At the Great Gates of Kiev

  • ((OOC: Secret!!! Only Icholasen, Miraco, Poland and Prussia know about this!!!))

    Kiev, Ruthenian Province, Poland
    12 August 2014

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    President Kligenberg returned from her trip to the Duxburian Union with some new agenda to handle. She brought Secretary Gulczynska, the Foreign Affairs secretary and the Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Maciej Kaczmarek.

    She had hopes for this meeting, as it brought Icholasen, Prussia, and Miraco to Poland for a special meeting. Kiev seemed to be the best choice as it was much more inviting.

  • Chancellor Portner was flying from Berlin in Prussia to Kiev in the Polish Republic, they were headed towards an extremely secretive meeting, due to the hush hush nature when President Kligenberg invited Prussia to the meeting, Portner brought along only two ministers to help him with such a task. Michael Baum, the Minister of Commerce, a young man who had entered the political scene only the last elected, already beloved by the media for his various whitty comments. Though politicians especially those from the UCD, and AFP, had a bone to pick with the 37 year old, he had done nothing to help with Prussia's 8.2% unemployment, or get it to the levels required by the Reichstag. Along with them was, Meta Kaspar, an older fellow then Baum, but still fairly young at 46. Baum was a man of good intelligent, though quiet and waited for others to speak before he attempted to do so on his own, he was a man of well, big proportions.

    "We will be landed in a few moments Chancellor," a flight attendant told Chancellor Portner.

    "Hopefully this meeting is mainly for economics, I would fall asleep at a mainly defense meeting," complained Baum.

    "Much like how you fall asleep at cabinet meetings when the press aren't allowed in?" responded Portner with an annoyed voice.

    "That's different," Baum embarrassingly replied back.

    "We wouldn't be losing the polls if it weren't for your lack of real work Baum," muttered Kaspar under his breath. Even though Kaspar was from the PUGC and Vice chancellor, his polls and the USD's were tied together, and at the moment it wasn't looking good.

    "Maybe once this meeting is over our polls will go up?" added Portner rather optimistic of the polls still, he had little to worry, last elected the polls gave the UCD a 42.3% of the polls at this time when they ended up with 32.4 in the end.

    A few moments of silence past, as plane began its descent to the airport in Kiev. Once they landed, and all the security was checked, they were allowed off the plane. The press was no where in sight for once, with only various airport workers all over making sure everything was as running as smoothly as possible. Though near the prussian delegation were Polish representatives there to meet them.

  • The Prime Minister was flying to Kiev on the Royal Icholasen Airforce 1. She request the Chicken Kiev, but when she was informed chicken Kievs weren't actually from Kiev she paused in silent reflection. Everyone in Icholasen's Government was busy. The Queen was meeting with Charles, she was coming to Kiev, that Woman she couldn't remember the name of was Summiting with Inimicus. It was a very busy time for Icholasen, but Icholasen had time and people. The plane began landing procedure, an after a rather short flight, Airforce 1 landed in Kiev.

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    Prime Minister Dion Clermont of Miraco is currently on board his flight to Kiev. "Unfortunately Prime Minister, the flight is going to have to be delayed since we are using a new route to avoid Groot-Belgian airspace" declared the pilot, "That is understandable, thank you for letting me know". The flight finally began it's landing following it's journey, "We've arrived Mr. Prime Minister", the Prime Minister smiled and thanked the pilot and then made his way to the summit.

  • The Prime Minister arrived. She knew what was going on but nonetheless excited about the possibilities of this summit. She was responsible for the People of the United Kingdom of Icholasen and she was ready to do this. She couldn't say what it was yet as for some reason Poland was keeping it secret. She was excited that the North Atlantic would be a new hub of power.

  • "I've gathered you all here without letting you know exactly where we're going because it's classified information. We are going to go to the Home Intelligence Bunker in Kiev. It's so secret that I've never even used it myself, but our government trusts you. However, we have vehicles with fully shielded passenger windows so that none of us know exactly where this building is," the President responded. "So, if you would kindly get into the limousines..."

    The President soon jumped into her limo and the other dignitaries followed suit. It was a rather long time, or so it seemed, until the vehicles stopped.

    They walked across a garage and into what looked like a war room.

    "Now, we're here to begin further security and trade with each other in light of Davishire's increased aggression in the ocean. I decided to have the meeting as far away as possible from Davishire so that no amount of security issues or leaks could get to him.

    "Let's begin shall we?"

  • Portner, Baum, and Kaspar were very bemused by the way of transit across Kiev, they had hoped to get some sights in along by the way, alas fate had a different path for them. The men were amazed by the bunker, it looked much like your standard war room, but you could tell it's purpose was much greater, there was a sense of pressure in the air. Polish service men and women, were all about, there was a map of the Davishire water boundaries, and etc. on a tv scream. Once they all sat down, Portner began.

    "Yes I believe we should start, the thing we should decide on first is what we hope to accomplish with this meeting, creating a organization for our common defense and trade is on the agenda, but do we work out the details or general idea here, or do we come back at a later date?

    Another thing we should decide is, are we openly an anti-Davishire organization, or do we leave that for the common man to decide?"

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    The government of Miraco fully shares the vision of creating an organisation for common defence and trade, and we hope to go into some specific on the structure of this organisation. As for the notion that we are an "anti-Davishire" organisation, then I must say we most certainly are not, we are simply a group of maritime nations wishing to reclaim our waters and bolster trade between our nations. We do however have concerns over Davishire's activity in the Atlantic, which we will hopefully address during this summit.

