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    Groot Belgie Wishes to Have a Port in Romain as ANAN is Founded and Anastasia is Getting Flirty

    Groot-Belgie - the misadventurous nation - has requested a Port in the South of the Country. This comes after the Groot-Belge Crisis which almost plunged Europe into a destructive war. "The Situation would've been worse if Groot-Belgie had access to Military Ships" some are saying. The Prime Minister has yet to respond but the debate has been going on in the Royal Parliament. The Socialists and the Liberal Democratic Socialists are arguing that they shouldn't have the port, but the Conservatives - who protest our joining of ANAN are a loud minority and say that Groot-Belgie should have the port as they have been denied by everyone else, and it is kind and makes sense, for reasons they cannot think of. Generally, the people of Icholasen would reject the idea of a foreign military in their Sovereign territory as last time it didn't end very well. Last time Davishire landed 10,000 troops in Icholasen which was unacceptable by the people as that is too much. The debate in Parliament will go on, but the Prime Minister still needs to talk.

    The United Kingdom of Icholasen is one of the founders and first members of ANAN. ANAN or Association of North Atlantic Nations. The current members are, Poland Lithuania, Miraco, Imperial Prussian State and of course Icholasen. The agreements are Economic, Military and Scientific, and more benefits will come on along the way. Hopefully ANAN will make Northern Europe strong and prosperous, and put us on the map. An Icholasen Vexillologist created the flag / logo, one of the first and definitely not the last of Icholasen's lasting contributions to ANAN. Because ANAN is full of our friendly neighbours, Icholasen should get along well with all the other ANAN member states. Furthermore, there will be added perks for traders, travellers and others as ANAN citizens, even a free buffet. Critics of ANAN say it's an "I hate Davishire Club" but really it isn't, even though it was created in the wake of Davishire "Patrolling" it has evolved from that into a new type of organisation.

    Anastasia has been Queen for just over 3 months but has been unlucky in love. But not for long! Little did the media know, but King Nikolai had arranged with the Prussian King that they would marry the children that were babies at the time. They have supposedly hit it off well, and not much is going to change the arranged marriage already. We spoke to our Royal Correspondent Tamika Flynn.
    "So what do you think is going through Anastasia's mind currently?"
    "Well, she's probably feeling attraction to this handsome gentleman, but not necessarily love, at least not yet."
    "Do you think it will work?"
    "They are apparently hitting it off well, but it is unknown if it will work. They could probably pull it off, Anastasia is at the stage in her life where she wants marriage and possibly babies."
    "Do you think people will like Charles?"
    "Charles is charismatic so I'm sure if Anastasia likes him the people will like him."
    "Can you hear wedding bells?"
    "I certainly can."

    Anastasia is continuing her meeting with Charles in the Royal Palace of Saint Regina. It is rumoured he is staying the night, whether in a separate bed or not it is not known, but what is known is that we might be seeing a Prince Consort in Icholasen. And a Royal Wedding, which if it is as exciting as the last Royal Event is is sure to rock the socks off of the guests once more.

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    News From the UKoI

    Duchess Returns as Ellen Page Marriage and Prescott Scandal

    The Duchess of Saint Pierre is probably most well known for trying to kill our King and conspiring to Kill Anastasia. But she has returned, in a less violent way. She has come back seeking forgiveness from the old King and Anastasia. The Duchess and her Husband are called Poppy and Georgie. She would be second in line to the Throne, but she has been denied accession. Her reign would be unlikely anyway as Anastasia's children would take the throne. She is coming home because she is 6 months pregnant, she didn't reveal it when she was not outcast because she was not yet married to Georgie which is unacceptable. They only got married after she was in hiding. Her and Georgie wish to return to raise their child. Anastasia wants her to be allowed back and has let her stay at Saint Regina Palace but the old King - whom she tried to kill was less agreeable. Anastasia's word goes though, so it will be most likely that she stays. The baby is due in November.

