A dispute litle Between Davishire and Groot-Belgie

  • Davishire did not contact Field-Marshal Fordring for permission to enter Groot-Belgain territory within half an hour the so called prisoner regiment (on horse back) came to the crash site. Not in Attack formation but still in marching formations.

    Upon reaching the crashsite Leftenant Vandenborre yelled


  • The Davishire Airborne Forces had halted the Groot Belgian cavalry 500m from the crash site itself after forming a perimeter of barbed wire and machine gun nests. All of the men were armed with live ammunition and had the latest equipment from stun grenades to smoke bombs and recce drones.

    The Commander Major Posen approached the commander of the Groot Belgian forces, however he stood behind the barricade. He shouted at the Groot Belgians

    "This area is temporarily under the Jurisdiction of His Majesties Armed Forces, any attempt to enter the area will be resisted with force if necessary. I now instruct you to move 100 metres from this barricade"

    The commander was nervous, the first 5 aircraft had only flown in 500 men, there was 4 more sorties to go before the force had reached full strength. As yet the men had no armour however the next sortie of aircraft, which was due in 8 minutes would deliver some much needed armoured vehicles.

    OOC- How many cavalrymen did you just send?

  • ooc: it's the whole regiment so 5000 and they are cavalery because you set the area as a remote area

    • They're created to do surprise attacks

    **You have NO right to be here. As I see it you are vastly outnumbered, either you call your goverment to give a phone call to the field marshal or be peacefully removed from the country. It's your choice major.


    as the leftenant was speaking some 250 men in the back (out of sight) dismounted and climed into trees in the forest with their sniper rifles

  • The major replied with a stern response,

    "I order you to move away from this area of military action will be taken against you"

  • Do you have the autority to speak for your goverment in foreign soil?

  • The Major looked puzzled,

    "Yes, I do suppose so"

    It was at that point the engines of the reinforcements could be heard approaching.

  • The leftanant dismounted and got his military phone then he walked closer to the perimeter while explaining

    **We are here to make sure you have asked permission to the field marshal in antwerpen or leave the country imidiatly.

    This phone has a direct line to him and I am willing to lend this to you to call him it's your choice. Bring war to the continent millions dead and a country in ruins or make this silly phone call. Whatever you chose the blood is on your hands if you make the wrong choice.**

  • The major stepped forward

    "I am not able to make that call, for I am a soldier and not a politician. It is the Prime Minister only who would have that authority. I am sorry I am unable to help you"

    The drone of the aircraft could be hear overhead the reinforcements were moments from leaving the aircraft.

  • Neither is the Field marshal a politician, ofcourse he will understand the situation it is clear that you are leading the operation here. Your prime minister doesn't have to know and the line is secure no hacker can touch this.

  • "Regretfully I do not have the authority to do so."

    Moments later the aircraft were overhead,

    user posted image

    d10 aircraft carrying a further 500 men and 10 Scimitar armoured vehicles. This would bring the total force up to 1000 men and 10 tanks. All of the soldiers were armed with the L85A2 Assault rifles alongside grenades, bayonets and pistols. The paratroops landed right on the dropzone and the aircraft carrying the tanks landed nearby under a heavy guard. The Aircraft are designed to make very short landings on unprepared surfaces.

    The extra troops joined the 500 already stationed around the perimeter and the tanks positioned themselves behind them. There was an additional 3 tanks directly in front of the Groot Belgian horses.

    It was at that point a formation of 9 typhoon fighter bomber jets flew over head, there were more in reserve in a holding position above Imperial Prussia. However all of the troops were being deployed direct from Davishire. Off the coast of Davishire the SSGN submarines of the Davishire navy were ready to provide missile support.

  • **Yes you have, just ask can we do the stuff were ordered to? and it's alright just the question needs to be asked. **

  • "No matter how much I would like to sir it is not possible. I do not have the authority to do so. I must go as I have to organise the investigation team many apologies."

