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    A Message to All Committee Leaders,

    I am currently conducting an audit into the budgets of all regional bodies. I therefore request that the following committees provide me with information about their finances for both years 2013/14 and 2014/15.

    Defence Affairs

    Internal Affairs
    Mass Media Committee

    Economic Affairs
    EU Patent Office

    I require the following information from each committee,

    Financial Year 2013/14

    -Actual Expenditure with details of how money was spent
    -Actual Surplus

    Financial Year 2014/15

    -Projected Expenditure and where it is projected money will be spent
    -Projected Surplus

    I would also like to be provided information on each the workload from each organisation.

    Can all information be provided to me [OOC-on this thread] before 19th August 2014. That provides you with 2 weeks to prepare the information.

    Many thanks,

    Rt Hon Commissioner Sir Eric Pickles CEDM
    Commissioner for Economics

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    The EACF has not yet spend any of the departmental funds but will shortly be resuming a project bidding process so we cannot project figures although expect ot meet our budgetary requirements. We expect oru budgetary funds to remain the same for next year (see budget for figure)

    Count Kairos Jelesniak

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    Dear Comissioner Pickles,

    Several Councillors have approached me about the audit and are unhappy with the face it is happening so quickly after the budget so we may have to abandon it. We have the following other priorities needed for your office:

    • A report on how to implement the concept of the European Central Bank as state din the constitution this will require reading and interpreting the constitutional remarks on it

    • An examination of the economic health of all EU nations including an identification of those with weak economies and offering them assistance creating trade agreements

    These need to be done.

    best wishes,
    Premier Hezterblatz

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