    ?Sixteen-year-old boy gets stupidly drunk and vomits all over Leicester Square after finishing exams is not much of a news story. But when the 16-year-old in question is John Prescott's son and the Minister has just proposed marching drunks to cashpoints to pay on-the-spot fines, it is a rather different matter. Just to make things worse for the Precotts, Euan, his son, initially gave a false name, address and age when arrested by the police for being drunk and incapable. His true identity was only discovered when he was searched. In a speech on Tuesday, Mr Prescott said being a father was tougher than being Minister of Defense and "sometimes you don't always succeed. But the family to me is more important than anything else." The Prescotts will have to return to the police station with their son at a later date, when Euan could face a formal warning or a caution. Downing Street issued a statement saying Euan was "very sorry". It added: "He is in no doubt of the seriousness of it and the view that his parents take of it. They will of course fully co-operate with any further action the police propose to take."

    Ellen Page is getting married! The small Deputy Prime Minister is getting married to a woman called Drew Barrymore. It is rumoured that they will get married in Saint Pierre rather than Saint Regina where she lived. It will be a traditional wedding with a vintage setting. Her dress is going to have flowers. She has invited a few members of the cabinet but the press is not allowed. Among the guests are Prime Minister Laverne Cox, Prince Tommy and Pamela Winchell. Anastasia will not be present, but this coming wedding springs to mind the arranged weding between her and Charles. We spoke to Ellen about her wedding.
    "So, Ellen, how long have you been planning this wedding?"
    "A very long time. It's also been difficult as me and Drew jobs take up a lot of our time, so, we had to plan it in the rare times we were free. Of course Laverne gave us some time off because she knew we were getting married."
    "So has Laverne been supporting your plans?"
    "Oh, yes very much so. We've been given time off, we've been lent supplies like forks as Laverne has very nice things."
    "Some people think you're a little young to be marrying, do you think this is true?"
    "I don't think it's true at all. I'm 27, I might not look it but I am."
    "What do you say to the people who are in a rough place because of their sexuality?"
    "It all gets better, and just send me a letter with the Royal Rainbow and I'll be sure to respond."
    "As an actor, you played boyish roles, but you didn't come out until February. Did people suspect anything prior to you coming out?"
    "Everyone suspected something, and my close family knew, most people guessed but I didn't want to come out so people wouldn't treat me differently."
    "Do people treat you differently?"
    "Well Icholasen treats all minorities almost better than the majority so yes, I have been treated differently, but I expected it to be in the opposite fashion.

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    News From the UKoI

    Anastasia Marriage and Romain Nationalism Causes issues as Teen jumps into the Romain River

    Queen Anastasia is due to be married to Charles of the Imperial Prussian State. They are due to be married very soon and invitations are being sent. It is unclear to when it is as the Icholasen Royal Family is very secretive. Charles will of course have to convert to the Church of Icholasen, a Protestant Religion. This is the first Royal Wedding since before the Monarchy came back. Anastasia and Charles have become a hit with the young girls and their pictures have been printed in many magazines. It is rumoured Anastasia will be wearing a traditionally white but straight dress not a long flowing one. Anastasia and Charles are reported to be very happy and Charles has moved to Icholasen, specifically Saint Regina Palace. The Wedding will be conducted in a different church to the Coronation, the Saint Nicholas Church in Saint Regina. They will be given a few weeks to settle in afterwards (settling in means making babies) and they will have a great time in a romantic place. Icholasen always has a good Royal Wedding as this is the first one for 90 years so it's going to be a good show, and anyone there will be extremely lucky as only the most prestigious guests get to attend.

    Romain's Political Party - Arme? de Libert?'s Leader has urged dissident Romain terrorists, on the RA's (Romain Army) ceasefire 10th anniversary, to "take that same step into politics and away from conflict". Mr Bro?ge said there could be "no return to the violence and repression that scarred this society for so long". Francois Toujour, a member of the Romain Sovereignty Movement, said he did not believe the appeal would work. The Romain nationalist group is opposed to the peace process. Mr Bro?ge made his comments at an event in Saint Romain on Sunday. "In 2004, dialogue offered the only way out of perpetual conflict and Romain nationalists entered that dialogue confidently," he said. He also said there was no need for violence. There are 'Growing difficulties' "Successive agreements supported by the vast majority of the Irish people have removed any rationale for armed struggle and have put in place peaceful and democratic alternatives," he said in a keynote speech in Saint Romain on Sunday. The former RA commander has been Romain's deputy first minister since 2007, following a power-sharing agreement between Arme? de Libert? and the Democratic Unionist Party. In his speech to about 300 republicans in the Catholic area of the city, Mr Bro?ge criticised the DUP.