    At this point further aircraft could be heard in the sky, the are was fully secure and there was little that could be done to retake the area.

    The investigation team had landed with the last wave of paratroops. BUt before the Major could speak more aircraft arrived

  • The leftenant got his revolver out and shot in the air


    ooc: I am getting pissed again, whats so hard about just asking it?

  • It was at that moment five Aibrus A400 Atlas transport planes flew over the crash site in close formation. Inimician flags were painted on the wings, and an Imperial standard on the tails. While the planes flew low over the crash site, paratrooper doors opened and dots, as black as night, were seen dropping from the planes. Parachutes soon unfolded and 500 Inimician soldiers of the Imperial Special Service (ISS) were deployed to the site. One of the five planes then broke loose from the formation and disappeared on the horizon as the other four continued in a straight line.
    While the 500 ISS rallied and started reporting to their warrant officers, the fifth plane came back around and, nearly touching the ground, dropped two tanks on a nearby field. These armour units started rolling towards the crash site the moment their crews were able to do so.

    user posted image

    Lieutenant James Howard, commanding officer of these troops, reported to his Davishirian superior: "Imperial Special Service reporting, sir. We have been delegated by His Majesty Emperor Artabanos to secure the crash site and make sure Davishirian investigators can get their facts straight."

  • OOC: now you are here to? what the hell are you thinking? MAKE THAT DAMN PHONECALL AND EVERYHING IS OKAY! JUST MAKE IT

  • The major gave a good salute.

    "Good afternoon sir, welcome to Groot Belgie. Now if your men could take up position on the southern sector of the perimter that would be great.

    "Now I cannot make that phonecall without authority from the Prime Minister. I shall at once go to my signaller and ask for permission to do so. But do not fire your weapon again or you will be fired upon!"

    OOC- A major doesn't have the authority. Just be patient.

    With that the Major and his inimican counterpart went to the command area which consisted of a shallow hole with a sandbag roof and wooden flooring.

    "Firstly Lieutenant, Groot Belgie has so far only sent the cavalry regiment you see here, I am sure our tanks would be able to deal with them. However as I am sure you are aware our main aim is to avoid violence. Now as the next senior officer I will make you my second in command.

    Another issue is how we are getting out of here. By this evening we shall have a total of 2500 men in this area. 10 of our C17s will take 1000 men in 1 sortie, the remainder will then be removed in a second sortie and then the final 500 and tanks removed in a third. Is it OK for your troops to return to Imperial Prussia in a Davishire aircraft?"

    Before the Inimican officer had a chance to reply the major turned to the investigators.

    "Ok you guys have 30 hours to collect evidence and examine the scene. The evacutation begins in 36 hours time so have all of the evidence you want to take home ready in 34. Is that clear?"

    The investigators nodded and got to work on the crash site.

  • You dare to welcome foreigners to MY country? AND TELL THAT SIGNALLER TO HURRY UP!

  • ooc: this is some further thing on my previous post

    Because all that I need is a phone call to the fieldmarshall and then we could talk about me helping out

  • It was getting very late in the day some hours after the initial exchange. The Major went up to the Groot Belgian officer who had by this time been welcomed into the camp and given a meal and drink of tea.

    "My Prime Minister has not yet replied. I will get back to you as soon as possible on that matter however in the mean time please stay for a light drink with myself and my Inimican colleage. Non-alcoholic of course. "

    Light was beginning to fade and in order to secure visability bright lights were placed facing out into the countryside and into the secure area so that investigations could continue. At this point there were 2500 men on the small camp and the size had been expanded to create a safe zone of 800 meters around the crash site. Large tents had been constructed to provide shelter for the men.

  • I Am sorry to tell you this, but We have our own drinks. the leftenant pointed at his backpack We have been in the wildernes for 2 full days now. we patroll this area in smaller groups than you see now we joined together for this event but the quite heavy packing is the reason we did arrive in marching formation and not in attack formation. said the leftenant in distrust

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