The coronation of Geert Van Tongelen

  • The coronation was about to happen and everything was ready to recieve everyone in the senate. the goverment was waiting for foreign ambassadors etc to arrive

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    The Miracan ambassador arrives and greets Groot-Belgian diplomats. "We are pleased to be here on this important day alongside the Groot-Belgian people" remarked the ambassador to his Groot-Belgian counterpart.

  • We are also pleased that you are here, If it is alright you will be led to a stage where a traditional "parade" will take place, which will be the first time the new emperor will be shown. What is going to happen can be quite shocking. it didn't happen with the coronation of Jules butit will take off again

    Said the belgain diplomat smilingly

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    It was getting later on in the day and the Junior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Fergus Williams MP was aboard his plane waiting to land. It was the first time that a minister from Davishire had attended Groot Belgie since the crisis of the crashed plane and the suicide of the older emperor and the no fly zone

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    The Minister had been issued with a dossier by the Foreign Secretary which informed him that he was to show that Davishire was prepared to work with Groot Belgie for the advantage of both nations.

    The plane was cleared to land...

  • The foreign minister was greeted a bit coldly, after all they entered with their military illigally. the same as the ambassador from Miraco

    **Hello there,

    If it is okay you will be led to a stage, where a traditional "parade will be held before the prince will be crowned emperor and I warn you it can be quite schoking**

    OOC: Everyone that will attend has arrived We can move forward with the rp

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    The Miracan ambassador was perplexed but agreed, "What do you mean when you say 'shocking'?" he asked.

  • The foreign minister had expected a cold welcome. Fergus seemed slightly concerned about why the ceremony was shocking but followed on hoping to see some Groot Belgian Culture.

  • I'm sure everything will turn out fine, it is just very unusual I'm sure you will enoy it _Said the diplomat smilingly

    Once arrived the group were led on a stage. The diplomat took 2 baskets of rotten tomatoes set there in preparations of the parade and gave one to the ambassador of Miraco and one to the foreign minister of Davishire and said_

    You may participate in the ceremony before the coronation. Said the diplomat while taking his own basket

  • The Junior Minister looked slightly very bemused, he didn't like the look of everyone holding rotten tomatoes. Especially when he was wearing a new suit.

    "What ceremony?"

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    The Mircan ambassador shared the junior minister's bemusement, "You don't think that they're going to pelt us with these tomatoes do you?"

  • The tomatoes are for throwing, but not at eachother you will see_said the diplomat while the sound of trumpets and drums became louder and louder

    then it became clear the royal escorte was passing ( ) a couple of meters behind that was anohter horseback rider from the escorte holding a rope were the other end was attatched to a man in white clearly already drenchend in rotten tomato fluid bound in shakles on his feet and hands

    The people gathered were cheering and continued to throw their tomatoes at the man without explaining the diplomat took a tomato and peletted it at that man and hit him right in the face._

    That man you see there where the people are throwing tomatoes at, any guesses who that is?

  • The Junior Minister gave a chuckle.

    "Eric Pickles? haha"

  • **No, he is not. That man over there is going to be crowned emperor ** _Proclamained the diplomat _

  • The Minister looked very bemused by this point.

    "Why are we pelting the emperor with tomatoes?"

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    "I concur, why are we pelting the emperor? Though truth be told it seems rather enjoyable" said the Miracan ambassador

  • **The very first of emperors wanted to walk in shackles on this very street behind the royal escort to his coronation in the senate as he said it would be humbling. some peasants confused him with a prisoner and started pelting him with tomatoes.

    Police wanted to arrest these peasants but the emperor tought it was a good idea and ever since the new emperor continued this tradition as it continues to grow as it is today where thousands of people are pelting at the new emperor. Execpt for Jules ofcourse who did not do it. **

    OOC: there seemed a bit of hate going on to my royal family because what happened so I came up with this today to reliefe the tension a bit smile.gif

  • ooc: I would like to continue to the oath please respond

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    The Miracan ambassador partakes in the parade and pelts the would-be Emperor with rotten tomatoes. "It appears we are nearing the end of the parade, will the emperor be sworn in after?"

  • Yes, he will sworn in after this parade, he will change clothes tough and wash up a bit.

    _after the parade ended the fellowship continued to the senate. where the oath would take place
    Everyone stood up when the emperor entered completly washed and in a changed attire. It wasn't much formality he directlytook his oath _

    Ik zweer dat ik de grondwet, en de wetten van het Belgische volk zal naleven 'slands onafhankelijkheid zal handhaven en het grondgebied ongeschonden bewaren

    he then continued in French And german.
    He was sworn in as emperor of GB.

    ooc see him here in action[B]

    translation: I swear that I will follow the constitution and the laws of the Belgain people, keep the countries independance and preserve the the territory unharmed

  • The Minister made a brief comment,

    "It is a very strange tradition, however it is an almost humbling one. It shows that the emperor is almost a truly a member of the people"