Inimicus-Davishire Arms Deal

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    Possible Davishirian Purchase of Inimician Military Transport Aircraft

    The Military Advisor to the Minister for Defence and Nuclear Development, Lewis Brindley, was waiting for the plane that would carry the Minister for Armed Forces Procurement of Davishire, Rio Willerby, to Inimicus. The Minister would inspect Inimician Airbus A400M Atlas transport planes, co-designed by Inimicus and recently tested in action in the Groot-Belgi? crisis. Brindley had been contacted by the Davishirian Minister a couple of days ago: the Minister had shown interest in the Inimician planes, but had asked that some of the aircraft's parts be constructed in Davishire to reduce costs. After the inspection, Brindley was going to have to talk about this.

    The Minister's plane landed, and as the doors opened, Brindley greeted the Minister by shaking his hand. "Welcome to Inimicus, Mr Willerby. Please, follow me!"

  • As the aircrafts engines powered down the Minister had to speak slightly louder,

    "Good afternoon Mr Brindley. I am most grateful to finally be here."

    The Minister followed the advisor..

  • The two officials sat themselves in an open-topped Mercedes and, talking about the possible prospect of light rain, rode towards the opposite end of the Telum Imperial Aerodrome: Telum Military Air Centre. This Centre's runways are used by the Aerodrome at extremely busy hours, but is closed to the public at any other time. The TMAC, as it is often referred to, is the Empire's most advanced and large air force centre, and it is located usefully close to the nation's capital. It was here that Brindley had chosen to show the Davishirian Minister the full capabilities of the A400M Atlas planes.

    Since all Inimician forced had been withdrawn from the Defensive Military Zone in Prussia, all Atlas planes were available for the parade, although only a few dozen of the 2400 planes Inimicus used were present at the inspection.
    Slowly, the Mercedes made its way between two lines of Atlas planes, twelve on each side. "These are some of the planes used in Groot-Belgi?", Brindley said to his possible customer, "And these five", he pointed, "were the ones that assisted your forces at the crash site. You can see these crews have been awarded a Service Ribbon, which is placed right under the cockpit windows.

    The car turned right at the end of the line, towards an observation point overseeing one of the TMAC's runways. "Now let's see some in action", Brindley said. He looked as excited as a young child on Christmas morning.
    One of the A400Ms taxied to the runway and took off, followed by three more. They quickly disappeared on the horizon Nearly ten minutes later, three of the four planes had come around and flew over the runway at an altitude of 1 km. The planes popped smoke, red-black-purple, the colours of the Inimician flag, while the paratrooper doors opened and a few dozen paratroopers dropped to the ground. While they rallied in front of the observation stage, the fourth plane came around and flew extremely low over the runway, rear ramp down, and dropped a tank to the tarmac.

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    "So this is pretty much what happened at the Davishire crash site in Groot-Belgi?, except there were five planes, not four", Brindley explained. "And without the colours, obviously! Now, let's have a look at the details, shall we?"

    Brindley invited the Minister inside one of the planes, showing him the large carho hold, which could also be used as a cabin for troop transport, and the cockpit. "The A400M has a full glass cockpit (all information accessed through large colour screens) and as such represents a technological leap compared to the older C-130s and C-160s that many countries now operate.", Brindley boasted as he pointed to the large computer screens."

    Noticing the Minister had seen enough, Brindley said: "Now, let's get down to business.", and led the Minister to the Mercedes again. By now, the rain had started sprinkling down in tiny drops, and the roof was put on. The driver brought the two negotiators to a room inside the TMAC, where warm drinks were served. Inimician summers generally were not very warm, and the Inimician tradition of drinking coffee with nearly every meal and on nearly every occasion continued into the warmer months. "So, Minister. What did you think of the inspection?"

  • "that display was most impressive and considering the military service as a result of the issue in Groot Belgie, my government is most interested in buying some of the A400s. Numbering in the hundreds maybe more so that we can reduce the numbers of our C-130 and C-17 aircraft in terms of medium lift aircraft.

    now one thing that I would like to discuss is the construction of some parts taking place in Davishire. Parts such as the avionics and other electrical systems. This I feel would reduce the cost of the aircraft and would provide work for the Davishire aircraft industry. What would the possibility of that be?"

  • "Yes, in the short correspondence I had with you before this meeting we shortly discussed this matter, too. I said then that I would have to consult with the Minister and senior arms manufacturers about this, because the A400 is a very specific and detailed plane. This is still the case, and after having talked to the Inimician manufacturers about this, they said they would rather not have it, but if you could provide them with exactly the same systems as manufactured here in Inimicus, they would be open to the idea.

    The A400M's wings are primarily carbon fibre reinforced plastic. The eight-bladed Scimitar propeller is also made from a woven composite material. The aircraft is powered by four Europrop TP400-D6 engines rated at 8,250 kW (11,000 hp) each. The TP400-D6 engine is to be the most powerful turboprop engine in the West to enter operational use. One of the few propeller powered aircraft with swept wings, the turboprops provide an efficient cruise speed of 780 km/h which falls between the C-130 and the jet-powered C-17.

    The pair of propellers on each wing of the A400M turn in opposite directions, with the tips of the propellers advancing from above towards the midpoint between the two engines. This is in contrast to the overwhelming majority of multi-engine propeller driven aircraft where all propellers on the same wing turn in the same direction. The counter-rotation is achieved by the use of a gearbox fitted to two of the engines, and only the propeller turns the opposite direction; all four engines are identical and turn in the same direction which eliminates the need to have two different "handed" engines on stock for the same aircraft, which simplifies maintenance and supply costs. This configuration, dubbed DBE (Down Between Engines), allows the aircraft to produce more lift and lessens the torque and prop wash on each wing. It also reduces yaw in the event of an outboard engine failure.

