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  • My Countrymen and Fellow Europeans:

    The Polish Republic has today formally recognised the Sahwari Union as an independent state.

    The Sahwari Union declared independence on 19 July 2014. Poland respects the decision of the people of the Sahwari. Inquista and Halsberg have also indicated their recognition of the Sahwari Union?s new sovereignty, and a number of others are expected to do so soon.

    It has been a long and difficult road to peace for the Sahwari since the devastating conflict in the late 1980s. The European Union and Western Sahara Authority have worked tirelessly to assist in setting up self-governing institutions and to help the people of the Western Sahara rebuild their lives. Much remains to be done, and it is important that the international community continue efforts to bring about a lasting peaceful future for the Sahwari Union, Marrakechia and the region.

    Poland wishes the Government of the Sahwari Union well in the tasks ahead. Ensuring the rights and safety of minorities, as well as protection of cultural heritage sites, must be key priorities for the Sahwari. Poland strongly urges the leaders of the Sahwari and Marrakechia to demonstrate the resolve and political determination to settle their differences peacefully. Poland hopes the Marrakechian Government will continue to engage with European partners in the interests of stability and economic development of the region as a whole.

    Poland will soon consider the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Sahwari Union.


    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania

  • From Verrington, Duxburian Union

    My Dear Citizens of the Polish Republic,

    It saddens me that an agreement has not been met by Secretary Gulczynska and the Davishire delegation that arrived in Talinn yesterday.

    I have been briefed by the Secretary on her trip home from Talinn, and am preparing to take the following action:

    • I urge the Sejm to show strength yet sense when dealing with Davishire.

    • That until Davishire ceases its policing of the international waters of the Arctic Ocean, no agent of the Department of Foreign Affairs including the Secretary of Foreign Affairs will be meeting with them. That includes the return of the Davishire aircraft carrier to its own waters

    • I urge the Sejm to consider authorizing me to protect the Polish homeland with the scramble of our naval fleets.

    • That Secretary Gulczynska consult our allies in Halsberg and Prussia as well as the Government of Great Belgium in the dealings of our relationship with Davishire.

    • That the current sanctions and travel ban continue to stay in effect.

    If Davishire honour a simple request to return its ships to its own waters, peace can be restored. If Davishire does not, then Poland may view this as an act of provocation and consider all options.

    Thank you, and may the Polish Republic stay strong.

  • From Kiev, Ruthenia

    My Fellow Poles and Europeans,

    It has come to my attention that the Government of Davishire and its media continue to try and disprove the evidence that Secretary Gulczynska and several other sources have acquired regarding Davishire's policing of international waters.

    Let me state that the attempts to save face fool no one. No one believes this government, a government that has been so hasty to get involved in war from the Sahara crisis, the Belgian crisis, and its own previous actions that resulted in a blockade from the Duxburian Union. Credibility by the government in Sandford is at an all time low.

    The very fact that the irresponsible, reckless, deceitful government in Davishire continues to try and disprove Poland will get them nowhere. They requested sanctions to be removed. Poland does not remove sanctions for nothing. The ship that they have declared to be brought back for repairs is planned to go back to the Arctic. It is in direct violation of Poland's simple, peaceful request: cease the patrolling of the Arctic Ocean.

    I therefore announce that the government in Sandford has one last chance before Poland acts to protect its national interests. Take the ships and bring them back into port. Any more attempts to discredit Poland will also be viewed as a cover up, and will be treated as such. As President of this Republic, I have the ability to protect this nation with its military resources for 45 days before requesting the authority to use further force from the Sejm, and I will do so if provoked any further.

    If the Government of Davishire does not wish to engage in conflict with Poland, they will honour what is nothing more than a simple request. End the games.

    Thank you and may God protect the Polish Republic.


    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania

  • 14 August 2014
    Pałac Prezydencki
    Warsaw, Poland-Lithuania

    To the Citizens of the Polish Republic and Europe:

    I have received the words from Commissioner Callaghan and have given them great consideration. She speaks with someone who is working for the benefit of Europe, and I applaud her willingness to reach out to the Commonwealth of Davishire and the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania to begin the process of what is truly a Europe-wide series of tensions.

    I cannot, however, meet with Commissioner Callaghan. We have taken the steps of removing sanctions, but the trust that Davishire has damaged through its irresponsible actions, not only involving the Polish Republic, but other conflicts around the region.

    We do, however, hope that once trust as been regained by the citizens of Poland-Lithuania, that Davishire and Poland can come together and discuss a pathway to peace. However, Poland will, until further notice, guard its own interests. The military will remain on alert for further instructions and the ban on travel from Davishire and to Davishire remain in Poland.

    Any further requests for changes to the status of the Polish Republic will not be fielded.


    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania

  • 14 September 2014
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    My proud Polish citizens:

    Presidents will come to this chamber to report on the state of the union. Tonight, no such report is needed; it has already been delivered by the Polish people.

    We have seen the state of our union in the endurance of rescuers working past exhaustion.

    We've seen the unfurling of flags, the lighting of candles, the giving of blood, the saying of prayers in Polish, English, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian.

    We have seen the decency of a loving and giving people who have made the grief of strangers their own.

    My fellow citizens, for the last five days, the entire world has seen for itself the state of union, and it is strong.

    Tonight, we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom. Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution. Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.

