Statement on the Polish-Davishiran Dispute

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    The recent dispute between the governments of Poland-Lithuania and Davishire have caused me great worry. Yet again, the region is seeing a hearty dose of brinkmanship between two member states, something I pledged to help see gone from this union of nations. As I'm sure you're all aware, we have seen tensions flare thanks to Polish displeasure with alleged patrolling of international waters around the region by ships of Davishire's Royal Commonwealth Navy. Davishire denies these allegations, claiming that naval activity in international waters is limited to war games, sea trials and the prevention of piracy. The Polish government, and a few of its partners including Imperial Prussia, have introduced sanctions against Davishire in response.

    Unfortunately, despite two meetings between representatives of parties involved, a diplomatic solution between the two governments has not yet been found. There is some hope, however, that conflict has been avoided. I've just been informed that the Parliament of Davishire has voted to recall naval forces from international waters in an attempt to avert further deterioration of relations with its neighbours. Poland has not yet responded to this development.

    This is very promising nonetheless. I hope that it signals the beginning of the mending of relations between Davishire and other member states. Of course, much remains to be done. Relations between member states in these circumstances are not mended overnight. I was tasked with helping facilitate de-escalation of tensions in this union, and to that end I would invite representatives of Poland-Lithuania and Davishire to Europolis for talks on how to resolve this dispute. As I have said time and time again, I don't delude myself into thinking the Commission can solve every single problem between member states. Having said that, it would be wrong for this office to simply stand by and make no attempt to reconcile the two parties.

    I'm 100% convinced that a permanent, diplomatic solution that satisfies both parties can be reached, and look forward to the response of the Polish and Davishiran governments.

    Susan Callaghan
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

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