    A teenager was rescued from the Romain River near Saint Romain after jumping into the river for a prank. The 16-year-old, who was rescued by Romain Life Guards, said he had been dared to jump in so his friends could upload video footage to IchoTube. Helmsman Norman Smith said: "Peer pressure can be a very powerful thing... it nearly cost a young man his life." The boy was handed into the care of Saint Romain Ambulance Service. Romain Life Guards said it was already on a call near Royal Bridge on Sunday when crew members heard radio traffic saying a person was in the water near Saint Romain and tended to the boy. Mr Smith said: "We learned afterwards that his mates had dared him to jump from Royal Bridge. "People just do not realise what the conditions of the River Romain can be like. It can be very cold - granted, not so much at this time of year - but the currents can be vicious." The Emergency Services deal with people everyday, and not doing silly stuff will not help their shortages and needs.

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    News from the UKoI

    Government Brings Government and Economic Reforms as the Union Pour un Mouvement Populair is founded, and is Border Patrol Coming Back?

    The Government has decided to reform the Government and the Economic structure of Icholasen. The Government hasn't changed since the Provisional Government of 2000 came in. Laverne Cox announced that there would be Government Reforms but no one foresaw the extent of these. The Government will plan these new reforms which will be voted upon in the Tillst?nd. They will try and help the decaying political structure of Icholasen which was technically set up as a temporary solution to governing the country. The economic reforms will help to grow business in Icholasen and also to try and build industry. This might be done by letting more companies into Icholasen and helping to make Icholasen more capitalist like its neighbours. Furthermore the Tillst?nd rules will change. This will allow a party majority of more than 55%, this will make Icholasen more democratic and free. This will all mean another election as it will completely change the political system. The Liberal Democratic Socialists are actually open to the idea of Capitalism and so for this they might lose votes from the lower classes. The new election will be held in October on an unconfirmed date. The Journal Royale predicts a landslide victory for the Liberal Democratic Socialists followed by the Socialists, Labour Party, Greens and Conservatives, although the Union pour un mouvement populair just got a giant grant from anonymous sources for 1 Billion Nicoleizian Pounds for campaigning. It is likely to be from the huge Icholasen middle and upper classes wanting to increase their influence and power.

    The Union pour un Mouvement Populair has been founded by the upper and middle classes. The movement has rallying support after their 1 Billion Nicoleizian Pounds donation. The Union pour un Mouvement Populair has gained massive support. Unofficial polls have claimed that it'd get 1.5 Million votes, but that's unofficial. They have increasing support in Saint Regina, where a surprising large number of middle to upper class people, Saint Regina is traditionally a poorer area but now the poor people have moved to other cities, making Saint Regina a nicer place. The money has helped them advertise and spread their messages. It has even got some lower class voters. Their policies aren't all about Classism though, they have policies to decrease business tax to try and stimulate the economy, they also have plans to develop the St. Regina Stock Exchange and maybe expand the airport even though the air industry bubble has indeed popped. The Union pour un mouvement populair has chosen French as its language as it is the language of the middle and upper classes, French was brought in by merchants from Miraco and other countries so all the Merchants spoke French and they became rich and therefore the middle and upper classes. They've also influenced government policy by forcing the government to introduce compulsory military service, the government before rejected this but now, due to the influence of the Union pour un mouvement populair it is now law.

    Today we're talking with Darren from the used-to-be hit show Border Patrol about rumours there might be a new series or a special.
    "Hi Darren!"
    "Hi Lianne!"
    "So, how's other Darren since the show's been cancelled?"
    "Unfortunately we've broken up."
    "Oh my God why?"
    "Well he's gone off with filthy George (whom no one likes)"
    "That's terrible!"
    "Well at least you've got money!"
    "Not really since the show's been cancelled."
    "Is that why you want to start it up again?"
    "Yes Lianne, but I want to see if the public wants it."
    "How do you plan to do that?"
    "Well I'm going to have a poll to see who wants it, and seeing how far the majority is will determine if it's a Halloween Special or a Series 3."
    "Well I wish luck to you Darren!"
    "Thanks Lianne"

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