Groot Belgie No Fly Zone

  • Notice of No Fly Zone

    In association with coalition allies the Government of Davishire does formally declare the airspace over the nation of Groot Belgie a no fly zone for all aircraft effective at 01:00hrs GMT on the 2nd August 2014.

    The no flyzone shall operate until further notice is given and shall be enforced. Any non-permitted aircraft face the risk of being shot down by coalition military assets.

    The following exclusions apply,

    -Spacecraft over 100,000 ft
    -Military Aircraft from the Coalition Forces
    -Aircraft permitted by the Commander of Coalition Forces


    Brigadier Gallagher,
    Commander Davishire Forces Imperial Prussia

  • OOC: I'm very sorry to go ooc again but I find this very insulting

  • OOC- on the council thread earlier you stated that your miitary has taken control of the airspace. That can be considered a precurser for war. It is likely that the no fly zone will only last for a matter of days until stability is restored.

  • ooc: to my knowledge there is always a division between military and civilian airspace control towers, The reason why the airspace is controlled by the army is to have more monitoring power for attacks not to attack

  • OOC- BUt that is not what is stated. All that people have seen is the whole military takeover thing which is concerning.

  • OOC: Yh only because you insist on invading my territory without my permission and thats in the jurisdiction of the army

  • This is really the last straw give me back my airspace

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