A Polish Rimrothian Summit

  • Summit between Poland Lithuania and Rimroth
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    The City of Minsk
    Rimrothian Baron Giesel Farindar looked out of the window of his private airplane, and had a glorious view of the city of Minsk. He nipped a bit of his Rimrothian Milk, made in the Westmark of Rimroth. He always drank milk when he was flying. He thought about the points being discussed at the summit. Trade, embassies, travel etcetera. He was just thinking that he was quite hungry, when the plane touched the runway, and started braking. After it had stopped he walked to the door, with his security and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvir Forseth behind him. The door opened. The Baron was blinded by the light, but soon he saw the Polish welcoming party at the bottom of the stairs and started to descend.

  • Minsk, Belorussian Province, Poland
    14 August 2014
    12:12 p.m.

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    Mrs. Gulczynska had been staying in the heart of Minsk's Business Centre, and didn't realize that traffic would be that difficult to navigate, and as a result was very late to get to the airport, which was in the Old Town. She still happened to, however, arrive before the Rimroth delegation touched down at the Minsk National Airport.

    "Hello, Baron Farindar. I'm Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Benedykta Gulczynska. Welcome to the most eastern metropolitan area in the Polish Republic, Minsk. It's still being developed, as more and more people come to Minsk, something I never thought would happen.

    "Shall we continue to our meeting location? It will be at the Minsk University's main building."

    She led the delegation to their limousines, and an astonishing moment happened that Mrs. Gulczynska was not prepared for. People were lined up, cheering the arrival of both her and the Rimrothian delegation. Minsk had never been put on a world stage like this before, and the Belorussian people felt that the Polish Republic was giving them equal treatment, something they hadn't found in any of the other provinces, where they were the ethnic minority.

  • Baron Giesel Farindar and Mrs. Gulczynska sat in the limousine. "The lined up people were a nice suprise, I hadn't expected that." said the Baron. He looked outside the window, while they drove trough the city of Minsk, and he saw marvellous buildings outside. "I have never visited Poland - Lithuania before." he said. "It looks rather nice."

    The limousine stopped. The Baron assumed it was the destination: The Minsk University. They stepped outside, and went inside.

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    Secretary Gulczynska and the Rimrothian guests flanked by security guards and aides arrived in the main building of Minsk University.

    "This building functions on a regular basis as the library and the offices of financial aid and other logistical offices that keep the university running. This also is a favourite place for students to come together and study, as we continue to modernize the University, Minsk and the entirety of the Belorussian Province. The previous government kept Belarus completely underfunded and that was a travesty. It was one of our main goals: bring Belarus into the same standing that the other provinces (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ruthenia, Slovakia and Hungary).

    "Thank you for coming today. Now, Poland is interested of course in getting closer with our regional nations, and Rimroth will be an important nation to do business with for years and years. This is another watershed moment in our Republic.

    "Getting into the business, we are very interested in free travel and trade. Despite our government being democratic socialists, we maintain a rather large private sector. In fact, 70.6% of our economy is privatised, none more than our thriving and booming tourism sector. Poland's rich history, diverse and beautiful ecosystems, and strong culture make us an attractive tourism location. We would like to propose that travellers between Rimroth and Poland no longer need a visa to enter the nation, but simply their passport issued by our two governments.

    "As for free trade, I think that is very obvious as to what goes into that. What I would like to add is the ability for Polish customs to check shipments in conjunction with Rimroth going to Poland and to Rimroth before they take off. Turning shipments around, especially by ship or plane, becomes outrageously inefficient in terms of cost, so eliminating the possibility of that happening before we send the goods overseas would save us perhaps billions in lost trade.

    "What does Your Excellency Baron Farindar think of the proposal?"

  • "Free travel and trade is of course important. Tourism is also quite important in Rimroth, because people like to visit the countryside. Rimroth has very beautiful spots of nature around. I think it would be a good idea if the Polish and Rimrothians could travel around in both countries with only a valid passport. All those visa's are of course much of a hassle for the tourists or businessmen who need to go abroad.
    Checking cargo before it takes of is also an excellent idea, this could save us billions indeed. I agree completely with what you said.

    To promote the international relationship between Poland - Lithuania and Rimroth, I think it's also a good initiative to establish embassies in both nations. What do you think about that, ms. Gulczynska."

  • "I do agree that it will be mutually beneficial to open embassies, Baron Farindar. An excellent idea that will certainly be pursued once this meeting is done. I'm also glad that you can agree with my proposals.

    "We also are pleased to announce that the Department of Education in Poland wants to increase ties to other nations by working with them to develop partnerships where our university and secondary school students can study abroad, sponsored by the Polish government, for the academic year. This is only in select schools, and students must prove to be the most excellent and deserving based on their own merit. The partnership would include:

    University of Warsaw

    • Department of Chemistry
    • Department of Geography and Regional Studies
    • Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics
    • Department of History
    • Department of Modern Languages

    Fryderyk Chopin School of Music

    University of Minsk

    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Language and Culture
    • Department of Geography
    • Department of European History

    "And from there, we would continue to develop the partnership to secondary schools and other universities. Would that be something that Rimroth would like to pursue in the future?"

  • "That's an excellent idea. The University of Rimroth-City was also thinking about something like this, and we could get the other Universities of Rimroth involved as well.

    In a couple of weeks Rimroth Aeronautics and Space Administration, or RASA, are sending new cosmonauts to the Rimrothian space station. The director of RASA thinks it's a good idea to also take astronauts or cosmonauts of other nations there, to increase the effectivity of research in space. Would Poland - Lithuania be interested in sending 1 or 2 Polish astro- or cosmonauts to the Rimrothian space station?"

  • "Yes, Poland would like to do send one astronaut to the Rimrothian Space Station, and in future the Polish Space Administration (PSA) would love to cooperate with the Rimrothian Aeronautics and Space Administration on missions and the two of us potentially could send missions into space. We have space technology and a method to take people into space, but we have not finished it yet. It is due for completion in 2015.

    "We are also glad that the University of Rimroth-City is looking to be involved in an exchange programme. Education truly is the key to competitive economies, and brighter futures for both of our nations.

    "Baron Farindar, is there anything you would like to discuss here?"

  • "No, not really, I think we discussed everything I wanted to discuss. Do you have anything left to discuss about?"

  • "I haven't anything else to add, Baron Farindar. It has been a great meeting with you here in Minsk, and I do believe that our two great nations will benefit mutually from our increased cooperation! I hope this is a beginning to a prosperous partnership."

  • "Indeed you are right. I hope this will lead to good things. Know you are always welcome in Rimroth." said the Baron.

    The Baron left the nation of Polish - Lithuania in the evening after visiting the city of Minsk. After a flight of a couple of hours, he immediately went to bed, as he was very tired.

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