    Great harm has been done to us. We have suffered great loss. And in our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment.

    Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of human freedom, the great achievement of our time and the great hope of every time, now depends on us.

    Our nation, this generation, will lift the dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will rally the world to this cause by our efforts, by our courage. We will not tire, we will not falter and we will not fail.

    It is my hope that in the months and years ahead life will return almost to normal. We'll go back to our lives and routines and that is good.

    Even grief recedes with time and grace.

    But our resolve must not pass. Each of us will remember what happened that day and to whom it happened. We will remember the moment the news came, where we were and what we were doing.

    Fellow citizens, we'll meet violence with patient justice, assured of the rightness of our cause and confident of the victories to come.

    In all that lies before us, may God grant us wisdom and may he watch over the Polish Republic.

    Spoken on the floor of the Sejm
    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Polish Republic

  • 20 September 2014
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    To Chancellor Meyer and the Governments of Os Corelia and Germany:

    We publicly agree to meet with the German Chancellor and the Corelian Viscount to discuss the extremely acrid and petty discourse that has gone on in the media in the last day, and the current state of Os Corelia, Germany and Poland-Lithuania.

    We applaud the Chancellor's efforts to ease the tensions that have unwillingly come between Corelia and Poland-Lithuania, and we look forward to travelling to Berlin.

  • 11 October 2014
    From the Presidential Plane

    I am on my way back from Berlin after securing a better understanding between Corelia and Poland and return to a world on fire. Bulgaria, Davishire, Groot many concerns on my plate, and so close to home. That is why I am returning and immediately asking the new Davishire prime minister, Mr. David Cameron, to Warsaw.

    As a neighbour, I am concerned and saddened by Sanford's need to act unilaterally in response to the crisis, and the unwillingness of the friends of Poland like Inimicus to want to jump into a military conflict. I urge everyone to let the European Court of Justice handle its case before we go on to a road of war and violence that we could not recover.

    I also look forward to hosting the Davishire Prime Minister in Warsaw.

  • 14 October 2014
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    To the Governments of Groot Belgie and Davishire,

    This constant quarrelling between your two nations has become damaging not only to your nations but the nations of Northern and Eastern Europe, and at this juncture, I would like to propose a meeting between your nations with Secretary Gulczynska as a moderator. This kind of meeting would be taking place in Europolis, on neutral ground, and should work towards repairing a broken relationship between the Belgian and Davishirian peoples and governments.

    From there, we can continue to build Northern European trust and cooperation, and cease the draconian foreign policies which have no place in the interconnected, 21st Century world.

    We look forward to seeing the leaders of your governments in Europolis.


    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Polish Republic

  • 26 December 2014

    From Telum, Inimicus:

    My fellow Europeans,

    We have had tragedy strike in the form of EMP attack on Great Belgium. We, in Poland, will not pick sides in the conflict but concern ourselves with the citizens of both nations as the conflict unfolds.

    Just as in Dromund Kaas, the citizens of Belgium have no electricity due to this tragedy and the Government of Davishire and my government will be working together to coordinate a humanitarian response.

    The matter is gravely serious and we hope that we may see peace after a breakdown in talks at Europolis. There is still time to resolve differences, and let diplomacy have a chance.

    Spoken at the Imperial Palace of Inimicus
    President Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Polish Republic

  • 27 December 2014
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    Citizens of the Polish Republic:

    Today, I authorize the use of the Polish military for all civilian operations in the Great Belgium and on the Polish border during this crisis. This will be necessary for the logistics of our nation, bordering Bulgaria and necessary for the people of Great Belgium.

    I also want to make a statement that Poland-Lithuania will remain neutral as long as it is possible to do so; however, if any developments crop up that require us to defend our national interests, we will not take any option off of the table.

  • 05 February 2015

    The Government of the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania support our neighbours in Davishire. We think it is well within its rights to protect itself from rogue persons who hide in a nation in which all form and structure has collapsed, descending it into anarchy.

    Furthermore, we view the actions of the organization known as Triclops to be both hypocritical and disappointing. We value our friends in Halsberg, Inimicus, and Inquista, but in this moment, they have gotten it wrong. This smacks of nothing but intervention against a nation that is not in the wrong. We call for this action to end immediately from all parties.

    We would also like to mediate a meeting between Davishire and those who feel their actions are not justified in Prussia. The meeting should take place in Europolis, but I urge the leaders of the Triclops nations and Davishire to reach out to each other and come up with productive talk and positive change.

    There is no need to alienate a member state and create a rogue state out of a nation that is neither rogue nor in the wrong at this juncture.

    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania

  • 15 February 2015
    Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    In regards to the Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Bucks:

    The Polish government continues to stand by the government in London, as it should not have to cease its own policy of national defence, something that no letter and no EU council can take away.

    We do not take Inquista, Inimicus, and unfortunately Halsberg seriously as their governments have yet to show they are peaceful in their intentions.

    At this time, our trading and travel policy with Halsberg, Inimicus, and Inquista will be changed as a result of this continued disagreement, including existing trade and movement deals. If these governments are willing to truly be leaders, then they would invite Davishire to the table instead of having council discussion where accusations are made.

    I would be more than happy to host these discussions, as this has truly been a difficult time for Poland and her foreign policy. I am left with no other option.


    Karolina Kligenberg
    President of the Polish Republic

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