Commission XVII Agenda Meeting

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    As we begin Commission XVII I feel it due course to set out my agenda for what we wish to achieve in the next four months. Although it may be a short period of time I believe we can see a lot of improvement and I am confident I have the right people in the right offices around me to achieve these goals. It's going to be a bit of a slog but I want to see respect returned to office and marked achievements.

    Commissioner Pickles has been extremely proactive in contacting me for his agenda and I have tasked him to begin this session with a full audit of the EU budget. For this he will be extensively exploring the use of the funds granted in budget. This reassessment will then present evidence to a debate on surplus, something we can discuss once the report to council is made.

    Commissioner Callaghan has also stated her personal position on her role which I am glad to see. I wish to ask the commissioner to use her best judgement on her involvement in the existing regional conflicts and abandoned conflict zones. I Feel the personal agenda set is one of great strength and her initiative is very much why I felt her strongest for this role. Considering current conflicts I feel there is no better defence and peacekeeping facilitator to be at hand. I also ask her to give expertise and aid to councillors who wish to place bills around relevant issues. I also ask her to address councillors with a objective report of compiled opinion if a defence/peacekeeping related bill comes to the floor.

    Commissioner Lithuania is going to be our regional trail blazer and in the office of foreign affairs I ask her to begin a process of reaching out to various regions new and old friends and compile a report on what dealings exist between regions. I then ask her to facilitate and instigate inter-regional trade negotiations acting as a mediator on behalf of the council then bringing agreement to the council floor for examination though not make legislation for this. She will also curate a series of guest speakers from various regions.

    Commissioner Murray will be working closely with me to oversee the facilitations of everyday council activities. She will reside in chambers and I ask her to compile for every council bill (except Defence/Peacekeeping issues where Cmmr Calaghan will take lead) an assessment of arguments in each debate. She will also be asked to regularly meet with the speaker to aid facilitation of democracy and mentor councillors on how to put together new bills. She will also carry out her own assessment of issues and create think tank sessions in council to feed ideas for future legislation.

    I myself will oversee that the above is being instigated and will ceremonially sign off my approval of every bill passed as a validation of the democracy gone in to creating it. I will also be reaching out to national leaders to meet them to see how I can help facilitate an EU that recognises sovereignty and let them be a part of our processes.

    If these goals are achieved in a shorter time I will review and set a following agenda.

  • Colleagues,

    Can I just add to the Premier Commissioners remarks.

    I would like all Commissioners to report to me on their projected expenditure over the next financial year. I am especially interested to see information on your departments Operating Costs and details of salaries for all staff members in the department. I would also like information on the cost to process administrative work.

    If you have any questions please ask.

    Many thanks.

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    Can I request all outstanding reports as tasked by me be ready for this sunday at 10pm GMT Please PM if they cannot be completed for that date.

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