Germano-polish summit

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    As the sun was on its highest point, Chancellor Meyer was standing in front of the Palais du Pharo, at the southern point of the entrance of Marseille port. She was waiting for the motorcade carrying President Kligenberg of Poland-Lithuania to arrive. It was an important day for her as she felt that friendly ties had to be made with the young republic.

    Frau kanzler, the motorcade has left the airport and will be here in 20 minutes.

    Danke Johann.

  • 21 August 2014
    Marseilles, Grossdeutches Reich
    10:19 a.m.

    The President was in her vehicle on the way to the Palais du Pharo.

    Karolina hoped that everything that she was working towards in foreign policy would really begin to come to fruition as Poland continued to grown economically and in prominence in the European Union.

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    After a while waiting, the motorcade arrived the Palais area and stopped in front of the entrance, at the spot where the Chancellor and her aide were waiting. The door opened and the former-monarch-now-president descended from the vehicle to meet her grossdeutscher counterpart.

    Mrs. President, welcome to the Reich. It is magnificent to meet you at last. Please, follow me if you wishshe said as both leaders entered the Palais.

    I hope you've had a quiet flight and you enjoy your stay here. We've prepared for a reception with grossdeutscher businessmen after our first talk.

  • "Thank you for the reception invitation," President Kligenberg said to the Grossdeutcher Chancellor. She was led into the Palais and was not overawed by the architecture, but appreciated the French styling. It was ostentatious yet somehow tastefully done.

    "Chancellor Meyer, it is indeed a great honour to come to the Grand German Empire, and I am looking forward to see what Poland-Lithuania can do in conjunction with the German people.

    "The first round of business I would like to propose is a free trade, free movement agreement. It would be most beneficial, and as Lufthansa and LOT Polish Airways look to expand, providing free travel will instantly benefit both businesses and our economies."

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    We're more than willing to go into such an agreement. It is a model that has worked in the past, and considering our interest in establishing closer ties it would be mutually beneficial. Regarding air travel, as you very well pointed out Lufthansa has just begun an expansion programme aimed at establishing the most international connections it can to improve grossdeutscher reach to the world. Lufthansa and LOT being both part of the EuroStar alliance will make contact much more easier. Therefore, air travel could be a great way of improving our relations. That's why I'd encourage LOT and other polish airlines to establish direct connections with our airports.

  • "Of course, and your government's step in approving flights to the German Empire and our Polish Aviation Administration's allowance of flights into Fryderyk Chopin International Airport proves to be a step in the right direction.

    "We are also keen on joining the EEC, and our recent economic data shows that we are a strong partner to join the EEC, as that will (in conjunction with our meeting) foster further growth and partnership between our nations. We know that the German government doesn't determine partnership, but we would hope that it could make a case for us in that juncture."

    "We would like to also talk about educational cooperation. As you know may be aware, Poland is the top destination for students studying abroad for the arts, and we are also a budding technological and scientific nation. We would like to encourage a student exchange on the university level to come to Poland and study. University education is subsidized by the government, and is therefore free to Polish students, so we would pay for them. We don't know how the Grossdeutcher education system works, but hopefully we can reach an agreement on that front."

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    **Our government will be supporting your nation's application for EEC membership so you don't have to be afraid on that aspect. We believe that it is in everybody's interest to include as many successful countries as possible in the Community.

    On educational policy, we've got free public education in the GDR with state support for students up to university education. We've got a state university exchange program, Humboldt, for students willing to study in other universities around the country. In spite of the domestic nature of that program, for long there's been plans for it to be expanded to include exchanges with foreign universities and arts studies in your country are an attractive destination for our arts students.**

  • "Then, I cannot wait to propose the idea to the Sejm when I return to Poland. It will be a great moment for our nation to have that exchange programme take shape.

    "I've been proposing quite a bit, but this should be a two way conversation. Is there anything you would like from Poland?"

