The madness of the emperor

  • Not the power but the deadthreads on his people, the failure of diplomatic talks, maddend the emperor deeply. He drove to the prison where the former goverment was held with his guard captive once there he talked with the governor of the prisonand commanded him to line the whole former goverment on the square within the prison bound to wooden poles. he and his guard walked right before the former goverment.

    **Well, ministers you call themselves you are a bunch of criminals! Some of you have been shot in your arrest.

    you've been awaiting trail ever since you've been here. Here you go, you all have been sentenced to death by gunfire.**

    The emperor commanded his guard to shoot the former goverment and so they did one by one the former goverment of Groot-Belgie died by a single gunshot. After this event the emperor went home to the palace and spoke for the last time to his people. this is also a broadcast on national television

    **Dear people of Groot-Belgie,

    this is the last time I will speak to you. I have a couple of things to say. the former goverment , those criminals have all been exicuted.

    I also would like to state in this short time we still have left, that I am not giving in to foreign pressure to lay down my crown by signing a piece of paper, that would be dishonorfull for the whole nation. I also don't want to start a war so this is what I am going to do. I am going to commit a harakiri with the sword of my ancestors to die and lay down the crown with honor.

    All goverment functions will continue to work after my dead, the sunday elections are still in place.
    For my crown that will be vacant in a couple of minutes My nephew, Geert will take it. after the elections he will be crowned the new emperor of Groot-Belgie

    Farewell my fathfull citizens, I will see you in the afterlife next to my ancestors.

    As he uttered his last words, the transmission to the televisionchannels went away.
    His final will made up and signed, he pulled out his ancestors sword and commited a harakiri in the palace

    OOC: I hope you're happy now, This is the final middle ground I could think of Jules is gone, a new emperor is there I hope we can all be happy now

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