A groot-belgain Icholasian summit

  • _The prime minister and the minister of defence boarded a plane on their way to Saint Regina, Icholasen to speak about the offer for a navy base in south Icholasen.

    After an amount of time their plane was cleared to land on the airport of Saint Regina.

  • Deputy Prime Minister Ellen Page was waiting in the Royal Parliament building for the Belgian Delegation. She had just been busy doing some Private things. The Prime Minister was not yet back. John Prescott would only be able to arrive late.

  • _The Belgain delegation went to the parlement, they expected some kind of greeting but it was okay.

    Once arrived they greeted the deputy prime minister_

  • The Deputy Prime Minister greeted them and invited them to sit on a table with their names on them, with a display of Nicoleizian lillies. It was the Deputy's first time dealing with a summit as she hadn't been in office very long.

  • _the prime minister and the minister of defence also sat down. _

    First of all we would like to give you some kind of present

    said the prime minister as he pulled a sixpack (glass bottles) of Stella Artois out of his suitcase and handed them

    Now, for the navy base, we would like the base to be build in the south. as our offer is that one or more companies of Icholasen will build the base. We would also buy the ships by Companies of Icholasen and ofcourse, the base would still be under the souverenity of Icholasen but will be off limits for the population

  • The Deputy Prime Minister thanked the Belgian Delegate for the Stella Artois.

    The Southern Kingdom is called Romain. But how do we know there won't be in another Groot Belgie Crisis and then you would be even more dangerous and the nations of ANAN would not view me with favour.

  • **As you may know we are not allowed to join your organisation for some reason. I am sure that if we were there could be some way to either prevent this from happening or if it must happen that it could be done in a way that other countries would find this less disturbing at least.

    But, if I may take the liberty what would you suggest to make it more safer?** said the prime minister

  • The only way to make it safer would be to have no military stationed there.

  • The prime minister almost broke down in crying but held it in but was clearly sobbing

    What do we have to do to become trusted? If emperor Jules wasn't pushed so hard we would have had a peacefull transistion of goverment. Why do you punish us so hard? Said the prime minister sobbing

  • Ellen Page sighed. We wouldn't let any nation other than ANAN nations have bases in our sovereign land. We aren't discriminating, punishing or being mean to you. We are happy to accommodate trade, however.

  • The prime minister took his hankerchief out and dried his eyes

    **But but we aren't allowed in ANAN **

  • Well, Mister Prime Minister, that is not my problem, nor my responsibility.

  • The prime minister fell on his knees before Ellen Page tears clearly in his eyes

    Please, if you don't give us the military base give me and my collegue and our respectve families Political asylum in your country Said the prime minister fearing for his life

    ooc: this is not to signify that the current emperor is gonna do do the same thing as the previous but to signify the fear of the ministers

  • The Prime Minister proceeded to sigh. "I can do this anymore." She then left. Ellen Page's intern, Maurice stepped in as a "I don't even care anymore" Solution.

    "So... Asylum..."

  • yes, for me my colluege the minster of defence and our families.said the prime minister fearfully

  • Don't you, you know have jobs in your country? Do you think you'll have employment here? If you don't get employment and had employment in your country you don't get benefits.

  • I'm afraid of what the emperor might do if he finds out we haven't got the permission to build a navy base in here

  • Surely the quarrel would be the UKoI Military? The people that made the decision.

  • **no that wouldn't quarrel with your military, they wouldn't be allowed to go outside with their uniforms and a pasport check and the ships would follow orders from your navy asslong as they would pose a treat to your safety **