July-August Update

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    ~July-August 2014 Update~

    Nations: 127
    World Assembly Delegate:

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    Premier: Kaegan Hezterblatz, Os Corelia (ALDGE)
    Forgein Affairs: Alenka "Lithuania", Poland-Lithuania (Poland-Lythuania) (Ind.)
    Defence and Peacekeeping: Susan Callaghan, Halsberg (UEC)
    Economics: Eric Pickles, Davishire (Ind.)
    Internal Affairs: Eloise Murray (ECL)

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    Chief Justice: David Lee, Angleter
    Justice: Steven Doberman, Gun-Toting Animals
    Justice: Wilhelm Griffith, Imperial Prussian State
    Justice: Sarah Valentine, Icholasen
    Justice: Hubert Christian, Inimicus

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    Speaker of the European Council: Acwellan Lir Devoy am Harrison, Duxburian Union (ECL)

    Socialist Workers Party (SWP): Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
    Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
    Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE): Social Liberal, Environmentalist
    European Classical Liberals (ECL): Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
    Union of European Conservatives (UEC): Conservative, Christian Democrat
    European National Party (ENP): Fascist, National Socialist

    Commission News

    Commission elections were held this month, and as a result, we only had one incumbent commissioner elected, Commissioner Pickles. The Premier Commissioner as chosen by the people of Europe in a large endorsement of cooperative politics was Premier Hezterblatz, who was charged with coming up with the new Commission placements. Commissioner Callaghan, a UEC stalwart was placed in the position of Commissioner of Defence and Peacekeeping. Newcomers Alenka Lithuania and Eloise Murray were both placed in Foreign and Internal Affairs respectively. Commissioner Pickles was slotted for Economics, though some found it to be a slight demotion from Internal Affairs.

    The mission of this European Commission is dignity and honour. We as a Commission are striving to bring a sense of dignity to our positions and ceremony that has otherwise been lacking in Commissioners of the recent past. We also are working towards a cohesive unit, helping out wherever we can, whenever we can. Whether it be in our member states or between our Commissioners, cooperation will achieve a greater result for the European Union than working in our own spheres.

    Commissioner Callaghan represented the true spirit of the new Commission when she issued a statement, non-partisan and eloquent, requesting peace between Poland-Lithuania and Davishire, as the two neighbours nearly came into conflict over Davishire's naval patrol of the Arctic Ocean. Otherwise, it has been a slow start for the Commission.European Court of Justice News

    There was an election as well in the European Court of Justice, as incumbent justices David Lee (Angleter) and Steve Doberman (Gun-Toting Animals) ran against newcomers Sarah Valentine (Icholasen), Wilhelm Griffith (Imperial Prussian State) and Hubert Christian (Inimicus) for the job of Chief Justice. The winner in that election for Chief Justice was Mr. David Lee. The rest of the members became part of the Lee court. Other than election news, nothing else has occurred in the Court of Justice.Council News

    No major proposals or debates have happened in the European Council. The European Council passed a law restricting the use of neonicotinoids from agricultural use as it destroyed pollenators in the region. The Council also saw a proposal to condemn a recent coup in Groot-Belgie (Great Belgium), and passed a law with exactly one vote on amending the European Healthcare Accreditation Act, which returned the European Council as an authority on regional healthcare.

    The European Union also passed a budget with the help of Dr. Michael Reed of the United Republic of Great Britain and Ireland. The budget saw an increase of both taxes and revenue from European bureaucracy. Councillors are now looking into the possibility of allocating the surplus funds to other uses and securing their return to European nations.Other News

    This month saw the Polish coronation of Empress Karolina Kligenberg, who would become head of state in Poland-Lithuania, until that nation had a bloodless revolution and transitioned peacefully from imperial monarchy to federal republic. The new Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania saw the former Empress turn into an interim President. One of its many achievements was hosting the Tygodnik Illustrowany New Music Festival in Warsaw with, for the first time,an international participation of classical music performers of old and new music.

    A less bloodless coup occurred in Great Belgium, where Emperer Jules von Tongelen shot and imprisoned the parliament, declaring it corrupt. The horror that fell upon the European Union was met with swift sanctions and even prepared military action from the Imperial Prussian State, Inimicus and other nations before elections were held to replace the parliament and the situation deemed moot.

    The government of Davishire was mired in controversy, as situations in Belgium and the Arctic patrolling done by the nation angered many of the nations in the European Union. A discord among the harmony of the Union began to turn into full blown dissonance and anger when Poland-Lithuania and Davishire nearly came to war over the alleged fighting against pirates/patrolling of international waters. Sanctions from Poland and Prussia came into action and Davishire's government continually denied allegations while also losing 10 MPs from its parliament and facing elections.

    The Association of North Atlantic Nations (ANAN) was founded in Kiev, Poland-Lithuania this month with the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco, the United Kingdom of Icholasen, the Imperial Prussian State and the Federal Republic of Poland-Lithuania creating an organization aimed at economic, military, scientific and general prosperity between North Atlantic states. Some may have seen this being born out of the Davishire-Poland conflict, but the alliance looks to strengthen its prominence and deliver northern Europe into a new centre of activity.

    Marrakechia's Mawazine Music Festival, the largest music festival in Europe is taking place, but with the TI New Music Festival and the musical theatre competition in Mertz, Miraco called EuroStar, the Mawazine Music Festival is not the only show in town anymore. An increasing variety of festivals and cultural events have sprung up across Europe, beginning what is hopefully a cultural renaissance for the European Union and its member nations.

    **We are also looking for speakers to come to the European Union from our friends and partners in other regions and speak in the European Council. This is a prestigious honour that has never been bestowed upon our international friends, but we feel it is our duty as a democratic region to hear the ideas of our neighbours and colleagues and listen to their messages, hoping to glean knowledge from their experiences and views.

    Those who wish to partake in such a speech to the European Council, please contact Poland-Lythuania on nationstates.net, and Poland-Lithuania here on the European Union Forum**That's all the news from the European Union in an unusually large update, full of elections, geopolitical drama, and cultural enlightenment. This is Alenka Lithuania, writing from Europolis and...


    See you next month!**

  • Just to mention pickles was formerly internal affairs and not defence.

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