Inimician Incursion

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    One of the Inimician transport planes. This model, the Airbus A400M Atlas, was co-designed by Inimicus

    "Yeah, these are the most recent, high-quality, top-of-the-notch transports, sir. The Inimicians co-designed them.", Seargeant-Major Thomas Hughes said to his superior, who replied: "Then, they must be good, eh?".
    60,000 Inimician soldiers and their equipment would be flown to various areas in the border zone between Prussia and Groot-Belgi? as soon as possible. Sixty planes will fly to Prussia twice every day, carrying 140 soldiers and their equipment each, which accumulates to 16,800 soldiers arriving in Prussia every day. This means it will take Just over 4 days to get the entire "First Inimician Expeditionary Force" to Prussia. By then, the invasion of Groot-Belgi? was most likely already begun, but there would be a substantial Inimician force to the north of the country anyway.

    Also, a force three times as large will be paradropped into the south of Groot-Belgi?. This will require nearly all of the Inimician transport planes to fly at the same time, making it the largest military operation in Inimician history.

    "We have 2,400 of these beasts at our disposal, sir", Hughes said. His commanding officer, a veteran from the 2nd Inimician-Rimrothian war, was exceptionally proud to lead the Inimician force again. He would soon see how this operation played out.

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    Following reports of the supposed death of Emperor Jules of Groot-Belgi?, Brigadier-General Lethbridge-Stewart, who was supposed to become commander of the Inimician forces in Groot-Belgi?, has announced the Inimician presense in the border zone between Prussia and Groot-Belgi? will be reduced from 60,000 to 5,000: "We feel Emperor Jules made a partially right decision: on the one hand, he has stepped down. On the other hand, though, he has killed himself. There was no need for something horrible like this. I find it exceptionally disgusting that he has done this on live television, but who am I to judge an other's traditions and values?
    We no longer see the need to invade the country in the direct future, but we do want to keep a military presence in the area, particularly to guard our ally the Prussian State. We have therefore agreed to maintain a military border guard presence of 5,000 men. Plans for further deployment have, for now, been cancelled."

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    "Yeah, another 15,000", Minister Lawson said over the phone to his Prussian counterpart, who had allowed more Inimician troops to be stationed near the DMZ, "Yes. Yes, it'll be alright. Thanks. Bye."
    Lawson then took a different phone in his hands and called Lethbridge-Stewart, the Brigadier-General who acted as commanding officer of all Inimician troops near the DMZ: "Alistair? Yes, Basil here. Any news on those 500 ISS?"
    500 Imperial Special Servicemen were to be deployed in Groot-Belgi? to aid the Davishirian cause in securing their crash site. This had to be done in the utmost secrecy, however. The five planes would depart from Prussia at the Davishirian officer's command. "All right. Just get them moving the moment this Davishirian bloke tells you to."

    (([[Please note that this is an IC secret until the forces actually deploy]]))

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    "Yes, Minister. I'll send the 1st and 2nd Artillery brigade, the 2nd and 3rd Armour and the 1st and 2nd Infantry. Yes. Alright, cheers. Bye", Lethbridge-Stewart said to the Minister of Defence. Stewart had been ordered to increase the Inimician presence in the Prussian Defensive Militarised Zone by another 25,000 soldiers. This will bring the total Inimician troop count to 45,500, including the Imperial Special Servicemen currently active under Davishirian command on the crash site of a Davishirian AWACS plane.
    Another call. "Lethbridge-Stewart. Ah, James, are you all right? Very good. You're drinkin tea with them right now? Oh, of course they have, those stubborn Belgians. Yeah, I heard it was a near-war encounter. Well, keep up the good work and thanks for the update, lieutenant Howard. Thanks. Bye".
    "...This will be far greater than our invasion of Rimroth. I hope it doesn't involve large Inimician death rates, but it will be worth it if we succeed...", Lethbridge-Stewart thought as he started into the flame of the candle lighting his tent, "...Groot-Belgi?'s in chaos. They haven't got a government and the miltiary has taken control of the airspace. We'll have to act in the name of European security. I hope the our main force will be able to land in the south of the country without many obstacles once it does kick off..."
    Another call. Even though he didn't want to, the Brigadier-General had to answer it:
    "Lethbridge-Stewart. Your Majesty, I'm honoured to speak to you. No, not yet. Yes, Your Majesty. Well, our total troop count, including the 500 ISS at the Davishirian crash site, will be raised to 45,500. If things do get serious, we will have a force of 200,000 landing in the south of the country by airlift. I hope it doesn't come to this, however we must wait for the actions of the Groot-Belgian authorities, whatever those may be at this point. No, Your Majesty, I just spoke to Lieutenant James Howard, and he said he, the Davishirian commander and the Groot-Belgian officer are currently having tea. Yes, I was worried, as well, but nothing has escalated. Thank you, Your Majesty. Good day".


    [[((IC secret except for coalition members!))]]

    Ground Forces

    • 1st Mechanised Infantry (5,000)

    • 2nd Mechanised Infantry (5,000)

    • 1st Motorised Infantry (5,000)

    • 2nd Motorised Infantry (5,000)

    • 1st Armour (5,000)

    • 2nd Armour (5,000)

    • 3rd Armour (5,000)

    • 1st Artillery (5,000)

    • 2nd Artillery (5,000)

    • 1st Imperial Special Service (500)

    • TOTAL: 45,500Additional Air Forces to be sent in:

    • 1st Fighter Brigade (30 craft, 400 servicemen)

    • 2nd Fighter Brigade (30, 400)

    • 3rd Fighter Brigade (30, 400)

    • 4th Fighter Brigage (30, 400)

    • 1st Fighter-Bomber Brigade (30, 400)

    • 1st Tanker Squad (30, 400)

    • 1st Bomber Bridage (30, 400)

    • 1st Strategic Bomber Brigade (30, 400)

    • 2nd Strategic Bomber Brigade (30, 400)

    • 3rd Strategic Bomber Brigade (30, 400)

    • TOTAL: 300 aircraft, 4,000 personnelThis brings the total Inimician presence in the DMZ to 49,500 soldiers and 300 aircraft.

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    "Alistair?", a very familiar-sounding voice said to the Brigadier-General.
    "Hmm?", Lethbridge-Stewart responded.
    "Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart", the man said, "How good to see you"
    The Brigadier-General immediately saluted: "Your Excellency!"

    Minister for Defence Basil Lawson visited the DMZ to inspect his troops and order the withdrawal of most of them, and he had not announced his visit as he wanted to see how "they really do it" in the army.

    "At ease, Brigadier-General.", Lawson said, "So, how's it going 'round here?"
    "Things are calming down, Your Excellency. Elections are due in Groot-Belgi?, and while we haven't got any confirmed data on their new Emperor, I believe he will provide a degree of stability"
    "And what of the 500 ISS at the Davishirian crash site?"
    "They will be returning home soon."
    The Minister smiled: "Good. I'm withdrawing half of our troops from the DMZ, as I, too, believe Groot-Belgi? is stabilising."
    "Fine judgement, Your Excellency. Get the boys home."
    "I want both 2nd Infantry Divisions,, the 2nd and 3rd Armour, the ISS and the 2nd Artillery out of here as soon as possible."
    "It will be done, Your Excellency. Shall we begin the inspection?"
    "Lead on, Alistair"

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