    I would like to know which parts exactly Davishire would be able to construct. Remember that these parts have to be precisely the same as they would be if they were made in Inimicus, and that they have to be shipped to Inimicus to be constructed into the aircraft."

  • The Minister opened a dossier,

    "According to my sources companies in Davishire would like to construct and produce
    -Ramp exit door hydraulics
    -Altitude monitoring systems
    -Specialist radar equipment
    -Propeller Blades
    -Flight Control systems
    -flight data recorders
    and thurst control systems."

    The minister passed the document to his Inimican colleague.

  • Brindley took a quick look at the list, frowned, and said: "Because of the A400M's complex propeller structure and gearbox handling, I cannot permit the propeller blades or thrust control systems to be made elsewhere. I think, though, that ramp hydraulics, altimeters, radar and flight data recorders could be made in Davishire, as long as they meet the standard our builders desire. Flight control systems we would like to build ourselves, too.

    The cost of a fully Inimician-built A400M would be ?150 million. Deduct the costs of ramp hydraulics, altimeters, radars and FDRs, I believe we would come to a sum of ?135 million per plane. This excludes costs of flying Davishirian-built parts in to Inimicus to be placed into the aircraft, obviously, and fuel costs for flying the finished A400Ms to Davishire. I hope this is acceptable to your government. How many planes would you like to puchase?"

  • "Davishire would be prepared to collect the finished products, provide fuel for the flight to Davishire and the provision of parts out of the standard defence budget within Davishire. Would it be possible to reduce the total cost to ?130m if my government was to make a large order?"

  • "Well, you know, I was already being mild saying the production costs would be ?135 million, and we would not make a large profit with that price, so I'm afraid I can't go any lower. After all, Inimicus has to gain something from this deal, as well, and we were barely making a profit with the ?150 million price, let alone the ?135 million.

    How many planes would you like to purchase?"

  • The government of Davishire was planning to purchase 200 of the aircraft to replace 200 of our older C-130 C.4s which are currently in service. Over the course of 2 years."

  • "That seems like a very reasonable amount to me. We will have to discuss the details later, but let's come to conclusions and summarise the agreement.
    In short: Davishire will buy 200 Airbus A400M Atlas military transport planes from Inimicus over the course of the next two years. Davishire will provide the following parts:

    1. Ramp hydraulics
    2. Altimeters
    3. Radar equipment
    4. Flight data recordersTherefore, the price of one plane will be reduced from ?150 million to ?135 million. This will bring the total buying price to 200*135 = 27,000 million or 27 billion euros, excluding shipping costs for the Davishirian-built parts and fuel costs for transporting the bought plans to Davishire.

    Do we have an agreement, Mr Willerby? Do you have any further questions? Details will be filled in over the course of the next few weeks, of course."

  • "let me just make a phone call"

    The Minister walked over to the window and pulled out his Davishire government mobile Phone. It had automatic encryption and extra range than standard mobile phones. It also worked on military frequencies.

    "Prime Minister that will be 200 for 27 billion euros... haha thats 21 billion pounds steve... so its agreed... smashing...I will... bye bye Prime Minister"

    The Minister returned to the table to complete the deal

    "I have been authorised to make the deal for 27 billion euros over the next 2 years. Shall we discuss a payment plan or shall we leave that to the lawyers haha"

  • "Excellent!", Brindley said and gave a nod to his secretary. The man left the room and returned a few minutes later, some papers in his hands. He gave the papers to Brindley, who thanked him and said: "Here I have the agreement"


    For the Davishirian purchase of Inimician-built Airbus A400M Atlas aircraft

    The governments and militaries of the Empire of Inimicus and the Commonwealth of Davishire hereby agree to the following: that two hundred military transportation aircraft of the model Airbus A400M Atlas will be built by Inimicus and delivered to the military of Davishire in the coming two years. The following necesarry parts of the planes will be constructed by Davishire and transported to Inimicus to be built into the aircraft there:

    1. Parts for hydraulic movement of the rear ramp;
    2. Altimeters to be installed in the cockpits;
    3. Radar equipment;
    4. Flight data recorders
      The accepted price of the aircraft will be a hundred-and-thirty-five million Euros per plane, excluding parts built by Davishire and fuel costs. This amounts to twenty-seven billion Euros in total for the two hundred planes. Arrangements for payment will be made at a later date.

    After construction in Inimicus, the planes will be flown to Davishire at Davishire's costs.

    Signed, on behalf of the Empire of Inimicus and his Majesty Emperor Artabanos,

    Lewis Brindley, military advisor to the Minister for Defence of Inimicus, Basil Lawson

    "Now, if you would please sign here", Brindley said, passing his pen to the Davishirian Minister, "this will seal the agreement."

  • the minister leaned onto the table, writing neatly with black ink fountain pen

    On behalf of the Government of the Commonwealth of Davishire I, Rio Willerby, Minister for Armed Forces Procurement, I do sign this agreement.

    "There we go, thank you very much for all of your assistance."

  • Brindley stood up and shook the Minister's hand. "I'm very glad we have been able to come to agreement, Mr Willberby. I assume your duties in Davishire mean you cannot linger here for too long. I will see you out. Thank you, once more. We will keep in touch"

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