Renewed Negotiations

  • It was getting late in the afternoon when the representative from Poland arrived in Sandford. At this point the heatwave of the days before had disappeared and it was slightly cold at a mediocre 15 degrees celcius.

    The aircraft of the representative of Poland was approaching the Sandford Airbase before being taken to the Houses of Parliament where the foreign Secretary would meet with her.

    The plane was on approach and had been cleared to land...

  • Sandford, Davishire
    12 August 2014
    8:02 a.m.

    Secretary Gulczynska was slightly annoyed that she was once again travelling, but it was the job of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to negotiate on behalf of her government. The President had given her a go-ahead after learning that the Davishire aircraft carrier was turned around to Sandy Island.

    Her chartered flight on a small jet arrived in Sandford's airport and the vehicle that picked her up brought her to the Gothic-inspired Houses of Parliament.

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    "I'm glad to see that the Government has recalled their aircraft carrier. It is not necessary to discuss why or under what means that it was withdrawn, but it is a step in the right direction," said Secretary Gulczynska when she arrived at the Houses of Parliament. "Hopefully we can meet with some progress this time, Mr. Foreign Secretary."

  • "I also hope that we can make some form of agreement."

  • "I believe that we can.

    "I would first like to request that the governments in Sandford and Warsaw work much more closely to respond to threats to our obviously shared security on the Arctic Ocean. It is very clear that it is a vast body of water, and the more people casting more eyes over the situation, the better.

    "We can do so with a co-op between our navies and coast guards, and perhaps even establishing an Arctic Security Force that is cooperative between both Poland and Davishire.

    "Second, we would like to propose closer military communication between our nations, so that actions that either party takes cannot be misconstrued. This will be a huge step in improving Davishire's image in Poland and potentially across Europe. It will give us credibility and add to a greater Eastern European cooperation the likes of which the Union has not seen.

    Do those terms seem agreeable to the Foreign Secretary?"

  • I see where you are coming from however before we can come to an agreement you must withdraw all trade and movement sanctions against us.

  • We will if you agree to the proposed terms.

  • "The Sejm will simply not be able to go ahead with the change without anything from the Foreign Secretary."

  • "The development of some form of military treaty would require further meetings between our defence secretaries and ourselves. However I can provide a commitment to further security cooperation in the Arctic Ocean. We will for example provide Poland when we are conducting major deployments, i.e more than 1 or 2 ships in the Arctic Ocean. "

  • "To what exactly are you agreeing to with your suggestions, Mr. Foreign Secretary?"

  • I am committing to increasing military communication between Davishire and Poland. And I am agreeing in principle to the idea of working together and a military agreement however this would need to be hammered out at a seperate defence secretary meeting after the sanctions have been removed. "

  • "Then I will ask the speaker to bring the Sejm to an emergency meeting regarding the sanctions against your nation.

    "We will also meet at your convenience only if you continue to maintain no policing activities."

  • "I would like to reiterate that Davishire has never conducted policing activities outside of the Davishire Exclusive Economic Zone and especially not in your nations waters."

  • "Sir, that is no longer a decision that lies with me. The Sejm will decide the success of our discussion."

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