A meeting in Mertz

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    Palais de Mertz
    August 15, 2014

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    It's only been a short while since Prime Minister Dion Clermont returned from his summit in Kiev, where he along with representatives of Icholasen, Prussia and Poland-Lithuania founded the ANAN, and now they will meet once again in Mertz.

    The Prime Minister patiently awaits the arrival of his ANAN colleagues.

  • Secretary Gulczynska represented the President in Mertz, this time bringing along three former members of the Sejm to hopefully begin the council work that was needed to advance ANAN along. She arrived in Mertz and was taken in by its beautiful mixture of green space, old architecture, and newness. She arrived at the Palais de Mertz and saw the Prime Minister waiting.

    "Bonjour, Premiere Ministre," Secretary Gulczynska said to the Prime Minister. "Je suis la repr?sentante de la Pologne-Lituanie. Vous avez un charmant patrie. I'm sorry, but that is as far as my French goes."

  • Prime Minister Laverne Cox had flown in from the founding in Kiev only to come to Mertz. Miraco and Icholasen had been friends for a long time and were building a tunnel to their country so there has to be a level of trust there, right? Obviously. Miraco and Icholasen shared the common bond of speaking French. Portland mainly spoke French (which is in the north of the country) the rest speak Spanish and French.
    Laverne, however, did not.

    "Umm... Bonjour? Premiere Minist?r?" She said, forcing an accent. "Maybe we should speak in English as I know my Polish counterpart does also not speak very good French?"

  • Chancellor Portner arrived from Prussia, with his three newly created subcabinet level offices. The Secretary of ANAN General Affairs, Secretary of ANAN Economic Affairs, and the Secretary for ANAN Military affairs. Once the group had arrived from the airport, which had a fairly quick flight due to the weather, they made their way to the group.

    "Hello everyone, sorry for being a bit late," Portner said.

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    "Welcome everyone, I am very pleased to see you all here in Mertz. Please follow me to the meeting room, we have much to discuss."

    The Prime Minister and his ANAN colleges make their way to the meeting room.

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    "Due to our small number, I thought it would be best to use the smaller meeting room so that we can discuss matters more easily. Shall we begin then?"

  • Oh!! This is nice! Let's get down to business! We should define the aims of this meeting and then we can see if we have reached them by the end. For ANAN to prosper and grow we need each and every nation's full co-operation.

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    "Our first order of business today is to officially set up the organisation of ANAN, we should discuss and appoint roles as outlined by the Treaty of Kiev" said the Miracan Prime Minister, "I'd discuss where we should set up naval bases, as well as the possibility of setting up a scientific branch of ANAN". The Prime Minister straightened and gestured his colleagues to begin the discussion.

  • "Personally I believe those items should be saved for later dates, since I doubt each and everyone one of us has an aide with us at present who can effectively in form us of anything to do with science, personally we should focus on the organizational design of the ANAN, and elect the various officers as dictated by the ANAN founding treaty," Portner said as he spoke up.