Emergency Bill - Condemnation of GB Coup

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    Presented by Count Kairos Jelesniak

    This bill comes with a sense of immediate rgency and I apologise for not placing it in traditional form. I ask the speaker to not amend it but rahter to go straight to voting due to its nature.

    Condemnation of Groot Belgian Coup

    This bill seeks to officially create a consensus within the European Council of condemnation towards the undemocratic actions of the Groot Belgian Emperor who has no respect for the dignity and rights of his citizens as accorded to them through their EU membership and the EU Constitution. We also seek to condemn the Emperor for his harming of citizens in carry out this coup.

    There is immediate threat that conflict could spill into Europolis being a b ordering nation, the home and bastion of European Democracy. I ask that members condemn these actions and have the EU Council form a position whereby the Emperor of Groot Belgie's coup based government is not recognised as legitimate.

    We the council believe that peace must be restored and democracy present for them to continue as a part of our community.

  • ooc: my eu commisioner is still in place.

    Dear baron,

    I don't know if you follow the news but the emperor is dead Imnicus has bee n retreating already

  • We will definitely support this bill. Even though Emperor Jules is now dead, we in Inimicus still condemn his dynasty for executing the entirety of a democratically elected government. Groot-Belgi? currently has no form of executive power whatsoever, so we will support this bill to the utmost. I also support the Os Corelian councillor's request for immediate voting.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Under the advisement of my government, we will be supporting this bill, Jules or no Jules. The nation has no government whatsoever as of now, the new emperor is going to be crowned after elections, but who can run the elections? I suggest we amend the bill to include that European Monitors who will conduct the election and announce the results.

    I also ask the Groot Belgian Councillor provide us some information on this new Emperor, there are rumors in my nation he is just a boy. And a boy in an unstable country already dangerous but also leading it is asking for trouble.

    Karola Beltz

  • Admin

    Howard S?nger took the floor to speak:

    In the name of the people of the Reich I will be supporting this bill. The suicide of the Emperor of Groot-Belgi? is simply another page in the book of this conflict which won't be solved as long as there is no democratically-elected government in the country. I also give my full support to the petition by Count Jelesniak for a direct voting of the bill.

  • I , as do the government of Davishire, fully support this proposal. The killing of a democratically elected government and then suicide is just madness. It is sad that in the 21st Century this happens and clearly shows the lack of civilisation in Groot Belgie. I also fully support the proposal to avoid the amendment phase.

  • I as the eu counsillor of the nation of groot-belgie would like to point out the hypocrisy by the eu nations, when Groot-Belgie offered commisions to be led by foreign nations they shot that plan but now they make commisions themselves

  • OOC- Am I correct you mean European Councillor, rather that commissioner?

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  • No one nation is being a hypocrit in regards to those commissions the Emperor Jules proposed, the nations of the Union felt they would just be disregarded, wouldn't get all the facts, and just plain lied to. No one wished to deal with that, but with no government in plain sight in Groot Belgie, unless the military has now taken over, the EU must ensure democracy.

  • The military has not taken over, they're simply doing their job. The police is still working and city goverments are all in place noone touched that! They are all still bound by our democratic made laws! even the militas that are still there are walking in line.

  • You still have no national government, the only one which can truly handle the issues plaguing your nation right now. Such as the Davishire Plane which was shot down in Groot Belgie, the only people who can respond according to you are the military meaning it won't go to well really, or some city council member who doesn't know the first thing about foreign affairs.

  • Diplomats eu councillor....

  • Oh yes, the EU Councillor who is currently in Europolis debating a bill condemning the actions of Emperor Jules. Though it is my mistake, I thought diplomats would be counted among the government, since they are appointed by the government among other things. But since we barely know anything going on in Groot Belgie at the moment, I am the only one who would make this mistake I believe.

    Now I am still waiting on some information about this new emperor, like said before there are rumors he is only a child.

  • Rumors created by you

    ooc: you refers to the coalition formed against me

  • OOC: These rumors are actually worries of the Prussian people RP wise, there is an unstable state right next to us, so we want to know what we can...


    Councillor, please do not avoid the question, the entire European Union wishes to know something about this new Emperor.

  • I'm not avioding the question, these rumors are not true, I don't know exactly why there is as much blabber going on about my nation as there is now. Do you really think it is good to fantasize things like this? even for your country.

    The prince will be crowned on Monday because it was the will of the emperor so the new goverment elected on sunday could do some modifications on certain laws concerning the monarchy and put them on the new emperor without having to have policcal dabate going on for ever

  • The reason there is so much talk about your nation right now, is the regional worry for its stability and its people. Now Councillor you are still avoiding the question, you answered that the rumors weren't true, or that about his coronation time. The latter of which I am no interested. So I ask you again, give us information such as life, personality, etc. about this new Emperor.

  • all questions will be answered in time. I could arrange a meeting in europolis with the prince

  • Admin

    We would like to know from Groot-Belgie's Councillor the age of the new Emperor, and if he is a child, reassurances that an appropriate Regent will fulfil his duties until he comes of age. The secrecy surrounding this new Emperor worries my government about the state of Groot-Belgie's politics during this transition period.

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