and UCD are able to use their joint effort to push left wings Councillors out. This also went into the fact, 987 of the 1678 Councils are now controlled by AfP, or UCD lead forces. Analysts already expect the election in January to see huge gains for the right, at the cost of the left, as well as the new European Councillor election being won by the AfP at current polls.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Imperial Government Announces Recognition of the Sahrawi Union

    user posted image
    Chancellor Portner announcing the recognition

    The Imperial Government, in conjuncture with the Reichstag has recognized the Sahrawi Union as its own independent state. This comes at a time when Prussia is at great odds with its northern neighbor Davishire, who has historically been against the Union. The Sahara incident could have easily caused the complete derailing of Commissioner Eric Pickles career, who was accused of being a representative of Davishire not the EU during his time as Internal Affairs commissioner. The motion to recognize the Sahara union was met with unanimous approval from the Reichstag, with large public support as well.

    "The Sahrawi Union now has an elected government, a population with 2-1 ratios who supported independence, and is attempting to function as its own state with hep from our good friends Inquista and Red Croatia. It only make logical sense we recognize the state as its own, and help it as much as we can on its way to becoming a stable working partner of the EU.

    We do stress though, that Marrakechia is still considered a friend to Prussia. This in no way is an attempt to hurt Marrakechia, but only an attempt to help the Sahrawi people on their way to governing themselves, for themselves, and to provide a peaceful future for all. We do however stress that no violence should be committed ever on any side. " reported the Chancellor during the press conference in which he also announced the plans for Same- Sex Marriage in Prussia.

    "The party leaders from all parities represented in the Reichstag have settled for a compromise in which, the federal imperial government will recognize all marriages performed in states in which they are allow. Meaning the states have the right to decide on no to both, civil unions, or to allow same- sex marriages. We will this will allow everyone a degree of happiness while still trying to bring equality. The state governments though also have the rights to recognize or not recognize out of state same- sex marriages. Though who knows how this will truly go, I have already word from my Justice Minister multiple cases against the crown on the constitutionality of same-sex marriages."

    The Chancellor also expressed outrage on how the Davishire house of commons acted when the sanctions were announced, saying laughter is not only an insult to the governments of Poland and Prussia, but to their people as well. Emperor Sebastian has already stated he will never go to Davishire due to the way they conduct themselves in a supposed professional setting. More information to follow.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Princess Victoria Comes Out

    user posted image
    Princess Victoria

    Princess Victoria, Duchess of Bavaria has come out as gay in a press conference organized by the Imperial Crown Services. The conference assumed it would be about a possible marriage with a polish businessman many have rumored about, instead she has shocked the political world by coming out of the closet so to speak. This is a first in the rather conservative royal family, who has historically been against the LGBT movement, and only let up due to the constantly changing political stream. In fact, Princess Victoria is the first major Prussian figure to come out, with some analysts saying her timing of coming out was so she didn't affect the way people voted in the recent referendum. This was theorized because Victoria has the highest approval rating of the Imperial Royal Family, averaging at 85% per poll, and recent polls just after the nation got wind of her sexuality show no relative difference.

    "I think because of Victoria's coming out, the political right is going to have to rethink its position on gay marriage and even civil unions at the very least. The Prussian people judge Victoria for who is, not what she does in the bedroom. I think this might breath a new life into the Prussian Social scene and create a generally more tolerant Prussian people. And if how the public wants it and Sebastian abdicates sometime soon, Victoria can just with a simple signature declare same-sex marriages allowed. Though the religious marriage that would be needed for her partner to be considered Empress Consort might be a tricky situation to take care of, but I know of some Catholic bishops, and a few Lutheran ones who would gladly allow a religious ceremony even if the rest of the religion doesn't like it," responded a political analyst.

    The partner the analyst was referring to, was Catherine Koziol, a polish immigrant who came from Warsaw to Berlin when she was 15. Little else is known about her, or even how she met Princess Victoria, all that we do know is she apparently work as a detective for a private firm. Which really does beg the question, how did these two meet? They come from fairly opposite worlds, with the times Victoria does leave the Imperial Palace a storm of reporters follow like locusts.That means Catherine came to the palace? But when? How? Why? So many questions, hopefully they will be answered in time, actually they will be since Prince Victoria also announced their wedding.

    "After a relationship of two years, me and Catherine have decided to marry. This is not in the intention to start some political storm, but so that we may have our love be recognized by the government. The City Council in Berlin has already voted to allow same-sex marriages so I do hope me and Catherine count as citizens of Berlin, which we actually do. As for the religious ceremony Imperial Law requires, I will be talking to various religious groups to view the best way to this. Hopefully something good comes out of this.