  • "I wholeheartedly agree with the Miracan Prime Minister; we cannot be explicitly anti-anyone or else we will get nowhere. We will, however, work to enhance our security and increase our prosperity.

    "Let's have proposals on a framework. Let's start with the defence, as it will be much more difficult to make than economic agreements."

  • Icholasen wishes to enact the following agreements:

    To safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty.
    Continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack.

    If an armed attack occurs, each of them [will help with] such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force. (i.e. they promised to help, but not necessarily to send military aid) so if one Nation is attacked, it will be deemed an attack on all of us.

  • "I agree with all of those agreements, as for the frame work for the defense. I suggest a council made up of one representative from each nation, be the Supreme Allied Council, this council would using unanimous votes declare military action unless the article proposed by Icholasen is used after a formal hearing by the council.

    This council would also elected a supreme commander who would rotate among the member states on a trimonthly basis, the election is basically just a confirmation of the proposed supreme commander. Once again, a unanimous vote required, as for regular procedural proceedings, and less important posts, it would simply be a 3/4 majority.

    As for basic military organization, nations would assign specific units/divisions to the Allied Joint Command, under which this command would be a solely multilateral allegiance, but nations may call back their troops at one moment. These troops would also follow their nations times for shore leave and the like, but said nation would be expected to reassign another detachment for the AJC." commented Kaspar, who if he wasn't the foreign affairs minister would have easily been put into defense.

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    I fully concur with my Prussian counter part, it would seem best to set up military divisions for the purpose of defence as well as the majority requirements proposes. I also agree with the agreements put forth by Icholasen.

    I also wish to propose that we require a unanimous vote if we are to use nuclear weaponry.

  • "This is what I have seen as the proposals:

    • The overall structure of the proposed North Atlantic Security portion of this deal will involve a Supreme Allied Council to vote on military action, led by a supreme commander (who will be elected on a tri-monthly basis). The decision to go to a military action must be agreed upon unanimously by the agreed parties.

    • All other procedures in the Supreme Allied Council must be agreed to on a 3/4 majority.

    • Members of the Treaty will contribute specific units to the treaty organization, and may call them back at any time.

    • These troops will be under an Allied Joint Command.

    • Our mission is to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilisation of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty.

    • We will provide continuous and effective self-help and mutual aid to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack.

    • If an armed attack occurs, each of them [will help with] such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force. (i.e. they promised to help, but not necessarily to send military aid) so if one Nation is attacked, it will be deemed an attack on all of us.

  • Icholasen wishes to start on Economic Talks:

    1. To Trade Goods and Services
    A. These Countries all have good resources that we can share. (For money)
    B. These Countries all have services which would benefit from this.
    C. Companies would further benefit from this.

    2. To open up to trade with member states
    A. The Countries should work together to ensure trade
    A.I. This would include subsidising trade companies
    A.II. Stopping all unnecessary regulation around trade

    3. To Elect an Economic Leader

    And from there let's discuss.

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    Icholasen Proposes this as our Emblem/Flag.

  • "I suggest we mirror the basic organization of the military council in regards to this economic council. This council would be called the Allied Economic Council, it like the SAC would using unanimous votes would agree on economic projects, take necessary steps to protect the ANAN economies, as well as approve joint research projects which will be used for a direct civilian use, while military projects will be through the SAC.

    I suggest that economics wise, businesses in one member state shall be treated be the same as if they were a native business. This would encourage investment and trade between our nations. As for out of ANAN economic agreements, I suggest we stay out of that area and let member states deal with it. But if a nonmember wishes to have an agreement with the whole organization a unanimous vote take place, same as research agreements, bailouts, etc. Procedural thing such as elections of a speaker or chair, will only take 3/4 majority.

    Finally, I suggest the AEC, elect the head of the economic department of the organization, whose title I suggest be Commissioner for Allied Economics. The rotation among member states would occur opposite of the Supreme Commander for the military.

    Now I suggest we form a General Allied Council, which meets twice a year, this council would be made up of the heads of states or government of member states, and when it is in session it is allowed to take the powers of one or both councils. This council by unanimous vote would elect the General Secretary of the ANAN, he would overrule the Supreme Commander or the CAE, but he would take their advisement. The person would be the head of the organization in short, and would chair the GAC. The position would not rotate but just simply be elected among candidates." replied Baum finally getting his chance to shine.

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    I fully concur with my Prussian counterpart, mirroring the SAC would be the best model to use for the Economic council.

    I'd also like to propose an open border agreement in which member states allow for free movement of citizens, and goods without restriction as if they are within the same nation without any separate borders. Due to our shared heritage and economic interests I believe it is in our best interest to open our borders to one another.

    Finally if we are indeed to open our borders, we propose that we allow citizens to freely live within any ANAN state without needing to go through the immigration process.

  • Although I agree with open borders, it would make sense to make sure they are from the ANAN Country for at least 5 Years so that people don't try to use ANAN countries as gateways for immigration. Also they should have at least High School level qualification. I also think we should work together to stop drug trafficking whatever way you all seem fit.

  • "I would also like for immigrants from within ANAN member states to be on a registry at least to keep a proper tabs on its population. I would also like each ANAN member state the rights to issue visas to enter the organization member states. These Visa would be registered with an ANAN registry which can be accessed by any ANAN member state.

  • Icholasen started the Signing of the Treaty. The Icholasen delegate Signed in the Name of Her Majesty's Government;

    "The United Kingdom of Icholasen. Laverne Cox."

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