Hearing in the Belgain senate for Davishire

  • The whole senate attended and was waiting for Junior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Fergus Williams MP to arrive in the senate after the coronation of the new emperor who also was present.

  • Fergus was nervous, he had only been appointed as the minister junior to the Secretary of State a couple of months ago and was a relative rookie.

    He was prepared for a grilling over what had happened and was hoping to come out of this without a lynching...

  • _As the minister from Davishire was led to the speaker pedistle the chairman of the senate senate bonked his wooden hammer on his desk to call for attention stood uo and said


    **By royal permission, I open this formal hearing of the senate ** he then continued to ring a bell , the hearing was formally opened

    The prime minister stood up and said

    You are here to discuss the events of the plane crash, your nation recklessly endengered Groot-Belgain safety, independance, regional stability by entering our territory illigally. would you explain yourself? Or is this, as the phonecall was, too difficult for you?

  • The Junior Minister read from a pre-prepared card for this question.

    "The past weeks have been a time of turmoil for both our countries as a result of the late Emperor Jules and his seizure of democracy and the murder of the former government of Groot Belgie.

    During this time an airborne early warning and command aircraft of the Royal Commonwealth Air Force did crash 15 miles from your border with Imperial Prussia. The cause is not yet known but is being investigated. This aircraft carried large amounts of sensitive data and equipment and the Government of Davishire felt it necessary to recover the equipment.

    With Groot Belgie in anarchy the Government of Davishire used military assets to secure the area to allow investigators to conduct evidence collection as well as to secure the senstive data and eqipment. Over a period of 3 days nearly 3000 Davishire Airborne Forces and Inimican Forces landed on Groot Belgian Soil. During this time there was non-lethal confrontation between Davishire and Inimican Forces and Belgian Forces. After the evidence was collected and returned to Davishire all Davishire and Inimican military assets left the area."

    With that the Minister took a sip of water, it was getting a bit hot in the room

  • mumbling could be heard all acros the senate

    still standing the prime minister replied

    **Nice speech minister but there were safety mechanisms keeping order in the country, no riots happened the people even sided with the decision of the previous Emperor to start these mechanism with the spontanous forming of militas to keep invading forces at bay if there would be such a thing.

    Let me ask you this question, the field marshal was able to give you permission to bring these forces on to our soil why did you not ask for permission?**

    at this point the new defence minister stood up and yelled


    Exept for the emperor, the prime minster and the chairman bursted out in applause and cheers in response the chairman hit his hammer on his deskthing hard and yelled


    ooc: tough the military was more prominent because of the things that happened, there was some kind of provisional goverment, the military was in charge of airspace etc etc the police was in charge of keeping the order (like always)....

  • The Minister said one sentence,

    "Davishire does NOT deal with dictatorships"

  • the prime minister repleid simply with

    The disrespect of the goverment of Davishire of other countries democratic formed laws suggests otherwise. Namely that Davishire wants to form 1 big european country under leadership of Eric pickles!

  • The Minister stood looked directly into the eyes of the Prime Minister

    "The Government of Davishire does not support the idea of a United States of Europe. I would also like to point out that the Commissioner for Economics is a representative of the peoples of Europe, not the Government of Davishire."

  • The emperor stood up and said one line

    I give you this advise Minister from Davishire, it would be wise you watch your words in these halls _after that said he sat back down

    the prime minister continued_

    Represent the peoples of Europe? What right does the govement of Davishire think they have to represent my people!

  • "I would like to point out that all commissioners, regardless what country they are from represent the people of the European Union. I will say again that the Commissioner for Economics does not represent the Government of Davishire and has not done so since he was elected to the office"

  • **We are going to our demands then, we are asking for repayment. these forest you fabricated a plane crash in are acient the damage you have done is estimated for a 750 million Francs, our military intervention needed to recieve no formal question for permission costed us 250.000 francs

    As an apology we ask for 249 750 000 Francs an apology letter from your goverment and her imidiat resignation.

    So to put it all in a row what we ask is:

    -1 billion Franks
    -An apology letter
    -the imidiate resignation of your goverment

  • The Junior Minister looked bemused,

    "The Government of Davishire will not accept unreasonable demands"

  • the prime minister was on the verge of breaking out in laughter

    First your goverment sends us a major leading an operation unable to ak for permission to even land here then they sent you unable to negotiate? And you and your goverment want to prove you are competent? Either you ar not taking us taken siriously or your incompentence is so high our demand for your goverment resignation is rightfully placed for the people of Davishire and the safety of the peoples of europe

    ooc: I expected you to negociate the terms for apology thats why I set them so high so the middleground would be decent enough to have a decent apology

  • The minister looked slightly annoyed,

    "It is less likely that we will negotiate if you refer to us as incompetent. Now here is what we are prepared to do in order to bring the situation to a closer normality

    1- The Secretary of State for Defence will apologise for shooting your officer
    2- All trade sanctions, travel bans and asset freezes will be cancelled."

  • We are willing to drop the resignation of your "goverment" if you add the 1 billion francs to the list and there are alos apologies for not asking permissions

  • "The very best, for you, my government will offer is damages of 100 million francs and an apology for the shooting of your officer. oh and the removal of all asset freezes and travel bans and other sanctions"

  • the minister of envirment stood up and said

    My department suffered 150 million Francs in damages. The other 600 million Francs were purely for current and future economic damages. I think the minister for economics and our prime minister could agree it would be best to settle somewhere between 100-150 million francs.

    as the minister of envoirment bowed over and whispered in the minister for Davishire his ear

    They do still want that apology of illigal entry, I advise you do that after all I'm sorry are just words, you could always do that the real politician you know

  • "Well that is the only offer that would be accepted by the Government of Davishire. We want to work with our neighbours not against them. Lets resolve the issue."

  • **You want to work with your neighbours you say? than why did your goverment order illigal entry? than why are you not willingly to cough up 150 million Francs? than why aren't you willingly to apologize for the liiglal entry than why did you shoot our officer? than why did you try to provoke war? ** said the prime minister bemused

  • "Any more rants towards me and I shall leave Prime Minister"