Eurostar and Eurotunnel Plans

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    The United Kingdom of Icholasen and Miraco's Governments have decided to build a tunnel over the Channel between the UKoI and the European Continent. It has 5 Aims:

    1. To provide easy transport to Europe

    2. To provide fast transport to Europe

    3. To provide clean transport to Europe

    4. To encourage trade from Europe

    5. To encourage tourism to Europe

    Now begins the planning between Icholasen and Miraco government and business officials, they will decide where it will be built, how they will pay and where it will connect to.

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    The government of Miraco is incredibly delighted to be working alongside Icholasen.

    Though we have not yet finalised any plans yet, we wish to make some requests regarding the tunnel. We would like to dedicate parts of the tunnel for a high speed rail network which we can use for both commercial and passenger uses. We would also like to exclusively use green technology and to only hire from within the EU.

  • The high speed rail network will definitely be there as it should be quick travel. It is necessary that it is quicker than competitors in air and sea. It will be easy to build it with green energy as it could be either electric from clean sources or another clean provider. It will hopefully be a green alternative to ferries as they are not very good at being green. We hope to source all material from within the EU and contractors and investors are welcome to join these discussions. Icholasen wishes this to be from Commercial funding and for it to be ran by companies when it is built.

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    We would like for the Icholasen government to inform us of any routes they wish to use for the construction. On our end we propose the tunnel connects to the Mertz-Manaranche high-speed rail railway to make use of existing infrastructure.

  • If the tunnel was to leave from near Saint Regina there would be unlimited potential for routes to be used to connect it to the rest of Icholasen. We could also not limit it to the tunnel, we could build a direct high speed route to Europolis.

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    It would be great to establish a route to Europolis. Now let's discuss finances, the government of Miraco proposes deciding on a route for the first phase of construction and then conducting studies for an estimate and from there we set up a budget.

    If we wish to extend the railway to Europolis perhaps we can get some funding from the EU since it will benefit the entire region (at least for that section of the track).

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    Here is the proposed route, from Saint Regina to Miraco. That's the closest way. Now all to do is to get engineers to finalise the plans and then start work. It is estimated it will take 6 Months to complete with the EU throwing everything at it. It will be completed in February 2015.