Prussian- Davishire Military Meeting

  • Fort Bismark
    August 2nd
    1:06 Pm

    Marshall Konig was in his office, with the new Icholasen forces coming in, it was another busy day at the DMZ. There was pressure from Angetler to remove the No Fly Zone, with caused the DU to pull back on promises of aircraft for an invasion if it happens. Allies stick together, the Marshall understood that notion. The Marshall had also made an appointment to meet with the Commander of the No Fly Zone and the Davishire Forces in Prussia, they were going to have lunch together at 14:00 hours, a later lunch then usual but the circumstances forced the Marshall into saying it was the best time.

    The marshall checked his watch, a gift from the Emperor himself and got up to head to the Imperial Officer's Dining Hall, where he had his own dining room that was being catered for by the staff. Since the Commander made no preference for food, the Marshall ordered two salads, two steaks medium rare, and then a variety of dessert options. Everything with coffee or tea to drink, it was going to be a pleasant meeting.

    The room was extremely ornate, the Imperial Armed Forces liked to dine in luxury if they were high enough officers, it was an old tradition. Everything was of some kind of wood which was cut in the Bavarian Forests, or the Black Forest the two main timber sites in Prussia. So they looked absolutely amazing.

    Once he sat down, the Marshall waited for the Davishire Commander to join him, so that they could have a nice lunch.

  • Brigadier Gallagher was directed toward the dining room.

    The Brigadier gave a salute to his senior officer

    "Good afternoon Marshall, how are you doing?"

    The two men exchanged greetings and sat down. The Brigadier then spoke,

    "So Marshall you wanted so speak to me"

  • "At ease Brigadier, and thank you for asking. Considering everything going on I am fine, I guess.

    Now I wished to speak to you about the No Fly Zone which was established, some satellites have managed to take images of Antwerpen, unforetunately the No Fly Zone is not enforced there. This is due to the fact planes there are still able to fly, I wish for you to contact the Rimrothians in charge of that sector for them to remedy the situation....violently or peacefully.

    I also wish to know about the current mood among the Davishire Military and Government over a possible invasion, as well as your thoughts on the general withdrawl of the DMZ over the next months after the Belgian hopefully not rigged elections," asked the Marshall as one of the staff brought over their drinks for the lunch.

  • The Brigadier looked slightly shocked,

    "Well as far as I was aware the whole no fly zone was operating as planned. I will send off a few Davishire aircraft for today. I will then speak to the Rimrothian Commander here. In fact that will be top of my to do list, sir.

    The military and the government is fully supportive of the future of Groot Belgie, however we are also concerned with our own security and the security of our allies. Davishire was prepared for an invasion and we are ready to do still. I also believe that as long as the situation in Groot Belgie recovers Davishire would fully support the drawdown of the DMZ and Davishire would be prepared to provide forces up until your government declares they are not needed.

    Now whilst we are here sir, I need to bring up an issue. The troops located around our commander have been threatened on a level 1 provocation and shots have been fired. I thought I needed to inform you that we are considering removing the troops from groot belgie via land."

    The Brigadier put some sugar in his steaming hot tea, took a sip but burnt his tongue. He put it back on the table to cool.

  • The Marshall was sipping a bit of his coffee when he heard the news about the investigation team, his face widen with shock before he answered.

    "I will order Imperial Raptor Guards to help them back through the DMZ then, this situation from what you describe is tense. At least they didn't start the situation, but we may need to heighten it a bit. I feel we may need to reinforce the unit before they attempt to head back to Prussia. Fifteen miles in remote terrain they don't know would result for the chance of ambushes.

    With or without air support it isn't worth the lives, though we must be careful. The Belgian State is unstable at the moment, the military is trigger happy no doubt, any recommendations to remedy the situation Brigadier?"

  • "Well sir I agree it will be risky and an immediete reinforcement will be necessary for a withdraw by land however land escape is the only option. We cannot land aircraft when there are large numbers of enemy troops. We cannot stay in Groot Belgie we must leave purely for political reasons."

    Brigadier Gallagher took another sip of his tea by this point was not as hot

    "We can provide heavy air support for the withdrawl of our troops, we will be providing Helicopters to evacuate the top secret equipment and evidence from the crash. However like you said we will need to increase numbers significatnly to withdraw by land.

    I personally would move forward from Prussia with a reasonably large force. The Davishire/Inimican force would then meet half way. However again that would be risky because GB might see it as a full invasion. Or as you said we could significantly increase the size of the force before withdrawing it."

    The Brigadier took out a pack of 3 biscuits from his pocket and offered one to the Marshall before dipping one in his own tea,

    "I feel that we should get this issue finalised before we discuss about other issues, please give me your viewpoint"

  • The Marshall gladly accepted a biscuit, just as the staff brought over the salads for the men.

    "We may have to consider the unlikely possibility that we should work with the groot belgians, I remember reading from a Council transcript about a phone council the Belgian Councillor kept poking the Davishire Councillor with. Whoever is suppose to make this phone call should do it now, we may be able to rememdy the situation by working with the Belgians, it would save time, political standing, and possibly even lives."

  • "I understand the concern however the issue is currently with the Prime Minister. He is the only one with authority in Davishire however considering that troops are being withdrawn very soon there may be no point.

    I can confirm that Davishire has already agreed to work with Groot Belgie after this whole situation has died down however whether the Belgians will want to accept our help it is not known.

    You wanted to talk about a reduction in troop numbers"

  • "Have your men speak for the coalition forces then, that may be simpler and avoids the political mess.

    But yes, the Imperial Government has informed me of a general withdrawal of men along the DMZ for the month. Since the DMZ is given an expiration date of August 31st, I wished to inform the Davishire Forces so that they ca plan it carefully.

    Though I wish to ask you leave at least some men until the week before the DMZ is on the selves, so that the Belgians decide not to be funny with their new government."

  • "We are currently planning to begin withdrawl as soon as possible. As far as I am aware we are reducing our forces to 5000 men by Saturday 9th August folloed by a reduction to 2500 men by the 15th August and all forces withdrawn before the 20th August. I do believe that your government has already been informed and accepted our proposal."

    At that moment the phone the Brigadiers phone beeped

    "I am sorry sir, I must check this"

    The Brigadier smiled

    "It has been confirmed that the shot Groot Belgian Officer is going to live"

  • "Yes, I was just finishing up the paperwork for the general withdrawal. It is good to hear this DMZ won't be needed much longer, makes me feel like I did my job right.

    Now that is amazing to hear the Groot Belgian will live, let us just make sure things don't get any worse then they already have. "