Withdrawal of Weselton from the European Union

  • An Official Statement Regarding the Withdrawal of the Federal Union of Weselton from the European Union

    Comissioners and Councillors,

    It has been the joint agreement of the Parliament of the Federal Union of Weselton and the Grand Duke of the Federal Union of Weselton to withdraw our membership from the European Union.

    It pains our state greatly to do this and the sole reason we are removing ourselves is not because of our enmity for our fellow member nations, of which we have none, but because we have been invited and have helped found another union known as the Norupean Union.

    Our government has already ratified its establishing constitution, the Treaty of Kiev, and we have entered into elections to their newly established Parliament. While we are aware that we can remain members of both unions, we feel we cannot adequately serve well in both regions and that conflicts of interest may happen, especially in cases were Norupean legislation conflicts with European legislation.

    For this reason alone, we wish to terminate our membership and we are aware fully of the precepts of the Constitution of the European Union and that we are bound not return in less than three months after our resignation. We apoligize for any inconvenience that this has caused, if any caused, and we do wish to keep relations and political ties with the EU members here.

    Thus, upon the activiation of our union's government structure, we will request that embassies be created with this region so as to further our ties. Thank you for time and adieu to you all. It has been an honor serving in the European Council.

    Issued by George Barringer, European Councillor Representing the Federal Union of Weselton

  • Admin

    Angleter is saddened by Weselton's decision to withdraw from the EU, but we wish the very best for its people. As for embassies, I believe I speak for the Council when I suggest that you, or the appropriate representative of your new region, approach the Foreign Affairs Commissioner when your region's structures are fully established.

  • It is with great sadness that the Commonwealth of Davishire sees your nations exit from the European Union. We do hope that your nation goes on to great things.

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