A meeting in Mertz

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    Following the on-going crisis in Groot-Belgie the government of Miraco set up a meeting in Mertz to discuss possible options.

    The Miracan government officials are now waiting for the Groot-Belgian delegation to arrive.

  • the dimplomat Jan bruynikx was once again on the job and arrived in miraco to meet goverment officials there

    Hello, I am Jan bruyninkx I may speak on behalf of GB

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    Greeting Mr. Bruyninkx, it's a pleasure to have you with us here. Please have a seat. The Miracan officials take a seat in front of the Miraco flag, the EU flag and the Groot-Belgie flag. They delegates sit in a large conference room in Miraco's royal palace.

    Prime Minister Clermont opens the discussion by saying "We are aware of the unfortunate situation in Groot-Belgie and wish to resolve the crisis diplomatically. If you don't mind we wish to request a token of good faith to begin negotiation, specifically we wish to co-ordinate the transfer of non-Belgian EU citizens currently in Groot-Belgie, would you be able to authorise such a move?"

  • Jan took a seat and started speaking

    **If foreigners have not left by themselves or removed by their goverment I'm afraid there is nothing much that I can do about that because we lost control of our very own airspace because of coalition forces.

    I could make such a move but it would be more dangerous to transport them than keeping them in out But I assure you keeping citizens safe, Groot-Belgain or not is our biggest concern at the moment**

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    We've very pleased that you are willing to authorise such a move and will return to discuss possible solutions shortly. However we must ask you to tell us what is happening at the current moment in Groot-Belgie, at the moment is seems that there is hardly any press reporting the events.

  • **I can autorise such a move but it would be unwise, tommorow are the elections and the day after that is the crowning of the prince, as of now groot belgain troops are a bit clashing at a davishirian crash site, a plane crash site to be exact. I am sure nothing bad is happening.

    For the rest it is just businnes as usual**

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    I see. Well I am glad that things are "just business as usual", though we have heard reports of anarchy, would you care to comment on these reports?

    We would also like for you to inform us of any measures taken by the interim government to stabilise the situation.

  • [B]these reports came from foreign newspapers who have no oversight to the sitiation and there is no interim goverment

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    In regards to your elections, would you allow EU oversight to ensure that they are fair?

  • No nation of the eu is willing to step into commisions soI guess thats not a possibility

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    We wish to congratulate you on holding elections and hope for a quick recovery in Groot-Belgie. If you need anything from the government of Miraco, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • [B]Someone to be a representive of your nation to be on the coronation tommorow

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    We would be more than happy to have a representative of Miraco attend the coronation. Expect us to send our ambassador for the event. We thank you for joining us in Mertz and hope to collaborate with you in the future, hopefully under different circumstances.

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