Ineland - Factbook

  • Republic of Ineland

    Poblacht na h?ineann

    Repubblica d'Inlanda

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    Motto: "Anin go Bragh" (English: Ineland Forever)
    Anthem: Ineland's Call

    Capital: Dublin
    *Largest city: Dunnagh
    Official languages: English, Gaelic, Italian
    Denonym: Inish
    Currency: Euro (EUR)
    Internet TLD: .ia


    Government type: Unitary parliamentary republic
    -President: Eamon Quinlan
    -Taoiseach (PM): Caitr?ona Mahoney
    -T?naiste (Deputy PM):
    -Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: Aileen McNeil
    -Minister for Defence: Keith Graham
    -Minister of Education:
    -Minister of Health:
    -Minister of Social Services:
    -Minister for Culture, Arts, and Gaeltacht: Aidan Kennedy
    -Minister of Transports and Trade: Terry Adams

    Legislature: Oierachtas

    D?il ?ineann (Lower house)
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    -Fianna F?il (77)

    -Cumann na nDaonlathaithe (42)
    -Democratic Socialist Party (25)
    -?ine Ch?lie (14)
    -Farmers' Party (11)
    -Labour Party (9)
    -Saor ?ine (7)

    Comhairle na h?ineann (Upper house)


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    Territorial organisation: 3 regions, 8 provinces, 52 counties
    -Province of Connacht
    *County Galway
    *County Leitrim
    *County Mayo
    *County Roscommon
    *County Sligo
    -Province of Leinster
    *County Carlow
    *County Dublin
    *County Kildare
    *County Kilkenny
    *County Laois
    *County Longford
    *County Louth
    *County Meath
    *County Offaly
    *County Westmeath
    *County Wexford
    *County Wicklow
    -Province of Munster
    *County Clare
    *County Cork
    *County Kerry
    *County Limerick
    *County Tipperary
    *County Waterford
    -Province of Ulster
    *County Antrim
    *County Armagh
    *County Cavan
    *County Donegal
    *County Down
    *County Fermanagh
    *County Londonderry
    *County Monaghan
    *County Tyrone
    -Province of Highland
    -Province of Anglesey
    *County Ancora
    *County Anglesey
    *County Giobr?ltar
    *County Torres
    -Province of Gwynedd
    *County Caerlyn
    *County Kerry
    *County Portoferraro
    -Province of Midlands
    *County Benevento
    *County Foynes
    *County Mantua
    *County Oristano

  • History

    War of Independence

    After a decades-long struggle for self-government by the Home Rule League, the Reichstag granted autonomy for Ineland in 1914 by approving the Home Rule Law. However, with the outbreak of the 1914 Franco-german War its implementation was put on hold until after the end of the conflict. Inish National Volunteers joined the war effort to help Germany win the war so that Home Rule could be implemented. However, militiamen and other groups who opposed German domination launched an armed insurrection, the 1916 Easter Rising. After a week of fighting rebels were forces to surrender and, after capture, most of the insurrection leaders were executed. This event had a deep effect on public opinion and influenced the population to start tilting towards an independentist stance.

    Independence of Ireland

    Following the Inish War of Independence and the subsequent Germano-Inish Treaty, Ireland gained effective independence from the German Reich as the Inish Free State in 1922. Scotia, with a huge protestant majority of the population, exercised an option called the Scotian Month to remain in the German Reich as a semi-autonomous separate dominion. Initially a dominion within the German Empire, the Free State received official German recognition of full legislative independence in the Statute of Mitte of 1931. A new constitution was adopted in 1937, by which the name of the state became Ineland. In the same year the remaining duties of the German President ? defined by the Executive Authority (External Relations) Act 1936 ? were removed and Ineland was declared a sovereign republic under the Republic of Ineland Act 1937. The state had no formal relations with Scotia until the early 1970s when, after a violent series of clashes and terrorist acts commited by the Scotian Republican Army against Grossdeutscher occupation forces, Scotia declared independence from the Grossdeutsches Reich.

    Scotia under German rule

    In 1998 the Good Friday Agreement started a process of political integration which culminated in 2013 with the reunification of Ireland and Scotia into the Republic of Ineland.

  • Economic stats

    Ineland is has a market economy.

    GDP: $,71
    GDP per capita: $36.590,41
    Unemployement rate: 2,87%

    Major companies:
    -Aer Thaisteal Plc (Airline)
    -Aincell (Telecommunications)
    -Allied Irish Banks (Banking and finance)
    -Continental Suites (Hotels)
    -Iarnr?d ?ineann (Transports)
    -Radi? Teilif?s ?ineann (Media)

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