Arranged True Love at First Sight

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    Crown Prince Charles, Duke of Hanover

    Just outside of Icholasen Airspace
    August 11th
    3:42 PM

    Charles wasn't one to travel, he had only been to Poland a few times during his childhood, Inquista for the hell of it, and Red Croatia for a vacation in Athemas, but yet here he was on an airplace heading towards some monarchy in Western Europe. He only agreed to tag along, because mainly his brother said it was in their father's will for Charles to head to Icholasen to meet the Queen there. Apparently his father Emperor Lothar, and the King of Icholasen signed an agreement for an arranged marriage between him and Anastasia. Lord knows why, Charles believe it was just for some political scheme his father never finished. Though Charles knew chances were his father thought he could never get a girl on his own.

    "Sir we will be landing shortly at St. Regina Airport," responded his pilot, James, over the loudspeaker. James was an old friend of the Imperial Family, in fact he and Charles were best friends growing up, so when James needed a job after being kicked out of college, Charles hired him on as his right hand man so to speak. James pretty much is the butler who can make a mean cocktail, and protect you from snipers half a mile away.

    "Alright, thanks James," responded Charles as he fasten his belt for landing. The turbulence was high due to unusually high winds in the area. Shortly thereafter, they had landed, with the aircraft's stairs pulled down and James going down first, Charles walked down the stairs to a very sunny day.

    A car was waiting from them a couple hundred yards from the aircraft, it was a black Mercedes, the car drove them through St. Regina straight to the Royal Palace, there Anastasia was waiting for him, possibly his future wife waiting for him. After stepping out from the car, with the sun beating down on him, Charles checked his breath, hair, smell twice over to make sure they were good. He wanted to make a good, no wait, excellent first impression. Taking a gulp, he began to walk to the doors from which a Icholasen guard was leading them to.

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    Queen Anastasia Harris (Harris is the Royal Surname)

    Queen Anastasia was only recently informed of the arranged marriage agreement. She had a few choice words with her father. He agreed that if she didn't like him, it was off. Anastasia was rather well travelled, as the heir to the throne it was important for her to be well educated and well travelled. She had always loved Prussia as it had such a rich culture, but had never been there. She might go if this turns out alright. They were to talk first before dinner, but Dinner was to start with Royal Bakery Bread and then Confit de Canard which is a Nicoleizian dish of Royal Duck served with saute?d potatoes and finally for Pudding would be Nicoleizian Cr?pes. She then sat on a Regal padded silk chair and gestured him to sit down also.

    "Welcome to Icholasen, Charles."

  • "Thank you, that's uh a- uh," Charles was stuttering so James nudged him in a back to get him out of his daze, "A very nice dress you have on Anastasia. It's a pleasure to meet you, the name is, but you should already know I guess considering the reason we are here, Charles Von Falkenrath, Crown Prince of the Imperial Prussian State, and Duke of Hanover,"

    "So, I guess....why don't we head to somewhere in private to chat?" Charles was obviously new at this, his father was very much correct in that he needed help, but Charles was a stubborn person at that. Though the main reason Charles was having trouble, was that he was astonished by Anastasia's beauty, her hair, eyes, and skin were the most perfect thing God had ever created in his opinion.

  • "Yes what a perfect idea." Anastasia concurred. "There's plenty of space in the palace." She guided him into a smaller, less grand, but still big, and grand, room, with 3 sofas with a plant at each sofa-end. There was a large window letting light flood in. Anastasia looked at him and saw the awkwardness. It was... Attractive awkwardness. Obviously, Charles was a very attractive man and she started to less detest the idea of an arranged marriage. She knew her father knew what he was doing. "So, what are your interests?" Anastasia asked.

  • "Well....Uhhh.....I like long walks on the beach, volunteering to help various animal rights groups, swimming competitively, sleeping...God...I LOVE SLEEPING, eating...but no dairy please....Lactose Intolerant for the win, I read when I can, hiking....and generally anything that gets me away from the press. So in turn what are your interests?"

  • Anastasia looked impressed. "I enjoy baking, I enjoy sleeping - when schedule is correct, Swimming is almost necessary with the weather here... I read from the Royal Palace Library which has almost every book you can imagine. I love horse riding, been doing it since I was 3. I love drama, in Saint Regina Common there are plays in front of the Skyline and sometimes I'll go there as the people here are so nice and not violent, only my sister is violent. The Press here isn't so persistent and they are distanced. I think you'll like Icholasen, Charles." She said, stroking his arm and looking into his brown eyes.

  • Charles listened very closely, trying to get as much as her angelic voice into his head, when she started stroking his arm, and looking into his eyes he only said, "Wow.." and just as he was going to go in for the kiss,

    "Sir, dinner is ready, oh, uhh......I'll be outside then," said James as he so rudely interrupted, he attempted to whistle very casually as he attempted to walk towards the dining hall. That intrusion though snapped Charles out of his trance, he started wondering maybe his father actually got it right for once.

    "So yeah, I guess dining hall?"

  • Anastasia gasped and gave James an evil eye. She was enjoying that more than when Border Patrol was on. "Yes, to Dinner, or as you might call it Lunch." Anastasia took his hand and he escorted her to dinner. The lavish dinner was set up, the Royal Bakery Bread She demonstrated how you're supposed to eat it, and he caught on. "How does the food look?" She asked.

  • "It looks amazing, just like you," Charles responded before he caught himself going any further, never compare women to food he told himself, never do it.

    "So," Charles started while taking a bite of his food, "Tell how does it feel to be a monarch? I mean even though I am a duke in name, the title has no real authority for know unless the new federal system kicks into play."

  • "Well, essentially I am in control of this country, but I let Parliament do the hard work! Essentially I could destroy democracy, and it takes trust for a nation to give that to one person. I'm not going to abandon democracy obviously, but I have the power to, and the power and the respect I receive is exhilarating. The Prime Minister gets all the Government attention, but I get the love of the people, politicians get eggs.

  • Charles chuckled, "Reminds me of the Prussian system under my very idiotic brother, let the politicians do all the hard work, but instead of love get hate over it. The guy does so little he doesn't even sign documents. There is a movement to get him to abdicate and hope I would be by this time married matrilineally so I could not be given the throne, and so my now openly gay sister would become the first Empress of Prussia.

    Anyway,I bet you are an amazing Queen, its no wonder your people love you. I do wonder if we do get married, how they would take a Prussian as King Consort."

  • Icholasen has a history of Marrying outside of Icholasen. Just not our enemies. They'd definitely be happy to see us get married, just the excitement of a wedding is good enough. There is a Prussian Minority which is well respected here, so most people have met a Prussian before, even if they don't know it. A marriage is what Icholasen needs.

  • "That's good, since well.....I really like you Anastasia, your different from other girls I've met in Prussia, or its neighbors. There is a slight problem that was never addressed in the original agreement I believe, who will be marrying into whose family. If I marry into yours, I lose my claims to the throne, but I don't know how you would feel about marrying into mine. So give me your opinion," Charles asked with a sincere voice.

  • "I'm willing to see where this goes." Anastasia said with all seriousness. "But not willing to make a commitment yet, darling. I don't even know how big it is yet! Let's go to dinner, I'm starving!

  • Flabbergasted Charles replied, "Well dear, what I was trying to do is take a pragmatist approach to this. Get a few for each other's beliefs, since a forced marriage is already so well forceful, why can't we know each other and at least know we will be happy?"

    Feeling his stomach grumble, "Agreed, I'm just as hungry"