Disaster Room, Saint Regina

  • 31/07/14

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    The most important people in Icholasen have gathered. These include, Laverne Cox, Queen Anastasia, Ellen Page, John Prescott and Prince Tommy also some cabinet ministers.

    "I have gathered you all here to discuss Groot Belgi?. I'm sure John Prescott has a lot to talk about today but I will open. Groot Belgi? has caused a lot of problems in this nation. We almost declared war and we launched our military. This is embarrassing for our nation."

    John Prescott butted in, "This reminds me of that time when someone threw an egg and me and I punched them. Groot Belgie threw an egg and we must punch them."

    Ellen Page, after talking quietly for an hour finally was listened to: "We shouldn't do anything, the Emperor has gone and killed himself. I think Groot Belgie wants to stop now! and we should let them."

    Queen Anastasia politely added. "He killed his Government and for any monarch to take supreme power is wrong and should not be treated lightly. We must restore a monarchy but have it constitutionally monitored and the government having supreme power over the Monarch, like here in Icholasen.

    Prince Tommy concurred: "I agree, and we must go in by force. But we must wait for the international community's verdict. We cannot defeat them on our own. Our navy is strong but everything else is too weak.

    The talking went on all night but no verdict was reached. John Prescott was most loud and little, mousy Ellen Page was not.

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