An Arctic Endeavour

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    Talinn, Estonian Province, Poland
    10 August 2014
    5:28 p.m.

    Mrs. Benedykta Gulczynska was not prepared for, despite how it was summer in most of Poland, it was still a very cold -4 Celsius on the Arctic Coast.

    "How does one live in this kind of environment?" Mrs. Gulczynska asked herself in the Mercedes that would serve as the second lead vehicle, taking the delegation from Davishire to their location.

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    The delegation from Davishire arrived in Talinn aboard an ageing Davishire Airce Force VC-10 aircraft. The weather was cold and this was felt by the Foreign Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister who had left Sandford which was basking in 25 degrees celsius.

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    The party were keen to come to an agreement over the current problems between Davishire and Poland and hoped that a compromise could be bought about.

  • Mrs. Gulczynska was much more terse than normal when meeting the Davishire delegation.

    "Welcome to Estonia, Mr. Brown," Mrs. Gulczynska said to Deputy Prime Minister. It had none of the warmth that most Poles have when greeting guests, but instead it was simply words that had to be said. "If you would kindly follow me, we will make our way to the meeting location."

    Mrs. Gulczynska returned to her vehicle, and the caravan drove from the airport, which was situated towards the Arctic Ocean and farther inland, which made it a little warmer by the time the party had to get out of the vehicle.

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    "This is Stenbocki Maja, or Stenbock House for the English speakers," Mrs. Gulczynska said to the Davishire delegation. "This used to be the home of the Lithuanian Grand Duke when he would come to this portion of the Baltic nations for hunting or fishing. This would also be the summer palace of Polish monarchs, since (as you can tell) the temperature rarely gets above 14 Celsius, compared to the warmer cities of Warsaw, Krakow, and Kiev in the summer."

    They made their way inside, and sat down at a well prepared meeting table.

    "So, I will be honest right away, Mr. Brown. Poland does not care for the irreverence of your House of Commons. It is not only an insult to the Sejm and our Federal Republic, but to the citizens of it. How dare your politicians make light of a situation which is absolutely unacceptable.

    "Your patrols violate the convention of international waters. You say that they are no one's and therefore free to do what you wish. However, that is not the case. They are free for people to use and move through. That is not an extension of Davishire's waters where you can simply patrol. It doesn't matter how many ships are present, it is against standard practice of international waters.

    "Furthermore, I think you underestimate how much Poland and Davishire actually trade as direct neighbours. If you think that there is very little trade between our nations, you are sorely mistaken. Trade negotiations have not taken place for trade deals, but nonetheless we trade and trade a great deal. I think you may be confused on that regard.

    "Now, would you like to begin our meeting?"

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    It was at this point the Foreign Secretary spoke,

    "Firstly I would like to address your concerns over what has been reported in the house of commons and the house erupting into laughter. I feel that erupting would be the wrong word because it is against convention to have mass laughter in the house. I would personally describe it as more of a chuckle from some members. It was most certainly not all members and was a minority but I admit it still did occur.

    Now onto the main issue at hand. I do dislike the word patrol. We don't have all of our destroyers continually patrolling the whole of international waters. Yes we hold large exercises in areas which are larger and much more deeper than our own area of sovereignty which every nation has a right to do, we also patrol Davishire fishing grounds to ensure that Davishire fisherman are only catching their allotted quota. We also use international waters to test our ships, as you can see with the new aircraft carrier which has deployed to the colder areas of the Arctic Circle out to the northwest. Piracy has in recent years been another problem, which Davishire tackled with advice from Os Corelia. So we use patrol vessels in our Exclusive economic zone to protect shipping that goes through the area.

    I would also like to point out that no country has ever bothered to complain about this, mostly because we do not go around ordering ships to return to port or regularly search them."

    It was at this point that the deputy Prime Minister spoke up,

    "On the issue of trade, I can say that we used to trade as direct neighbours. As a result of your sanctions we no longer do so which is regretful however might I say that it was not our decision to make a mountain out of a molehill. But I would like to stress that this will affect your businesses as well as ours so it is also within your interest to lift the sanctions."

  • "Mr. Foreign Secretary, let's make one thing clear: you have not presented Poland with evidence that pirating would take place in the Arctic Ocean, which I find hard to believe as the water is so cold that no sane person would want to stay in a boat all day waiting for a ship to come around so they can engage in piracy. That is utter lunacy. The water is freezing cold as you are getting closer to the North Pole and to the polar ice cap the farther north you go from Poland and Davishire. If you had come to the Polish government with information saying that people are engaging in piracy above our controlled waters, then WE will deal with it in conjunction with Davishire. Davishire is not the world police gallivanting off to stop piracy.

    "Second, your handling of international crises both as a Government and with Mr. Pickles as a Commissioner disturbed Poland greatly. The handling of the Sahara ruined the credibility of both your government, so forgive me if I have a hard time believing Davishire without hard facts. And let's not even get into the potential fabrication of the plane crash in Belgium to try and get involved in that nation.