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    We've got a proposal in fact. For the last weeks we've been looking at the military integration progress your nation has just embarked on with Prussia, Icholasen and Miraco. The Grossdeutsches Reich is interested in partnering with ANAM and provide assistance for its member countries in the Caspia Sea area. It is a part of the region far from ANAM member states and I'm certainly sure it is in your interest to have a partner or an ally in the area.

  • "I cannot speak for ANAN officially, but I think we'd all be foolish to turn down a partner like the Grossdeutches Reich. This would be of course an incredible opportunity for us to continue to have new partners in the defence sphere, and we will bring that to our meetings for sure. We appreciate the efforts that the German people are willing to bring to our alliance, and it probes to be a move to an even greater cooperative peace for all nations.

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    I'm happy to hear that. The Grossdeutscher nation as a whole completely relates itself to the principles of democracy and freedom expressed by the ANAN Charter. Since the demise of ECSTO we've been very interested in the appearance of a new goodwilling security alliance and we think it is our duty to help ANAN and its member nations and give them military support and advice.

  • "That is something we can all agree upon Chancellor. I am very happy to partner with a free democratic society, and somewhere that Poles have a cultural presence as well like your nation."

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    There's another field there could be some degree of cooperation between our nations. After the Reich's first manned mission to the moon in 2010, former Chancellor Mainzer called for the manned exploration of Mars by 2015. As our country has always been very open regarding its space program, allowing foreign agencies to participate. Thus the GZR (Grossdeutscher space agency) is preparing to reach Mars next year and while it hasn't yet been announced, I'd just like to let you know of this fact because we'd be interested in sharing GZR's exploration program with some fellow european nations to make of space exploration the endeavour not of one country, but of humanity.

  • "Poland-Lithuania will be very interested in this amazing endeavour, and applaud the German government for its achievement. We will certainly be involved with that and the Polish Aeronautics and Space Commission to be involved with the Grossdeutcher Space Agency. You are right that this should be something that humanity benefits from, not simply one nation.

    "Is there anything else you would like to discuss today?"

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    I think we can put an end at this part of the meeting and go to the main hall to meet with a group of business representatives.

    As the chancellor said so, both leaders stood up and walked to the main hall to meet those businessmen and women. After taking some family photos and talking with them for more than an hour, they all went to the dining room to have some lunch.

  • "Grossdeutcher businessmen and women are very nice! And I'm impressed with their Polish skills."

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    Me too. They have expressed for some time their interest in the polish market and though it could be good to get into your culture. I'm certainly sure businessmen in Poland are also fluent in german. He he.

  • "You know, they are as a matter of fact, but I'm afraid it's only the High German dialect. The Prussians have been long standing cultural and trading partners, and as such, they have influenced our nation with a substantial ethnically German population, one of the highest outside of the Grossdeutches Reich and the Imperial Prussian State.

    "They also speak one of the following languages in addition to Polish and English: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Belorussian, Ruthenian (or Ukrainian), Slovak or Magyar. We're quite a large, multi-ethnic nation, as you well know with your own people being so greatly diverse.

    "We also have developed an affinity towards speaking French, and as such have many people who can at least speak passable French."

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    Then there's no problem. French is also an official language in the Reich. How is your country dealing with its multicultural essence?

  • "The transition to federal republic has allowed for three structures of government, and our people can vote to change their government at three levels. We also have a policy that language will help solve a lot of the multi-ethnic issues that may arise, as you not only get closer through communication, but culture becomes crucial to the understanding of the language.

    "We also have paid a lot of attention to social inequality and have made several programmes to try and combat those issues. It is not perfect, but the fact that people feel as though they can control more of what is around them allows them to be more willing.

    "In our schools, we also make sure to address and teach several points of view in our history courses, and require that everyone take a language that can be found in Poland-Lithuania other than their native tongue and Polish.

    "Finally, we are religious people and the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ call for us to be tolerant, accepting people, and we do so through every day acts of kindness. We are not a perfect society, and there are still inequities and tension but we continue to ask the question of how we can improve as a nation, and we will never stop until all have social equality."