RP thread for Groot Belgian No Fly Zone

  • IC Secret except for Imperial Prussia, Davishire, Inimicus and Rimroth

    Until 06:00 on the 2nd July Davishire Air Forces shall maintain the No Fly Zone

    then Effective 06:00 tomorrow Coalition forces shall maintain a no fly zone over Groot Belgie in order to ensure regional security.As decided the Davishire Commander Forces Prussia Daniel Gallagher shall be in command of the no fly zone. The following countries shall take part with Groot Belgie split into the following sectors as detailed the following air forces shall conduct anti-air operations in these areas.A

    Sector Alpha (North)- Davishire
    Sector Bravo (East)- Imperial Prussia
    Sector Charlie (south) - Inimicus
    Sector Delta (west)- Rimroth

    Air Forces are required to maintain a constant air presence with all aircraft based in Imperial Prussia. The Commonwealth of Davishire Air Force shall provide air to air tankers for refuelling when required.

    No Aircraft except for those from the air forces detailed are permitted to fly over Groot Belgian Airspace without permission from the Airspace Commander.

    This orders take effect until further notice.

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  • The fieldmarshal was still awaiting his PHONECALL peced back and forth, he made a phonecall himself to his airforce and told them

    **Anything unusual about the airspace? **

    the monitor said

    It seems that they are patrolling, sir

    the field marshall replied

    You have permission to redirect planes in a 10 km raduis of antwerpen, even sent planes out patrols on regular basis to monitor any ground activity

  • Five Inimician Hawker Harrier fighter jets were doing their first patrol round over the Inimician zone of the No Fly Zone. In this zone also lies the Groot-Belgian capital of Antwerpen, and even though the Belgians had said they would redirect any planes in a radius of 10 kilometres from their captial, the Inimician jets found it necesarry to patrol the Antwerpen airspace anyway.

    "Blue one to blue leader: let's hope they don't intervene", one of the five pilots said to the squad leader.
    "Blue leader to blue one: keep calm and carry on"

  • the control tower noticed unindentified aircraft coming close to the 10 kilometer zone

    We will ask this freindly once, please redirect your course now

  • Blue one contacted his superior about the warning.
    "We're no longer participating in the no-fly zone, Blue One. Get out of there"

    "Blue one to Blue squadron: abort, abort. We are returning to the DMZ"

  • The control towers noticed that they were leaving and simply said

    Thank you for coming and leaving again, have a nice day

  • As a result of Davishire forces pulling out of Groot Belgie this evening a no fly zone is no longer in effect as of 00:00 hrs tonight.

  • _as the no fly zone was about to end, this message was broadcasted _

    All foreign aircraft still being in GB's airspace Leave imidiatly!

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