    As for specifics, the wedding probably will be held in October, with as many foreign delegations as they wish to come. Hopefully though, the day is just remembered as the day me and Catherine solidified our love. And yes, she will be marrying into the Falkenrath family. See ya later guys," announced Catherine at the press conference, either shocking the political world more. Though how the Princess will get around the Imperial law requiring Imperial Family members to have a religious marriage is still being looked into.

    In other news, the situation with Davishire continues as Davishire seems to be holding itself to a stonewall even with the sanctions. In fact Anti-Davishire sentiment has risen due to the House of Commons laughter, with many taking to the streets outside the Reichstag to protest Davishire. The Chancellor also announced the end of sanctions to Groot Belgie, with the Chancellor now willing to have an FTA with Groot Belgie to help it recover from the mess Emperor Jules left. There has also been announced by the Imperial Armed Forces, a general increase in personal, this follows the near trimonthly tradition of announcing the new military numbers added by compulsory military service enlistees. The Reichstag also passed a motion which would end all sanctions and travel bans against Davishire immediately after the Polish Republic does. More information to follow.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Chancellor Portner Announces His Resignation as Party Head and Chancellor

    user posted image
    Giving his last speech as Party President and Chancellor

    Today Chancellor Portner who has faithfully served our nation for fifteen long years has announced his resignation as Party President, and as Chancellor. He cited the decades old precedent for Prussian Chancellors who wish to retire to do so three months before the next elections as to allow their party successors some experience and to bring new life to the office. The Volksrat is expected to vote on the new Chancellor later tomorrow who is Deputy Party President of the USD, Rachel Enns, who many see as a reformer who will attempt to bring the USD more to the center to combat growing right wing movements.

    At the moment though, it seems that with new unemployment numbers showing that unemployment has dropped drastically over the last six months, from 8.87% down to 2.69% a drastic change which is now bringing up the USD's poll numbers. Though the same can not be said for their coalition partner the PUGC whose members are flocking to the USD who is stepping away from the growing extremism in the PUGC, as one political scientist put it, "The PUGC is attempting to copy the NWP, and the AfP who got their bases by playing some extremist cards, unfortunately their base isn't for that kind of change in so little time. To make matters worse with government policies which are left but generally pragmatist and centrist in play....any extreme change would cause an economic recession easily."

    Now who is this Rachel Enns? Rachel Enns is a relative new comer to the Prussian Political scene, she actual started out as a policy maker during the last conservative goverment in 1998 after receiving her masters in Political and Social Sciences. During the beginning years of the Portner government after evading the general removal of all conservative policymakers, Enns made a good impression on Portner and officially became an USD member in 2005. After that she was appointed as Minister of Health and Human services, this was her first ever political post since at the time she was not a part of the Volksrat. Then in the 2009 election she was elected to the Munich North District on the USD ticket, and instead of going back into government she decided to remain in the Volksrat and hold down the fort so to speak with the Speaker of the Volksrat.

    Enns has announced little since Portner made his announcement, but with the Chancellor to be elected tomorrow and appointed by the Emperor we will see more out of Enns most believe. It will be extremely interesting to see Prussia's first ever female Chancellor in power.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    First of the Generation I Nuclear Power Plants Open

    user posted image
    Berlin Nuclear Power Complex

    Today the Imperial Ministry for Internal affairs in conjunction with the Imperial Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has announced the opening of the first Imperial Nuclear Power Station. The complex located seventeen kilometers from Berlin, is known as the Berlin Nuclear Power Complex, which has been in the works for ten years. It is part of a series of nuclear power plants set to open before next year, called the Generation I nuclear stations. There are plans for four generations of nuclear power plants at the moment, with it set to expand over the next decade. By the end of this year, two more plants should be opened in Bremen and Munich. All of which planned, and coordinated with the Duxburian Union who have graciously helped Prussia in achieving nuclear power, only requesting 25% of the profits from all the stations, who are all owned by the state corporation PrussPower.

    The BNPC will provide 78% of the power for Berlin and its surrounding suburbs. It will be replacing various coal power plants, as well as replacing failed attempts at solar roadway sections that the previous USD-Green government in Berlin put in. As the nation looks towards civilian power in Berlin, Munich, and Bremen, the military will be installing nuclear power in cruisers as well as newly commissioned carriers. Many believe that this in preparation for a ENAA application later this year, which reportedly may have support from Halsberg and perhaps the DU.

