A Great Expedition

  • (((IC Secret except to the governments of Duxburian Union, Inimicus , Rimroth and Imperial Prussia))

    The evening was late and the forces of Davishire had been ordered into forward positions both of the coast and also at the main Davishire air bases.

    An initial force of 50,000 men and 500 tanks were ready to launch from Airbases in Davishire, the total movement would take time but with over 90 aircraft carrying 150 men each it would take 24 hours for all men to move into position in Groot Belgie.

    Davishire forces would conduct an air assault from Davishire air fields as well as launching a ground invasion from the nearby Prussian State.

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    There was a naval force off the coast consisting several SSGN submarines and destroyers in order to provide missile support to the troops on the ground. The invasion was planned for the next day.

  • OOC; Just wait a second, Jules is no longer emperor of groot belgie, which means the terms hve been met with and you mobelise your troops? which means you're going to invade a country, make I presume about a million casualties just to find one corps?

  • It was late in the afternoon, the Prime Minister had been considering as to what to do for most of the day. However he finally made a decision. He picked up the phone and called the Secretary of State for Defence.

    "Secretary of State hello,"

    Hello Prime Minister, how can I help?"

    "The invasion of Groot Belgie is off, as I am sure you are aware that nutter of an emperor committed suicide so there will be no invasion"

    "I will call the troops home then"

    "No 7,500 plus support vehicles will remain in Imperial Prussia, we have agreed to assist them with the defence of the DMZ on their border with Groot Belgie. It will also provide us with the opportunity to respons fast should Groot Belgie fall into chaos"

    with that the Prime Minister hung up the phone. The Great expedition was over before it even begun.

  • IC Secret

    Brigadier Gallager was holding a briefing with the Prime Minister

    "By noon tomorrow we shall have 10,000 airborne troops, 80 tanks and hundreds of aircraft based in Prussia. This does not include the troops already based in Groot Belgie which number 2500"

    PM " So what about the no fly zone, what have I committed to?"

    "Well we shall be using the 120 fighter aircraft currently stationed in Prussia supported by coalition forces after 06:00 hrs tomorrow. Between 01:00 and 06:00 60 aircraft will be maintaining the zone on their own however that should be sufficient."

    PM- "well lets get this over as soon as possible. I hope that the government of Groot Belgie gets sorted or an invasion shall be a real possibility."

    "I shall contact you further tomorrow"

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