Icholasen & Inimicus Summit

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    Icholasen and Inimicus Summit**

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    Saint Regina Royal Palace

    Today, delegates from the United Kingdom of Icholasen and the Empire of Inimicus. The Icholasen Delegate is Rachel Duncan. They will be discussing:

    1. Trade
    2. Military Co-Operation
    3. Working together in General.

  • Emperor Artabanos was tired. That's the only word he could use to describe his mental and physical state. He had enjoyed a summit with the new Premier Commissioner, Kaegan Hezterblatz, just a couple of days ago, and without any rest, he was now on his way to the United Kingdom of Icholasen, to promote trade between Inimicus and the dairy-free state, and also discuss the (sometimes rather controversial) subject of military co-operation. The Icholasen military had recently used Inimician A400M Atlas transport planes, the same model the Davishirians were in the process of buying. And finally, Emperor Artabanos would discuss general co-operation with the United Kingdom.
    Once more, he woke up from a state of semi-sleep, and poured himself a cup of tea (no milk, obviously). "How long 'till landing?", he asked his secretary. "We'll be initiating landing sequence within ten minutes, Your Highness".
    "Good. I'm tired of planes"

    When the plane's wheels touched the ground with a shrieking sound, Artabanos felt better. Flying had never been his strong side. The first time he threw up continuously until he disembarked the large passenger plane he was flying on. In due time, he had gotten used to flying, but he still disliked it.

    When the doors opened, he saw Icholasen's welcoming party standing on the tarmac.

  • The Welcoming Party did their job and welcomed the Emperor. They then proceeded to get the Emperor into the black car. They then travelled the Solar Roadways up to the Royal Palace of Saint Regina. They arrived in the Palace and stepped through the large, oak doors. The grand staircase glistened in the morning sun. The Royal Ushers moved them up the grand staircase and up into the lavish dining room where the meeting would take place.

    Rachel Duncan and other officials were waiting for him. "Good morning, your Imperial Majesty and welcome to Saint Regina. We are pleased to receive you here today and your choice of beverage is available, including Icholasen Apple Tea which doesn't require milk, obviously."

  • "Thank you very much for your warm welcome to this splendid palace, Mrs Duncan. I'm not a big fan of fruit teas, but I'm definitely willing to give your fabled apple tea a try!"
    Artabanos seated himself in a chair so comfortable it became uncomfortable. He put his hat on the table before him, but it was quickly taken away by a palace servant. "Now, Mrs Duncan. Let's get straight to business, shall we? We're here to dicuss two very important issues: trade and military co-operation. Both will require adequate discussion and will most likely inspire many a dispute between the two of us. But I trust we will come to agreements in due course. I will leave it to you, as host, to break the ice!"

  • I would like to start with the military co-operation if you would. Recently, Icholasen has revamped its military but it still has the issue of transportation of somewhere not reachable by sea. It is necessary for the safety of Icholasen for us to use them. Icholasen is a pacifist-ish state so we do try and abstain from war but we ask if we could come to an agreement about:

    1. The borrowing of Inimician A400M Atlas transport planes when necessary for Icholasen

    2. The Co-operation of our militaries with
    I. The sourcing of weapons
    II. Working together in War Games

    3. The Inimican use of Icholasen Strategic Airfields/Bases/Ports whenever necessary for Inimicus.

  • Artabanos took a sip of the famous Icholasen Apple Tea. It was absolutely revolting, but he tried to keep a straight face so as not to offend the people opposite him. I knew they were crazy enough to ban dairy, but to like this!, Artabanos thought, joking.
    "Very well, Mrs Duncan. I have been told our transport planes served very well in transporting your soldiers to the Prussian Defensive Militarised Zone. I am happy to hear this, but I do want clear-cut agreements about the borrowing of our top-notch planes. I have been informed by the Inimician Minister for Defence and Nuclear Development, Basil Lawson, that we currently have 2400 of the Atlas planes in service. From these, 400 will be able to be borrowed to Icholasen at any point. However, we do require compensation for this agreement. I have no clue as to what this compensation could be, but I'm sure we can figure something out. After all, something is not delivered for nothing."

  • "Is the use of our strategic ports, airbases and military bases not good enough, Emperor?" The Prime Minister replied. "What else do you see fit?

  • "I think we will have to arrange this better, perhaps by setting up small Inimician offices in the harbours we are allowed to use. These do not have to be military bases, but rather a small office Inimicians can be stationed in case Inimician ships or planes have to dock or land at the base. I hope you will be open to the idea, and perhaps we can designate certain bases that can be opened to the Inimician military (when necesarry, of course). I promise you the officers will not bring any milk with them.", Artabanos said as he attempted to swallow some more of the apple tea. The sooner I have it down, the better, he thought.

  • Of course Emperor. The offices sound like a fine idea. Our docks our open for the use of our allies but how many would you require? Icholasen is teeming with docks as it is a maritime nation so there is no shortage. Are you satisfied with the agreements we have made? Shall we move on? Said Miss Duncan, whilst drinking her tea in a traditional Icholasen cup.

  • "I thank you, Mrs Duncan. I believe this will provide for a stable and prosperous alliance between our nations. Military co-operation is something Inimicus is new to, but I think we will be able to safely lend you our newest transport planes and use some of your air bases responsibly.
    You talked about so-called "war games"? How do you think this should be organised? I would definitely be willing to have the Inimician Imperial Armed Forces participate."