    This newly discovered nuclear power just reached city providing energy levels, the Prussian Aerospace Command will have its first martian rover "Destiny landing in coming weeks"! Which will have a small nuclear reactor the size of few fists to power it day and night. The rover itself is huge, approximately one ton! The PAC also announced, that the first Prussian man in space will take place later next month, with a possible moon mission by the end of next year, while many critics are complaining about the costs, others see it as a way to raise Science and Mathematics standards across Prussia.

    Along with all these changes, the Prussian Military expanded over the last month, mainly focused in the Naval and Air Force departments, all of these moves were supported by Chancellor Enns saying they were needed to support Prussia's position on the world stage. The coalition partner the PUGC protested many of these developments, saying they were steps in the wrong direction. Many see this as a continued move to extremism as the PUGC's polls fall compared to other groups, with the USD taking votes. Many see the election as close, but can see a USD win that could result in the first single party government in over forty years in Prussia.

    More information to follow.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Attacks Confirmed in Bremen

    user posted image
    Chancellor Enns confirms report of attacks in Bremen

    Chancellor Enns confirmed late afternoon yesterday that there were attacks on the Imperial Palace of Bremen. She has yet to suggest actual causality rates, but officials speaking on the condition of secrecy have suggested over a 1,000 at most may be dead. Many were surprised at the attack, were some rumors circulating that Princess Victoria was at the Imperial Palace at the time of the attack. This rumor hasn't been confirmed.....or denied by the Imperial Government.

    Chancellor Enns had this to say, "Today is a great shame, we have had attacks in our great allies of the Polish Republic, and of Inimicus. Terrorism shall not be tolerated, especially when it is intentionally aimed at innocent civilians who have done nothing but live in their countries. My heart and that of the Emperor's goes out to the victims of these attacks, both domestic and those abroad. I will not say anything further as to incite more attacks, or impede an impending investigation into the matter. We will be conferring with regional allies over the matter."

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Prussia To Pull Out Of ANAN

    user posted image
    Marshall Boxtel

    The Ministry of Defense has announced that Prussia will be unilaterally pulling out of the Association of North Atlantic Nations due to a variety of reasons. Marshall Boxtel pointed out main reasons revolved around differences between member states (strongly hinted at Icholasen), the way the treaty limits Prussia's ability to negotiate treaties both economic and military with other states, and finally general ineffectiveness of the nation. In light of Prussia leaving the ANAN, Marshall Boxtel told the press that the Duxburian Union, Halsberg, the Western Sahara, Angleter, and Inimicus as nations of keen interest. Many analysts are attempting to understand the idea behind leaving the ANAN, though for the time being everyone is still focused on the terrorists attacks from this Tuesday. A report on the events is to be filed tomorrow as well as other information.

  • The Imperial Gazette

    Destiny Lands!

    user posted image
    A close up of one of Destiny's six wheels

    In a giant leap for the Prussian Aerospace Command, it has landed a rover on mars the size of a small car using a completely revolutionary landing design. The rover which is named Destiny, is a technological leap for the decade old agency. It's taken nearly nine months for the Oden probe to reach Mars on its way to Jupiter for a Europa mission, it launched Destiny when it neared Mars by 10,000 kilometers. The project dubbed, "Old Edens", has been in partnership with the Duxburian Office of Extraterrestrial Affairs, as such, the Duxburians had rights to some of the instruments on Destiny.

    Project Old Edens has plans for a Europa drill mission to see if life really exists under the ice there, as well as measuring interplanetary radiation through the Radiation Assessment Detector of RAD. Which is measuring amounts throughout the solar system to see how much shielding humans would need to go to Mars. Project Old Edens also as plans for the capturing of asteroids to test to see how much of the building blocks of life are located on them. Old Edens, true mission is to assess the possibility of life currently, possible, or formerly in the solar system. It is to be followed, following a meeting with the Duxbruians, by Project New Edens which is to set up semi permanent settlements in areas across the solar system and manned landings on the Moon, Asteroids, Mars, Europa, and Titan.

    But staying closer to the present, Destiny will be aking samples in its area dubbed Wilhelm Crater before driving 6.6 miles to the nearby Banks Mountain for samples to judge past Martian environments and how they might have held life. If Mars had water in the past as has been proven, what other things did it include. Destiny is to be followed in the following months by the Athena Lander who will land near the poles and take samples who will be sent by the Earth for proper analyse. The future looks bright for Prussia as we look to the stars! Stay tuned for next month as we send the first man into space!

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