    "Finally, the travel ban and sanctions are in place, and will not be removed until you cease from patrolling without consultation from the nations whom your patrolling operations directly affect. Your Goverment did say that we don't trade anything of value, so it should not affect your businesses or mine in the slightest."

    Mrs. Gulczynska said that while holding a copy of On The Other Hand...

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    Above you can see a map, the areas off the Davishire coast are areas where last year as was reported in the old paper "In Other News..." that piracy was taking place and several ships had been attacked. I do not see how that area of sea concerns your government as to whether or not Davishire conducts military operations. It is afterall off the coast of Davishire. You will also notice the circles area areas where training takes place. Both are far away from the coast with an area large enough for large mock battles and the like to take place. These occur 3 times per year with different elements of the navy.

    You will also notice the yellow boundaries, these are areas which the Davishire navy are not permitted to cross except when there is a need for a ship to make port with permission of a nations government and as you can see this does again go mostly no where near the border except where our border meets yours where we are of course permitted to conduct movements because it is Davishire territory. "

    The Deputy Prime Minister then continued,

    "Davishire does not patrol your waters, we if anything try to avoid your waters when naval vessels are moving around and if anything we try and avoid all territorial waters. Davishire does also not regularly patrol waters around the European Union and I invite you to provide me with proof of this.

    And I also why on earth would we fake a crash landing, killing our soldiers and airmen to start a war we did not want. If my government wanted a war then we would have conducted a full scale land invasion. We also would not have left Groot Belgie when we did"

  • "I do believe you fail to realize that your "yellow line zone" could potentially cut off Poland from the rest of Europe, as you are policing our only water lane.

    "If you cannot see that it is a problem to do that when it concerns Polish shipping, then we are further apart than I feared.

    "And I fail to see how this is proof that piracy was going on where Davishire is allowed to patrol. And your drawing of water borders without consultation of Poland or other European nations is irresponsible at best.

    "This is also not the same map that you have used to decide your zones before. ((OOC: I see you over there changing your maps conveniently. Knock it off.)) This further casts the Government of Davishire in bad light.

    "Poland simply will not remove any sanctions or movement bans until you cease ALL policing in the Arctic Ocean unilaterally. If you continue to ignore our request, we may have no choice but to engage the policing forces directly."

  • The foreign secretary was beginning to get frustrated. It did appear that he wasn't being listened to,

    "Maps change all the time, as does military strategy. ((OOC- I have had new maps ready for some time but haven't bothered to up date them. I think that once this is over I will be planning to do so pretty quickly)

    The yellow marking indicate lines where our ships, when they move generall do not cross. They do not "police" these zones and they are not international boundaries. All of the markings on the map are taken directly from a military map and are not international boundaries, merely boundaries that our captains use.

    Please read In Other News and you will see reports of Piracy last year."

  • "I would think that a government who is adamant that what they are doing is legal would not resort to having their accuser find the proof, but instead bring it to their attention upon first meeting them. I do not have proof that your actions aren't anything more than trying to advance your agenda. And your military strategy change has been a gross miscalculation on your part.

    "And my greater point is, again, at any point in time, Davishire could decide to enforce these drawn lines and cut Poland off in trade with the rest of Europe with the justification of piracy. That is our primary concern. Which is why we are requesting that you cease this action altogether and request from the governments potentially affected to engage in such activity. Polish naval forces have stayed in what we have declared our naval borders, and do not conduct exercises without approval from nearby nations, to avoid such an issue.

    "But maybe Davishire does not think that Poland, Icholasen, Miraco and Os Corelia warrant such warnings."

  • "Davishire is not planning to conduct military operations against any shipping. Like a said the yellow boundary means nothing except that it must not be crossed. In reality our forces are so far away from a country they are not even visible. Often hundreds of miles away from national borders. If however we were to approach national borders then we would inform neighbours. For example on the aircraft carrier, during its testing period it will not enter port, it will not cross the yellow line it will be no where near any nations borders.

    The lines drawn are not designed to be cut of points. They are merely naval transit routes where our ships pass, am I wrong Deputy Prime Minister?"

    "No you are not foreign secretary. I feel that it is most important that such an idea is accepted before we are able to move on. Currently I feel that our Polish counterpart is trying to find excuses to start a war and increase international tensions which is not wanted."

  • "Then, unfortunately, we have nothing left to discuss here. I have asked several times for you to cease, and yet you come up with excuses as to why it is not the action you are taking. And it is very ironic that Davishire is lecturing Poland on warmongering, considering the Icholasen-Duxburian issue that occurred, and the situation of Davishire naval forces deploying to Marrakechia.

    "The Polish offer stands on the table. Good afternoon, gentlemen."

    And with that, Mrs. Gulczynska left the room, returned to her vehicle and began her journey back to Warsaw.