Officialinvitation to the crowning of Prince Geert

  • As the crowning is in 2 days we would like to invite everyone to the coronation of his majesty Geert Van Tongelen

  • A Message to All Governments,

    A No Fly Zone is in operation over Groot Belgie and aircraft operating could be subject to lethal force. It is advised that you notify the Commander of GB Airspace prior to flying in.

    All permitted aircraft flying into Groot Belgie will be escorted by coalition aircraft. All those without permission face may face military countermeasures at worse or be escorted to Imperial Prussia at best.

    I am currently considering opening a corridor to the capital should foreign leaders with to attend. If I get enough people wishing to attend I as commander will do so.

    It is regretful that we are in such a situation.


    Brigadier D. Gallagher.
    Commander Groot Belgie Airspace