Groot-Belgie, Empire of


    Capital: Antwerpen
    Goverment seat: Brussels
    Largest City: Antwerpen
    Official Language(s): Flemish dutch, French, German
    Demonym: Belgain
    Ethnic Groups:French Germanic people devided in flemish and german
    Seat of goverment: Brussels
    Coin: Groot belgain franc

    Location: North-middle europe
    Climate:Either to hot or to wet in summer or moderate in winter
    Terrain:Kinda flat in the north with some hills going south and in south almost only hills
    Natural Resources/Industries:much sorts of timber in the north-west, in the west coal ore. in the whole country potatoes wheat and all sorts of pasta because of that!, in the south there is a big steel industry, beef chickens and mais

    Catholicism: 40%
    Atheism: 5%
    Church of the flying spaghetti monster/pastafarianism: 55%

    Government: Constitutional Empire
    Head of State:Emperor Geert Van Tongelen
    Prime Minsiter: Geert Bourgious
    Councillor:Chris Wouters


    -When a new emperor is crowned he walks in chains bound to a rope that a horsebackride is holding and is pelted by rotten tomatoes. This is because when the first emperor was crowned he wished to be bound in chains and walk on hte busiest street in antwerpen when a commoner started pelting him with tomatoes because he tought he was a criminal. since then every emperor execpt for Jules has done that.

    • To become an adulty Man there is a festival (bound to the largest religious group pastafarism) you have to hop 4 onions without shedding a become an adulty woman you take these onoins and partake in a tournament of who can make the best pasta based dish. ofcourse this is volentary and even people that are not pastafarian can partake in this.

  • [SIZE=7]Military

    The prisoner regiment ha this parade uniform

    Military song

    Le chant l'ognion

    J'aime l'oignon frit ? l'huile, J'aime l'oignon car il est bon. J'aime l'oignon frit ? l'huile, J'aime l'oignon, j'aime l'oignon.


    Au pas camarades, au pas camarades, Au pas, au pas, au pas, Au pas camarades, au pas camarades, Au pas, au pas, au pas.


    Un seul oignon frit ? l'huile, Un seul oignon nous change en Lion, Un seul oignon frit ? l'huile, Un seul oignon un seul oignon


    Mais pas d'oignons aux Davishireiens, Non pas d'oignons ? tous ces chiens, Mais pas d'oignons aux Davishireiens, Non pas d'oignons, non pas d'oignons


    Aimons l'oignon frit ? l'huile, Aimons l'oignon car il est bon, Aimons l'oignon frit ? l'huile, Aimons l'oignon, aimons l'oignon


  • **anthem **

    An unbreakable union of free people,
    The Great Belgium has welded forever to stand!
    Long live the creation of the will of the people,
    The united, mighty Belgian Union!

    Be glorious, our free motherland,
    A reliable stronghold of peoples' friendship!
    The land of Belgians, the strength of the peoples,
    Leads us to the triumph of the people!

    Through storms the sun of freedom shone to us,
    And the great Emperor illuminated our path,
    To a just cause he raised up the peoples,
    To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us!


    In the victory of the immortal ideas of killing ministers to the imperial tune
    We see the future of our country,
    And to the black and white Banner of our glorious Motherland
    We shall always be selflessly true!


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